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    Last year, this place was a haven, a sanctuary, a sarcastic nirvana. For the past few months I've only heard pain, suffering, lies and shit come from people I've met here or relating to them and I hardly ever come here any more. Could anyone out there reassure me that there are still some good (honest!) people still alive? Is there anyone around thats confident of who they are and who they are becoming?
    I can say stewarding at festivals is the best job ever with the best people! I've no idea who I am any more and people are starting to bore me :p but at least I have a direction, of some sort... anyone else got any good/inspiring news?

    I hope so, it just seems that people are so weak and that to live on my level requires either strength, insanity, or my option being laid back :p So far I've only met crazy people close to my level, the crazier they are the more I like them :eek: 
    ... I'll quit rambling now. I'm still reasonably new to the world and reliant on my experiences for understanding the world, but this isn't a rash judgment based on strong emotions, it makes an annoying amount of sense... I'll go meet a few more people before I rule them all out though ;) :)

    Tis arrogant, naive, and foolish, but I feel very disillusioned and that most people don't truly know what the peaks of love can feel like. To me, it doesn't change, I can hold that fire in my heart indefinitely for the right person which I never knew before. Unfortunately it seems the "right" person doesn't exist, but I don't want to settle for anything less - that would mean living my life essentially alone waiting for the right feelings, or settling for second best...
    This is why I'm hoping I'm blinded temporarily and very wrong, but it doesn't feel it

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    No dumbass:p you can be so completely in love that it makes your stomach spin like a fair ground ride but if you don't have trust then it doesn't matter. It warps the love and so trust is more important, but you can't do anything if you don't have the love.:insane:

    Completely agree! Didn't mean to sound like I didn't ;) that's the problem with finding someone on all my levels... I'm pretty sure it requires a level of insanity, and with that, a tendency to not be as trustable as the average person I'd like

    What I've felt, I will not feel again, fuck I hope I don't feel this aching again. Without experiencing you truly cannot understand - though a few of you on here are good people with big hearts so you will probably get a taste of exactly what I mean eventually...
    Trust, is important, but if there's nothing else there it'd all get a bit boring...
    I connect with lots of people on an emotional level, and lots on a social level - but never together, at least not in a form that lasts. The basis for a relationship to me, would be on an emotional level. I've never really considered a relationship without a social connection to, it seems important at my age to go out alot and not being able to do that with a partner would be a bit ridiculous... Connecting with someone VERY strongly on ALL levels kind've warps your perception of future partners as noone sane can ever truly match your levels, people that then match part way don't feel worth it...
    Urg, will experiment with the world. Hopefully I'm just blind temporarily, but my eyes feel more opened than closed...

    Love happens on many levels, and, people say that love isn't more or less each time - just different (I disagree). I think the main levels people connect on are sexual, social and emotional (also probably spiritual). Each relationship will have different levels of closeness on these levels (obviously you cannot always categorise love like this...). Can a relationship work if the connection of love isn't on all these levels? For instance if you have great sex and a great emotional connection, but cannot socialise with the same groups of people or listen to the same music?
    Just something spinning round my head ;) discuss! :)

    With 3bt, the right hand crosses to the left side first and the left to the right side. With 5bt the right hand crosses over to the right first and the left to the left, it just requires an extra half spin each side and wrapping it round your hand slightly... :p it makes sense in my head...
    Can anyone do 4bt or one-handed corkscrew?

    I'd love to talk about this but, no more words help and everything is getting repeated. All I'll say is...

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    you will meet many frogs before you meet your princess ( sorry n if you read this )

    Bit of a fucking shock when the princess turns back into a frog!

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    Do you do this? Do you want some help in dealing with this?
    Have you some crystals that you can use to aid you with this?

    Some help would be much appreciated, I have a few crystals but not many, more could be borrowed

    I was hesitant about posting this because I thought it would probably simply end up going round in circles again. I'm not hugely confident in alot of newy agy things but chakras and energy systems (if not real) at least represent a psychological profile of the person. This feels very real to me and I would like advice if anyone has any - unfortunately all this back and forth repetition has likely put most people off...
    This wasn't intended to grab attention so in this thread I'm gonna try and stay on topic

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    hate to tell you this, but you will be hurt many times thoughout your life.
    its called living
    you get the hurt and the joy, it all works to make life.

    I've taken a hell've alot of shit and pain through my life and generally come out unscathed, but this crosses too many lines. Maybe next time I won't open up so quickly and be safer but, it doesn't change this time

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    Edit: I'm giving up caffeine today and while i think that overall what I'm saying is right -perhaps it would have been more constuctive if i'd put some of it slightly better:o

    Blunt is good ;) I know I'm essentially still whining so I'm not holding it against anyone. But I honestly don't have the strength to simply get on with my life with an emotional wound this deep

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    Get a job. right now any job will do. Paid or unpaid -doesnt really matter. Get out into the world and take part.

    Maybe it makes me weak, but I just don't give a damn any more, I've been hurt in the only way anyone could ever really hurt me emotionally and I'm ready to give up

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    Learn to surf, fight (you can come and give me a kicking;)) anything.
    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again:whistle:
    Have a :bighug: while youre at it:)

    That sounds fun :whistle:, I should learn to surf, and do firepoi down the beach while I'm there. Cheers for words and the hug

    Does anyone have any advice on fixing chakras that are... kinda broken? Apart from general energy mess I feel my third eye is cracking :eek: and, my heart (which is hard to describe properly) feels like an eye has opened in it and turned black. Whether this is real or not, I seriously feel like Im going nuts

    Would things be different without the distance or does this have basis in something else? You may be best leaving her before you regret letting things get into a worse state. Alot of people seem to be doing wierd things recently and this sort of situation can be hard to rectify cleanly. Sorry I'm not more encouraging
    Wishing the best of luck!

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    look, pp, you're hurting and i totally get that but you are arguing a case to get a resolution that you're happy with because you don't like the way it ended. you aren't gonna break someone down by continuing to say how they hurt you to the point where they say "oh yeah i was a cunt i'm sorry lets get back together". and to be honest do you really want to be with someone who has betrayed you ? she is not the person you thought she was. let it go because while you keep picking at this scar there are girls who you could be your soulmate passing you by and you're prolly missing out on them.

    No I don't wanna be back together, there's too many issues now from mistrust. I don't know what I want any more but I don't want this mess...