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    I LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks for your reply's folks!!! Keep em coming!!

    I really wanna hear peoples thoughts on this. If you agree or disagree post your thoughts. If you think I'm a loon and am opinion is advocating the death of the planet and that I should be shot for my opinions or if you agree and think that "they" are out to get us and that's its all a conspiracy.... shout it out!!

    No matter what gets said I for one wont hold it against you. This post is here to challenge you!!! Don't hold back! Let the world know what you really think. We have spent far too long in a society where our opinions are held against us.... the time to speak your mind is now!!

    Let it rip and continue the challenge!!! YEEEHAAA!!!!

    Global warming is a scam devised by the global elite to put money in
    their pockets.

    Carbon trading is the key issue here. Like the war on drugs, the war
    on terror and the illegal occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, its all
    a load of bullshit designed to enable the elite to take more of our

    Global warming as we have been made to believe is not the cause of our
    problems. Yes we are fucking our planet BADLY and we need to do
    something about it but carbon tax is not the way to go. It just forces
    western countries increase taxation on the general pubic and/or to
    send of their manufacturing processes off shore to countries who don't
    have such strict pollution policies, whilst at the same time taking
    much needed jobs away from the local people and putting billions of
    $'s in the pockets of the men responsible for the scam. By sending the
    factories else where they aren't solving the problem, they are just
    moving it out of our back yards to where we cant see it. All Gore
    tells us that he has 3 000 scientist who say global warming is a fact.
    I can give you the names and contact details of 38 000 independent
    scientists who have done the same research and say that the findings
    of Mr Gore's (bought and paid for) scientists is utter bollocks. I
    will repeat it again, we are fucking up and raping our planet in the
    most disgusting ways but not in the way we are being led to believe by
    the climate change lot. Its not the carbon dioxide we need to get rid
    of. Trees and plants thrive on higher levels of the stuff. Think back
    to your high school science lessons. What do trees need to be able to
    photosynthesize the suns energy? If you really believe co2 is the
    cause of our issue, plant more trees, don't create a taxation system!
    A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48
    lbs./year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to
    support 2 human beings. It's the chemical waste that the big factories
    are pushing out that we really need to deal with. Create a cleaner
    manufacturing processes. It's no good just taxing "carbon emotions"
    because the big companies just offset that cost to us, the consumer.
    We end up paying the price while the companies just carry on business
    as usual. Those taxes and carbon credits are then traded by big
    business making them even richer! We are putting money in the pockets
    of the elite and getting virtually nothing in return. We will not see
    even 2% of the over all revenue generated by the scam. If even half of
    the cash generated by cap and trade schemes actually got used towards
    creating renewable energy sources and cleaner manufacturing process
    instead of that money going in to the pockets of the elite I would be
    a very happy man. The elite don't want clean energy. If we get clean
    energy they lose a very valuable source of income, carbon trading
    revenue. The cap and trade system has been in effect here in Europe
    for years already and its proven that carbon tax has done nothing to
    ease pollution levels. They have continued to increase unabated at the
    same exponential rate as before the taxation scheme was ever thought

    Plant trees, stop deforestation and force industry to clean up their
    manufacturing process....... BIG UP THE REVOLUTION!!!!

    I believe i have the perfect job for me. I live in a motor home whilst traveling around the UK and Europe. I live by the statement "If i can make one person smile every day, my life in this reality is justified" I also love working with computers, electronics/toys and I enjoy building crazy shit. I thrive on spending time with creative and "switched on" beings. I love living hard and fast and to the fullest.

    My job..... I'm a Roadie.

    To be more specific I'm a video engineer and specialize in large scale LED screens. I spend most of my time touring with bands, doing concerts and festivals. I also work on a few big sporting and corporate events. From time to time i get to do a bit of film and television work as well.

    Because of the nature of the job i get to travel all over the world so it doesn't matter where (or how) i live. I get to be part of a group of people that make thousands of people smile at a time and I get to play with some of the coolest technology around!! I also absolutely love the environments and the crazy creative people i get to work with.

    For me, this is the ultimate job. My wife say that i don't actually have a job, i have a hobby that people give me money for. Been doing it for 15 years now and still absolutely love it!

    I usually only work for about 7 or 8 months of the year and get to keep 4 or five months for myself to spend as i choose, with my wife and friends.

