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    Something had got to be done and the world is heading for trouble.

    :clap:umm doubtful the world has been here for 13.7 billion years the industrial revolution has been here for about 200 years who is going to win this fight?like i always say save the planet?why is it going somewhere after 13.7 billion years?

    we are nieve to think that the world is ending becasue were depleating petrol or oil or what ever the world isnt ending were just hitting another cycle!man is begining to die from their own greed and stupidity but again there will be another civilisation as there has been in the past!25 species go extinct every day its a natural cause of evolution what makes us so different?maybe not depleating as fast but we will deffinately be gone before the earth is :rolleyes:

    ok right well ive been trying to research law as of late but one of the sites im doing it on has had a influx of people coming from david ikes site talking about niburu and the queen being a lizard person and were all controlled by lizards?????I MEAN WTF seriously?does anyone here (i know there are some ike followers here) know or have any definitive proof of lizard people can you give me links ive tried but fallen very far from the apple tree the best i could do is the fetus at birth has a tail and gills before it transforms to human form this is apparently not enough for some they claim lizards rule the world ummm so can anyone help a weiry ole conspiracy theorist (not really a conspiracy theorist because im solo for a conspiracy there needs to be two people conspiring) :insane:

    Don't know much about that stuff, but is there a way for people to make it themselves?

    Definately interested in this. Hence my digging to try and find ways around the main problems.

    making your own oil press is pretty simple id imagine all you need is heat at one end and something to draw the seeds in and crush so the seeds heat up and expell the oil as they reach the far end,have a drain plug a little way back from the end with a 2 micron or less filter and away you go as the seeds heat release the oil,oil drains through the hole filtering anything over 2 microns off the end product is your own seed oils :whistle:

    Hi all
    I am thinking, in the not too distant, of getting a scooter. I have been led to believe they can only run on petrol, is this true? I'd be really happy if I can use some blend of veggie oil or biodiesel instead.

    have you looked at using a alcohol option?as long as the engine isnt stood still for like 6 months or you convert the plastic tubes to handle a more corrosive substance should be fine but would need to check what oil mixture to use if its a 2 stroke.
    i use to have a few of the yamaha t models the t 50 t 80 t 90 great little bikes and their 4 stroke so no mixture needed!and indestructable to ride the amount of times i lent them out to my mates when they were pissed and crashed was unbelievable even took 1 on a small moto cross track lol they look like granny peds but thye can shift well :thumbup:

    with alcohol just make your brew and distill it sugar beet is a very good option sugar beets diced and crushed,water and yeast leave to brew in a airtight barrel with a breather tube to let off the gasses for 5-10 days in a warm area to ferment then boil it off the liquid you have try and freeze it for 24hrs and then pour off the alcohol from the frozen water and use the alcohol to fuel your bike

    im with cotote's monty python sketch the annoying peasant we own the land not the queen!
    there is vast proof proving many many so called conspiracy theory's but when you look at it if there is even the slightest proof or evidence then it is no longer a conspiracy but in fact a theory!
    there is good advice ive seen on both parties here those who are belivers those who are non belivers always do you research if you find evidence or not its not down to either to try and make them change their minds.some people are searching their truth where as others are happy accepting their truth.just have to accept that and not everyone wants to wake up and see whats really going on!they dont want to know the price of a £2 bottle of cocacola costs a village in peru their drinking water and they dont want to know about the cost of oil they just want to be blinkered and know that its cheaper today then yesterday.

    well the government wouldnt want people to be educated that puts fear into the real issues of what they do and well anyone seen idiocricy?cracking good film and i could see a few politicians watching that thinking yeah now that is how to run a government lets get people dumbed down.

