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    Heh, it's just for breaks etc. Would never do it fulltime again. Barely did it fulltime last time. I'll probably have to go back down the 'buy an empty transit and build' route. My DIY is awful and my fiance's is worse.

    Cheers guys. I was considering the possibility of a caravan as my car is a 7 seater so we'd all be able to travel. Ideally I'd have a bell tent so it wouldn't matterr how many could sleep in the bus. But I have no bell tent too 😂

    So, it's been years since I last did the whole look for a van thing. I've had two go very wrong on me (one in the process of its being sold to someone else... I'm so so sorry Claire, I still feel bad now) and I'm hoping to become more in the position to purchase a new live-in by the end of the summer/ start of the next uni semester.

    I've just found this and am wondering why it looks too good to be true.

    Many of you are well-seasoned bus dwellers who always did and always will know more than I on this subject. It potentially needs to carry up to seven people, five of them children. I'm unsure of the laws regarding travelling in camping vehicles but I'm hoping the other half will learn to drive over the next year so if necessary we can use another vehicle for when the whole family camps together.

    If I am not back on to check for replies for a few days, please bear with me - I rarely use a laptop and have trouble using the app on my phone.

    Can't think what else exactly I was hoping to ask/ meaning to ask. But I'm very out of the loop.

    This was the advice i was given from the housing association, and i did withold the rent, in a separate account. I kept proof that i wasn't spending it, but i wouldn't release the money until the work was completed. I had atrocious damp problems though, and it turned out that the housing agent was dodgy, and had been running an insurance sscam on the house. We found out that the house had been flooded before we moved in, the neighbours told us. As we where moving out, we gave them a months notice, and when we went to remove the last of our furniture, we found that they had ripped a big hole in kitchen ceiling and had pulled out the copper piping and flooded the house again. All our furniture had been ruined, and luckily, as we had photographed the house throughout the tenancy, and the state of the house with damp, mold etc when we left, we had proof when they threatened to take us to court. It turned out, they had run this scam at least three times on that property, hence why the damp problems where so bad, the house was severely waterlogged. We found out that the neighbours have since tried to sue the letting agent for damage caused to their house as a result of the repeated flooding, but the agent has literally disappeared into thin air. Some landlords are proper dodgy, so my advice on photographing everything, record every interaction/ copy every letter, keep everything in a file, is the main advice. They will try and screw you over, and pin it on you.

    Hang on hang on hang on - insurance scam, and/or tying to keep your deposit? Jeez.

    I have two cats and didn't ask permission but they aren't often in the main body of the house, they both need neutering first, one sprayed when he was in the lounge. Landlord met them and said it was fine as long as they didn't grow in number. Landlord is a c*nt, as most are, even his staff say so. My house is falling apart. But it beats the council estate where I got shot at last year. Fuck no.

    Good on ya Steve. I have trouble in the other direction - forcing myself to drink is a problem. I guess I'm in the "doesn't need booze to be loopy" category. It causes me more problems than I could ever wish it to solve, so I'm happy not putting them away. I did it as a teenager and am happy to leave that sort of thing back in my childhood.

    I read Postman Pat books to my kids, in a variety of accents a the accents change as the book progresses, or different characters have different accents. I get a very sore throat doing the pirate voice.

    Cheers :-)

    I can't find the three videos I was uploading today. And cannot upload them as I normally would, because it's asking for a password long forgotten.

    But I recorded this a year ago when bored, so have a listen of Berkshire-reared (but not born) girl, reading in Welsh. What DOES that sound like?

    Excuse the bad hair and the twitching as I speak, that's nerves.

    Aye. Yer mad. But it's probably hormones, if you start feeling very emotional, get strange moontimes and feel not yourself, I'd see a doc. This must be your body saying this is your last chance, woman, etc. ask yer kids for grandkids :-)

    Moonmum, I use washable pads. I have 5 I think, but I usually use them to give my foof a break from the mooncup, so not for the entire moontime.

    I need more. I got mine from Eco Rainbow (through Facebook), she makes them to order or has some ready made bundles. I tried others, and they were shit. Hers are amazing - they don't stain, they hold a lot (I have heavy moontimes) & i asked for rainbow stripes on mine, they're attractive. They have wings that popper, and unlike the more expensive ones I tried through Wikaneco, the absorbent innards don't move about inside the outer casing.

    I've just ordered two new cups, which together including postage, came to less than my original mooncup did about six years ago. I didn't know back then, about other brands. My mooncup expired after a very long life.

    I have a bear from when I wS born and one from shortly after.
    My laptop & ipad.
    This... Thing, a thing which resides in a pillow case and was once part of a single feather duvet from when I was a toddler, but my cat pissed on the bottom of the duvet and I cut the top off and sewed it, saved it, and eventually my ex mother in law insisted I put it in a pillow cover.... I cannae sleep without it!!!

    In fact, fuck the other items. This is the one item I can't leave.

    I have a few precious items belonging to my late nanna, my boyfriends hoodie, some important books and cds, and and my instruments. But if I could carry only one thing, it'd be my 'binky'.

    I've peed in the shower on occasion due to having had to do it post-birth - I can remember when the midwives told me to pee in the bath or under the shower, thinking: you fucking WHAT? I are a LAYDEE.

    Pick my nose, who doesn't.

    I fart. I burp. Men only find this a problem because with minimal effort I achieve better ones than they do.

    Squeezing spots, biting nails, pulling hairs out, scratching myself raw, performing my own minor surgery on bits of me which go moldy.... It's therapeutic!

    Pretty good, considering the three sprains and the fucked ligament.

    Life will never be easy, specially when it has to have other people in it, but it's what you make of it and how you ignore the shit stirrers and get on with enjoying the fruits of your wondrous bounty which make it easier!

    Can't fooking well post the photos of our puppy, Eirwen. She's bichon frise X toy poodle - after our allergic responses to our jack russell, Ianto, last year, we've had to save and save to get a bloody poncy dog. But she rocks bigtime, had her 3 weeks now.

    Damned ipad.

    Talk to Chilly and find some peace over time.

    And Katie, don't ever feel ashamed for having your cut n shut - I'm so proud of you, and my lovely god-daughter Erin! You can always try for a cbac next time. I do hope you guys have a next time :)

    Oh Jenna.

    You didn't say anything, I had no idea.

    There ought to be a severely worded complaint set up and an investigation into why this happened to you.

    My first experience of birth and aftercare was far from what it should have been but I was lucky to have a natural birth.

    My second involved induction which meant no midwife-led care, an epidural that I cried about when they asked if I would like one because within minutes of them breaking my waters the pain was so intense I had flashes in front of my eyes. I didn't bother planning a home birth with pool etc which I wanted the first time but couldn't have, because I needed to have people around me who could support me and understand what I needed - I was very lucky with the midwives and doctors in the induction unit. They also spoke to me for hours because I spent most of the days and all the night times on my own.

    This is a horrid first experience of birth for you, and I am so truly sorry. Please write to the health ombudsman people. No one should tell a birthing mother to stop that noise - sometimes we need to let it out! I did with Kaya, perhaps I wouldn't have if Cheltenham's staff had given me any time. I was just left on a bed and poor Seb had no idea what to do either, but he was the most wonderful birthing partner and stayed by my side the whole time.

    Talk to Cilly and

    I know of one example where a larger family is happy - the kids and the mother. But I could never have done it (pre-having my tubes operated on, obviously I can't have kids at all now).

    I don't get telly channels so I can't comment on the program but it is true, most of us don't have the large family/neighbour communities which were once a big part of every day life. So it is very different for kids and parents of a larger family, today.