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    if civilation collapsed there some sort of parinioa induced panick state psychic attack by cold blooded reptiods, alsorts of demons would be let loose and manifest all over the place all sorts of crazy things would happen! all hell would break loose! satalites zapping an bombing an everyone from above for sure The ones who were left over would make by with whatever tools knowledge power resourses available! would take on form of the most inconceivable nightmare ever! people would loose all sense of reason their only mechanism being self survival through any means possible! then crash! we wont even know who we are where we are what we are or anything ! it'd turn from a lovely little bubble to a complete an utter total nightmare n because there would be no social order all hell will break loose ! it'd turn into a complete warzone!

    [Ed(Coyote): this stuff belongs in Lizard Lounge please Golaf ]

    yep, your right yesterday i realised that allot of what id said was stupid, i think i say allot of stupid things, yes a very nieve optimism yes a terribly nieve utopian dreamer here...well yesterday

    hmm :(

    all dark very dark...

    Quote from the gardener

    Down - what makes you think its up or even somewhere in the middle?

    Modern - we're all modern

    Western capatalist society - does that include China, Japan, Thailand, India.......look far enough west, and you're in the East......:)

    hell knows i dont know what im saying

    but i thought i was having a good time

    um i would ike to make the point that people have been saying that the World is just about to end for centuries...

    I wonder what is in it for the guys who preach such things... ???

    yes thankyou mooka, stories of doom an gloom only go to make people feel helpless....but then i guess for some it is a precursor to action! and to make positive changes in our lives in whatever way we can!

    Cast our mind back to just before the Iraq war, newspapers an tv telling us all that weapons of mass destruction are aimed at us ready to hit us any mintuite...people make up these stories for ecomonical gain, to manipulate markets and peoples heads. wise up peoples!

    The system is NOT going stop overnight and even if it did i believe that people are intelligent and good enough to work things out together.

    Sorry Stuart but i do actually believe that most people are alright, and if disaster did come we would all pull together...

    but then, i suppose ANYTHING could happen, and ussually does...

    well well well, isnt it funny how none of us get to hear about how better things are in Europe???

    no wonder they dont want us to join the EU

    we might just stopped getting ripped off ...

    i saw a little sign in a car today, you know a bumper sticker, it said.

    'Dont follow me, im lost as well'


    Quote from showmet

    :). Why should walkers be the ones who always have to make way for cars and be on guard for their lives?:eek: Big difference between a city being congested with pedestrians and cyclists and being congested with huge 3-ton metal cages going at 30mph...

    or as the case around here 60mph!

    wicked! the 25£ will far exceed the train fair to london and i might even be able to get a packet of crisps with the change !

    yes i know, these people are ignored by our people or just not seen...or not cared for...

    ive just been told that Gas in the North Sea is running low, so were going to have to import our gas from Overseas, maybe Russia im not sure i didnt ask...

    I think it really really important that Chelsea win the Premiership this year as football is actually more important than any of these issue's you know...

    Oh and Cricket, Cricket is far more important

    im not really talking about a colllapse over night, im talking about small steps to make the World a better, fairer place!

    but we got to get into action! action! action!

    now England is supposed to be the 12 th rchest country in the World, God knows how they worked that one out, and the life expectancy is something like 77 years old... whereas many other countries that are known to us as 'poor' have a life expectancy which is around about the same, its got nothing to do with money and how rich people are, the richer people are the more distractions they have...

    and these statistics are based presuming that the planet is going to be here as it is, mother nature i think has diffierent plans! Scientific bods in America are saying that its not long at all until the Ice Caps Melt, check out the 'inconveinient truth'

    The real problems that 'we' humanity going to face is not 'Terrorism' its climate change, global warming, and so and so. but were all too busy thinking that (or being told that) money is the answer to happiness...

    everyone whos in imperialistic capitalistic dream is far too occupied on how they are going to sell more things to make more more money...

    Im just hoping its not too late, i mean i think we took a few wrong steps a few too many years ago!

    Great news Sainsbury's is 'investing' in more biodigadable packaging...Bad news, the dumps we put them in dont give them the chance to Biodigrade...

    n the subject of Food and starvation, there are many many ideas on sustainable living, community living, the earth is rich an fertile here in this land, sadly most of it has been brought up by rich people and they are doing little with it coz they are all far too busy jetsetting round the planet to their various little paradises they created...(or whatever else it is that these people do)

    um, we still have a great deal of diseases in your modern capitalistic dream...not everyone can afford private health care...the little island of Cuba has done pretty well working together for each other you know..

    hold on im going to get back to this, jsut have to collect Molly from the vets

    yes... now what about the people the older people who cannot afford em?

    send them to an old peoples home?

    it costs something like 1000£ a week to keep one person in an old peoples home...

    um i dont think it has to mean mass starvation or disease?! poverty...well because lots of people will not be ripping each other off and fighting each other for money we could all get on...

    money doesnt really exist anyway its all numbers on screens and bits of paper...i mean you cannot eat it can you?

    actually we would all be working together again in communities ... nice

    and if we were working for the common cause (the survival of the planet) rather than mindless consumerism and profitiering ... all working together for each other...

    back to basics back to nature! yes yes!