    What belief says its it right to take a child away from an abusive (stranger) parent?

    this is to do with the birth certificate and certificate of birth/berth as when a (legal term)natural entity/person is registered it creates a legal entity/person/company which draws them into the legal world for protection if the child is abused then the government can step in

    google books law and medicine preview it it has some interesting stuff on birth certificates

    well im gunna do what im gunna do you aint doing it so why the insults all the time?your happy being a sheep thats fine im not happy being a sheep and im willing to do something to change that for myself by myself if nessasary if it gets taken away so what it was a dirt patch if i manage to keep it wahooo good on me but atleast im doing something productive to break free how many bloody protests have worked in the past 20 years?i think the poll tax was the only biggy that was successful in the uk the rest just get brushed off and ignored so bollox to it why shouldnt i try?

    they still dont even let you build on your own land. and you can fight it all you want, they will still tear it down.

    and if you dont want to be part of the system then where are you getting all the money from to buy land?

    im quite resourceful im sure i could work something out

    lol we would purchase it so the person who's land it is doesnt lose out or feel begrudged we wouldnt nessasaraly re-register it again
    as long as its practical for the gentry's needs then fine if he dont need no mansion then its not being built simple as lol again we wouldnt own the land
    this isnt about money laws politics its about saying fine you have your world we will start ours over and be alot happier doing so

    already been thought of and still in process of checks even if someone does own the land then we will try and make a deal for the purchase of it

    trial by jury is set in the english bill of rights which they cant repeal against serious case for this to be thrown out of court the judge has gone against his oath of office

    you don't. get real. i do and i am real

    but it why should i say oh well take control of my life for me?

    yup. it's how it's always worked. what makes you think you are powerfull enough to change it or fight it?im not powerful im only one man why cant i fight it isnt being in control of your own life and freedom reason enough to even want to fight against the system?

    where are you going to get the money for this court case? il fight my own corner in court i take full responsability for my actions i wont need a lawyer solicitor or barrister may take a couple friends along with me tho as my council.

    but they do have the right in the eyes of the law. morally no, i dont think they have the right either but what court in the land is going to tell some wealthy landowner that they have to let the hippies stay on their land?who is the land owner lol noone can own the land because it wasnt the sellers to give away.

    i am not trying to piss on your bonfire the whole time, seriously.

    i think the idea of communal living is in theory a very good one. but it's never going to happen when you go into it with the idea that when you get told to tear down your buildings you're just going to say "well i'm a free man and i have the right to be here". not going to happen. you're living in cloud fucking cuckoo land.
    theres alot more to it then just saying im a free man and it goes through a varying degree of law also including contract law

    welcome to the real world. it's shit.
    yep its shit so time for a change im willing to stand up and fight against the system shame more dont

    yeah but - we all know it is true what youre saying...but they still knock it all down, if they decide to do so. how you gonna stop them?

    it wont just be a simple right we dont think you can build have that its coming down it will go to court and unrebutted signed notary notices will be presented thats the first step second lol the english bill of rights states everyone has the right to property and they wont even get to it and if they do theyre going to have problems pulling it down mines going to be built into a hill

    i dont think it is so much the case of them not realising they are slaves...(the ppl)
    but that most, rather like it...cs it saves them on thinking....for themselfes:insane:
    so how big, how many ppl is this commune going to be?

    its not a commune :clap:its a community hehehe well basically anyone who wants to come along they are all from different backgrounds all fed up with how we are being controlled they have/or in the process of doing their affidavits to the queen and notices of understanding and intent and claim of rights without rebuttle then those laws which stand dont apply to the laws they claim right of doing ecept the serious common sense ones like hurting harming or damaging a living breathing soul (i would just say person but in law a person is classed differently to a homosapien) ;) as i said everyone will have their own place if it gets over crowded then we will have to work out a way around that maybe find a different locaton but how much space does it take to grow food have a few animals ect

    im looking at building something like a earthship but simpler and working with the land rather then take the space from it stealth is my approach to it it will be very stealth like lol but still very efficient and effective for what i want.i mean people arnt going to be turning up saying ok i want a mansion and a heated pool it has to be practical say a family of 4 would need 4 bedrooms a kitchen toilet and living room consevatory/large windows to collect the sunlight for extra heating indoor plant growing and help filter out the grey water lol i want to build mine into the side of a hill for various reasons others may not want that as i said to all of them i will help the best i can i can do under ground over ground wombleing free lol

    whether you think you have the right to be on that land or not, if the law sez you dont have the right it can turf you off, tear down your buildings or even put you in jail and there's fuck all you can do about it.

    it may be a shit system but its the way the real world works and if you are so naive as to believe that you're going to be able to fight it then good luck to you, i hope the disappointment doesn't ruin your life too much.

