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    Could be me, everything on me is toned and trimmed, yet my arms are skinny as a rake. I have thighs like thunder from all the walking I do, toned legs and average tummy. broadish shoulders and yet a pencil is probobally thicker than my arms lol.

    Lol or people who you add from 4 years ago, talk to for 5 minutes then never see again. Then randomly come on again 4 years later and go "HI remember me!!" and expect you to remember everything about them from their age, name to PIN code and get all upset/offended when you dont.

    Why would WTC7 even collapse? there was no Jet Fuel inside that building and if Jet Fuel inside the 2 WTCs wasnt apparently even a high enough temperature to melt the structure, then how could fire in WTC7 WITHOUT Jet Fuel even cause it to collapse.

    Hate, Hate, Hate. Theres nothing worse than having to get up at 8am in the morning and finishing at 5pm, only to have constant abuse and hassle by the dregs of society who think there somehow "better" than you because your only crime is working for a company that you dont know everything about. Your expected to know Everything about the job, otherwise the customer will complain that your a rubbish employee and thus must be immediately sacked for not knowing what such or such equipment does.
    Then theres the Chavs or shoplifters or people who just come in there to complain about something because they have nothing else better to do.
    I'd rather spend my days in the field picking up horse crap again than ever work in retail again where my effort is of little value to customers or managers alike.

    Plus climatology Norway is slightly warmer (surprisingly) because it still has some of the effects of the Atlantic Gulfstream, especially around the Bergen/Stavanger areas right up into the Fjord regions. the Mountains are further inland however and so are slightly colder in winter and Oslo is East of the Mountain range where the forests are and in winter you'd expect to see temps of -15'c here.
    However in Canada without the Atlantic Gulfstream and with the continental mass and Polar Airstream you'd be looking at temps of -30'c and significant snowfall for months on end, plus the threat of Bears aswell.

    Well in Norway I believe theres already places like this which have been built by past generations such as Deer Hunter families or just farmers who wanted Cabins to seek shelter through the Mountain Passes. It wouldnt be too hard to seek the landowners permission to restore the buildings, infact many of the landowners are descendants of the same families and im sure would be delighted to see the former family outposts being restored to their former state.
    Work would be avaliable in the Summer and all you'd have to worry about then is stocking up for the winter months. The land-ownership law is less stringent than it is in the UK anyway given the remote accessibility of Norway and the relaxed Laws.

    "This is a public service, the Post Office is there for everybody and we seriously have to look at the stereotypical view he's coming across with. "In the long run, I believe, if we're living in Britain, over the course of the years, you have to speak English to get by but you can't force it upon people."

    Lol well unless whoever is coming to this country is willing to adapt to the language, then im sorry but there just going to have to learn English. Simple as.
    I wouldnt expect to go over to Norway and then suddenly complain about their currency is too hard to understand and thus forcing them to change it into Pound Sterling, no, i'd simply have to learn how it works.
    The Postmaster is doing the right thing by his customers in reality because if he couldnt understand them and the post got lost or never turned up to the destination at all due to incorrect labelling, then he and the Post Office would be the first to get the blame. He's only looking after this intrests and rightly so.

    lol im pretty sure the 4th one down is Ben Nevis looking at it from the Highlands side. Never seen it snow-capped but Summited it about 2 years ago now myself.
    Lol just as I typed that I noticed you already mentioned it was Ben Nevis. Unmistakeable really, its one of those Mountains you see from the North Side you know straight away what it is.

    When little kids constantly kick the back of your chair on the bus. I have a short temper anyway so little things like that tend to make me go and sit elsewhere, otherwise I'd blow a fuse.

    Going to Gigs and the tallest person around ALWAYS has to stand right infront of you, happens to me at every gig/festival I go to. And if its not that then its the back of someones hand holding up a camera or mobile phone.