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    May I go back to what ELLIOT said about being connected, because I think it is related here.
    We all seem to be looking for some kind of connection. Through our lovers, through drugs, through our beliefs and ideas.......Maybe some of us feel more "connected" than others. Some people do seem to have a sense that at some level we are all connected (all one) they are more likely to think of themselves as part of a greater whole...whilst others feel less connected and see them selves as seperate individuals or just part of a family/clan.
    If they are viewing the world so differently then maybe their responses will be different, their choices about how to live their lives will be different. Perhaps more self serving.
    So I would say that unless we share the same basic view on this anarchy wouldn't work.
    No good changing the system if the people in it stay the same.
    Maybe a general shift in consciousness is the only way through...but this then poses the question "can we accellerate this kind of shift?"...or does it just have to happen in it's own time?

    I'll have to think about that.

    surely now is the time for a dick joke :o

    Three couples (friends) travel together to a resort hotel, only to find thattheir reservations have been screwed up, and they all have to stay in oneroom. There are 2 king-sized beds, and it is decided that the men will allsleep in one, and the women in the other. In the middle of the night, the guyin the middle wakes up, and says to the man next to him "let me out. I haveGOT to get to my wife! I have the biggest hard-on I have ever had, and I'vegot to get to her NOW! The other guy says "O.K. Do you want me to come withyou?" "What the hell for?" asks the other. "Because that's MY dick you're holding!" says he.:D

    hey there reality :)

    I have this crazy theory to go along with the akashic record idea and possibly where our ideas come from. Its about our first steps to reaching the point where we can draw all knowledge from the aether. In our stage of energetic progression in this reality we are currently able to draw energy rather easily from water. Have you ever noticed how you always feel great after a dive or a swim of a bath or any other interaction where you are completely emearsed in water? The idea is that water stores and transfers the energy of what ever it comes into contact with. Energy is easily measured in water as a wave form. You should check out the work of Masaru Emoto. He's doing some wild scientific experiments showing that water stores emotion. The biggest influence on water tho is the slow vibration given off by the earth itself. The planet pulsates at a freequency determind by the movements of its physical makeup as well as the external gravitational pull of other soler obljects which inturn are affected by other forces etc. Any way, the particular freequency that the earth ocilates at is what you get in a focused form from water. Its the ultimate feelgood freequency. The freequency stored in the water transfers its energy to you (through the morphic field?), who are mostly made up of water and that then inturn transfers through to the parts of your body that are responsable for emotions. The waves of energy continue on to stimulate the chemical processes in the brain responsable for emotion. The emotion stimulated in this case is happynes and calm. Now assuming all knowledge is stored in wave form, in different freequency's, throughout the universe. Everything you ever wanted to know could be in the water around us and in us. Its just a matter of trying to "remember it" using the brain as a "receiver" and "processor" for all the knowledge that is already out there and at our fingertips.

    Water is the catalyst for us to learn to absorb the energy of everything and in so doing become one with the universe.

    Cool!! Hence the moon's association with water and emotions! (like with the tarot card)

    Would anarchy bring out the "best" (lovingkindness, peacefulness etc) in people?

    'Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance'

    Welcome Natural Boy!
    I would describe myself as almost an anarchist but the almost is a key word here. I would agree with African Drifter about anarchy and the human condition!!
    What say you?

    i think what is more likely is that its a producer as well as a reciever

    Maybe!!! but perhaps the brain simply re-jigs old thought, processes it for us...and new thought (novelty) comes in when the mind expands enough to "channel" it (hate to use that word!) ?????

    "Going boldly nowhere......" that's funny!!!

    Well I have read a little about his ideas on archetypes and I love the idea of a collective unconscious. it ties in with other stuff i've read about collective mind spaces...Sheldrake's morphogenic field, the akashic records etc. Love the idea that the brain is not a producer of thought but a RECIEVER....getting even more bizzare when we think about where ideas actually come from!!
    Think we need more cake!!!!

    The way I see round this dilema is maybe best summed up the way Aleister Crowley said it with his much misunderstood phrase
    "Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law!"
    This is based on the idea that if each of us did what was fully right for us, based on our own truth then all would be well.... but this involves also allowing everyone else to do their will and not to stand in the way of others living by their truth. Basically respect for each others versions of reality and a lack of fear to persue our own.

    YOU DID!!!!
    Just that Bill used to say things like "how am I going to crawl out of this comedy hole i've just dug" after making a profound socio-political statement and feeling that he had lost the audience somewhat!!!
    He followed this by saying "Don't worry, there's a dick joke coming soon."

    Truth for most is a "belief", and a belief is always build upon a doubt. After all, even consider your preceptions, we believe our thoughts!

    Truth is that which is beyond change, thoughts change, emotions change, existence changes, body changes.....the one that know the changes never changes

    :clap:That's profound, and pretty well sums up where i'm at. I'm interested in knowledge in the gnostic sense, i'm not so interested in, or willing to buy into, what goes as truth in the world of the media etc. If we are going to move beyond our trapped ways of looking at things, maybe we need to let go of our need for absolutes. Loosen the grip duality has on us and reduce the knee jerk reaction of i'm right/your wrong.
    Also move beyond the victim state of us versus them.

    Hi there
    I've just insulated my van with 3 layers of bubblewrap and a top layer of polystyrene. Ply on top.
    I want to put a small woodburner in but have been told that polystyrene is highly flammable.
    I was just going to put a sheet of metal behind the burner which has worked fine in my squrt for years.
    Would this be ok - close to the polystyrene?
    Any other ideas for heat protection?

    I agree with the person who started this thread... this recession stuff has to be a good thing....ok with lots of crap bits....but maybe things have to get worst before they get better.
    When i think about what motivates me to change its always the same answer (and its the same i think for all compulsive behaviour)
    I will only change my ways, my bad habits, when the negative outcome out weighs the benefits.
    Whilst it's still working for me why should I change?
    If I still think I can get away with it I will!!!
    Maybe we are only going to look at our addiction to fossil fuels, consumerism, instant gratification .... etc when the negative result of this kind of behaviour is in our faces!
    Let's just hope we catch on before we really fuck up.

    I've been interested in conspiracy theories since I read The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail about 13 years ago. For me it's entertainment, some people watch Eastenders I like conspiracy theories, the wackier the better.
    But I take the Robert Anton Wilson approach.... i'm interested in it as phenomena - the generation of consensual reality. How groups and wider society come to decide what version of reality is "true".
    So now a days I dont need to reach any conclusions about whether there are shape shifting extra dimensional lizards around or whether the earth is hollow...its all just INFORMATION.
    Anyone else out there who can grok this?