    i have the freedom to be on that land rights and liberties are man made i only have freedom.firstly theres a mass question in law which is complicated and not really up for going into.
    the system isnt shit the system would work if it wasnt mass abused by all government agencies the police included.
    the way the real world works is via deciet lying coniving cheating stealling and scamming people if you want to apart of their controll system so be it thats your choice and fear is a big controller!restrict the peoples movements and then theyre easier to tax and heard like good little sheeple.
    im not nieve there probably will sometime be confrontation maybe even a court case in time if it happens then it happens.
    the problem lays where you ask to build or ask to do this or that your asking for their permission when they have no right to say they have authority over you they cant even manage their own accounts how can they say they can mange your life?

    hmmmmmmmm, thats all verry well, and i see what you mean...
    but, i wouldnt like to spend thousends, on making these buildings without permission,
    then to be told they have to be taken down, and loose all that time, effort and money....
    its all verry well saying them they cant proove ownership of the land etc...but at the end "they" sadley allways get their way. and if you dont take the illegal buildings down, they do it for you.
    how far are you into setting this commune up Markie, and how far has this attitude gotten you?

    the price is minimal enough for a genny to be run on bio fuels or solar,wind,water power the water is a basic reverse osmosis system pressurised by gravity food is what you grow and little home comforts ect im studying as much as i can and so are others on the things which will effect us thats medical and the basics growing food and crop rotation making oils the actual buildings themselves making fuels clothes ect.

    they can ask us to take things down but i wont comply what gives them the authority?when they were born were they made different to me somehow do they bleed different do they not eat or drink and sleep?lol they were born homosapien(some would disagree on that but meh)im homosapien lol if i told you to pay me before you walked on a pavement would you?what makes me different from you except the obvious i.e male female or age ;) im not taking the land im not claiming ownership of it.the land belongs to everyone break free from their system serf(slavery) was abolished we are not slaves anymore guys and gals.

    Totally agree with you. everyone is so wrapped up with what other people are doing and trying to controll them. I see nothing wrong with pitching up a tent or a caravan in the middle of some woods or a feild, in fact, it can be the most releasing way to live. but your not allowed, because some one "owns" the land. wtf, you can't own the earth, its free and a living entity. :hippy:

    100% agree if they can produce origional ownership of the land il happily move on!at what point gave them the authority to govern me and where does it say i have to comply?statutes are their for the governed and can only be enforced by the governed im not governed and i dont give my consent.
    the land belongs to everyone not the few who use it to profit from the stupid.
    in the begining its said that adam and eve roamed the land where was the government?
    your made to swear on the bible in court :whistle: try reading it use that as your defence

    how have you managed to get the planning permission for all these buildings?

    coz if you're planning on putting them all up without permission i can tell you from experience that no matter how isolated you think you are you're still gonna get done for it.

    ok there are ways around this but firstly im confused who do i need planning permission from and why?
    who would i be hurting offending or damaging by making these buildings?

    i will and do get grief from people day in day out about bills,food,taxes and il tell you the same as i do them take your self out from the government take full responsability for your actions learn the laws that apply to the governed and the ones that dont!learn about notices of understanding and intent and claim of right.for alittle better knowledge and proof have a look at the gazette that would be london,belfast,edinbourough gazette.
    take yourself out from the system of government and govern yourselfs what im doing is leading my own personal rebellion the same as the others who are coming we have had enough!we know and beleive that the system is corrupt and that we can make our lives better without the government telling us what we can and cant do!the only real reason anyone would be against it is because they arnt making money from it or arnt controlling peoples lives!

    the lands not really a problem the destination is pretty good through location,water,fertile ground,distance from the nameless "society".

    its not going to be a farm house commune or mansion commune its going to basically be a community everyone will have their own space for their own building and own land to grow their own food and to maintain.the buildings will be pretty basic but as time progresses and issues arise they can be adapted for what ever purpose to small to big to hot to cold have a leak it will be sorted but everyone must be prepared to learn new skills from the others give a man a fish he and maybe his family eat for a day.teach the man to fish he can feed the village for a life time :thumbup:
    we can have seed swaps trade our time with each other im also speaking to someone in the area to see if he would be prepared to have part time people help him out for materials rather then money.

