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    Not voting I guess is a protest against the system we choose to live in, but who apart from yourself and maybe a handful of others will notice.

    Despite the dislike we have for our politicians it is still a democratic system and we are able to change it, thats what voting is all about.

    If you want something to focus on think about the complusorary ID card, that beloved goal of our present government but not apparantly the potential governing party in waiting, now that is something worth voting over, or perhaps you would rather leave it to someone else.

    We owe no one for the voting system we have, that was an issue of times past but now we have it we ought to use it lest we loose it and we have to fight for it all over again.

    freecycle is brill, we just put our old vax on freecycle and, someone wants a caster of the bottom, and someone wants the switch off the top so thats two directions its going in, may just recycle the cable before it goes too, stick it in my puggit box, better than landfill any day. We do very well out of frecycle and we put a good bit of stuff on too, sort of keeps things ballanced.

    Am looking out for an old washer now, outstanding idea, go just nicely with the wood we get off the beach, wood on the barbie, wood on the fire, maybe a patio warmer in the cooler evenings, me brain is on overdrive:D

    It all comes from a while back, this carrier conditioning before super shite stores ruled the earth, when if it wasn't in one of their carriers they didn't think you had paid for it, once you paid it went in a carrier, job done. But that was before the super shite vandals started using millions of the things. Before that everybody went shopping with their own bags so there wasnt a problem, but to drum up trade and to get you to buy more than you could get in your shopping bag, they started giving away carrier bags.

    So along with the destruction of the high street economy and welding peoples arses to car seats, bags are their fault too. I go to crapso's on my bike, I have to go there, there is nobody else left in our small remote town, crapsos have put every one else out of business, and mine, or our bikes, if the wife goes too, are the only ones there, and the car park is jammed, one of these days their bleeding legs 'l drop off and trolleys will have another use.

    Ok I'll shut up now, soddin crapsos, killers of local economies!

    get your hands on a radiator and either paint it black or put a bin liner over the front get some reflective stuff so you can utilize the sun power to heat the water better ;)


    are you talking a conventional domestic radiator or a car radiator here, if a domestic radiator then you may have shown me a way forward. I have a south facing enclosed yard that would be just the job for solar water heating, even on the north east coast.

    It was just the slow motion shot of a solid sheet of green on Mandlesons face, and yes you can call it what you like but it got a very valid campaign some very good publicity including a very useful if a little wooden post incident interview on the box.

    When you consider the magnitude of the destruction this runway will cause if it ever goes ahead, and the complete disregard the government has shown for all our personal efforts to combat global warming, a cup of custard in the face seems very small (green) apples!