    im looking at more a newer society rather then a communal begin with whilst things get built so everyone has their own piece of land with running water and garden to feed themselves then yes it will be communal living as everyone will be asked to do a certain amount to help each other.
    as for lazy people if you dont want to survive be as lazy as you wish but when it comes to building your place i doubt much enthusiasm would go into helping you either.
    you wont all be put up in a room with a few hammocks and you will have your space but others will be nearby to chat to get ideas from and to ask to be shown the different ideas they have come up with!im wanting mine to be a aquaculture and permiculture area have some half decent tall tree's to help produce nitrogens and help break down pathogens from excriment below the tall trees have nut tree's and then fruit tree's and normal veggies up above my dwelling and also a few tall tree's to help stop the water from the wind and will also create a mini climate!

    for me its about working with the land rather then against it and the only promise i want from others is to treat others how they wish to be treated thats not harm them not steal from them and to help each other the best way they can.
    have people teaching the various skills they have from making charcoal to weaving a basket to planting a seed to cooking so that others can gain the knowledge and use it for themselves in their own spaces.

    anyone wanting to come along and try it is more then welcome but you will need to get your own fruit/veggie seeds and other materials you want included in your build such as windows sinks showers or toilets ect as soon as i have the basic medical plant knowledge then thats me im off!il keep everyone posted with pictures but as im sure you are all aware its not going to be an easy task and the distance from society and resources such as sand may even play a factor lol.

    Come to think of it Markie most of the people i know are like that hmmmm they all think im bonkers because i cook wild foods....... and live in a bus wheres the loo bathroom etc i tell them that tree lol

    :clap:bet that brings you some funny looks do you let them know which type leaves to use?:whistle:

    Wouldn't that be lovely... all of us growing our own stuff, living off the land... :hippylove

    I'd love to see how some of these big city types would cope! :reddevil:

    i have friends who think survival is going to tesco with a fiver in their pocket :clap:if i was to throw them in the back of my van and drop them each at different points on the moors i bet after a week they would be jibbering starving wrecks.

    when i was camping and surfing last year there was alot of city students who were driving down to the site with hair straighteners heaters and plug in lights ect and they would always say what do you mean theres no electricity so how am i going to do my hair in the morning :clap:ahh cracking stuff.

    what amazes me is some kids have never seen a real life cow apart from on tv its just scary people are loosing their roots and need to get back to basics again

    yeah i think its upto 1000ltrs per yr but dont quote me on that lol its just what ive heard from my welsh uncle who's a trucker

    Sounds like a good idea, but there are problems!
    1st There was an explosion a few months ago, in Leeds area I think, when somebody was doing this and left him in a serious condition.

    yeah they were probably using a compleatly different method using ethanol and koh(potassium hydroxyde) not just filtering adding 3ml non kerosene white spirit to every 97ml veggie oil
    2nd Not all fuel pumps can handle the vegetable oil.

    this is why you need to check your fuel filter microns and use the white spirit to thin the oil down a little or alternatively use it as a duel system start with diesel and then switch after a couple of mins when the engine is heated as it would thin the oil down properly also running it through the micron filters helps heaps as it allows the decent viscocity stuff to get through.
    3rd A sludge can block the fuel lines needing them to be replaced

    use non kerosene white spirits as it thins it down properly

    4th If everbody uses waste oil the cost will rise, supply and demand

    already has up north so ie heard the supermarkets are limiting the amount people can buy in bulk

    5th Some engines don't like it

    as i said if your engine is pre 1993 then the rubber seals and hoses are not usually able to handle it and degrade quickly so do a mixture of veggie fuel and diesel some do a 20/80,40/60, 50/50 mixes of veggie fuel and deisel

    You could try looking at Chemtrails or HAARP or you could just go sunbathing and a dip in the sea!!

    yeah id defenately go with prospect aswell the HAARP project ive been looking at quite closely and there are a few too many coincidences for my liking about it.

    quick question on wind generation if using a wind generator could you not just use a propeller with a high ratio gear cog from a push bike attached to a alternator modified to use the small gear cog so it would turn better?also add another high ratio gear cog in front and use another alternator to give doube the power out and use bike chain instead of rubber belts for longer usage?