    How can i not love a job that allows me to hang out with rock bands and gives me 5 months holiday every year?

    The money isn't bad either...

    High there, what color is the bottle you are using? What type or regulator are you using? Is the system designed around European or English regulations. This may sound like a silly question but I feel I need to put it out there just in case.. Have you made sure you are using a butain regulator with a butain bottle and that your regulator is giving you the right pressure for the system you have. Some systems work at a higher pressure than others. You need to make sure all the parts are comparable. Flame color and size could be an indicator of incorrect combo of parts.

    high there OctiveZippy

    I think can help. I am currently running 2 separate battery systems in my motor home, which i live in full time with my wife. One runs the lights and the other runs the inverter. I have 3 ways of charging the 2 battery banks. Solar panel on the roof, plug in to the main grid and a very cheap and simple system to allow the batteries to charge whilst driving.

    The system to charge whilst driving is so cheap and simple it is astounding!!. It probably wont cost more than about £10 or £15 to buy all the parts from maplin and install yourself. The idea is basic, connect your "leisure battery" to your alternator using a simple 12v 70amp relay switch and a few bits of chunky cable with a fuse somewhere inline. The relay acts as a "one way valve" for the power and regulates the charge to no more than 12v. Normaly the alternater puts out far to high a voltage whilst driving to be good for the "leasure battery". It could end up frying your battery in a heartbeat. The trick is to regulate the voltage input via the relay switch. Id be happy to draw the wiring diagram for you (or anyone else who wants it)

    If however you dont do much moving around the solor rout is a good one to go down. Its a little pricy but effective. There are a lot of products on the market. You are only really limited to how much or little you wanna spend. It does have the limitation that it does charge rather slowly at times so if you have high use it might not be the best rout to go.

    As far as inverters go, because i do a lot of video editing and filming i chose to use a pure sign wave inverter to allow me the "clean power" i need to run the gear with out interfierence on the monitors. The unit i use is a 2000w machine from a company called "sterling power products" Costs around £350. Its a fantastic unit with all the bells and whistels!! it also has the ability to be able to stick a solor pannel on it or to plug it into the mains to allow it to recharge the batterys as well. When choosing an inverter you just need to decide in advance how many things you will plug into it at a time and then work out the total "power draw" of all those things. Its also a good idea to look for "energy efficient" inverters that turn themselves off when they arnt in use. It goes a long way to saving battery life because the inverter itself uses the batterys power to run itself.

    So now lets get down to energy efficient products. LED is the way forward. I am actualy an LED engineer in the entertainment industry. I basicaly tour with rockbands putting up and maintaining their LED screens and LED based lighting and video products. LED products these days have gonne forward in leaps and bounds!!! The brightness output for the energy input is fantastic compared to traditional systems. You could go so far as to say that if you convert all your lights in the van to LED units you would get nearly twice the battery life at pretty much the same brightness as from conventional filiment and gass tube units. They also have twice the lifespan!! Deciding which specific product you want to use is another story tho. The only thing to concider is, again, your budget. Once you decide how much you wanna spend its easier to decide which products to use.

    If you give me a little more detail on what it is you would like to achieve and a m ore accurate idea of your budget i will be more than happy to help you design the most efficient system possible. With a little planning you can easily get twice the lifespan out of your batteries and your lights and if you run your engin for atleast 45 min every few days you never need to plug into a powergrid again.

    Regarding sorting your fridge to run on gas. Its not rocket science. Because gas systems in motor homes and caravans use such simple systems and such low preasures its very easy to do it yourself. As long as you have a very basic idea of how it fits together and understand basic metal work it can be done without the need for the ridiculously expensive corgy man.

    At the moment im out touring the uk with a band but my next job (from june 17th) is gonna be 2.5 months in london. If you are anywhere near i would be happy to sit down with you and give you any help i can on both your gas and electrical system. Before you ask... No, I dont charge for said services. As long as you take what you learn from me and teach it to somone else all is good.

    Let me know if you need anymore specific info or have any specific Q's.

    Sarva Mengalam Brother..

    We are not him, but he is all of us.

    Does that mean we are god? Which god tho? the Christian god? The Jewish god? the Muslim god? Surely going by the words in all monotheistic texts it would be a sacrilege to believe that we are god? Come to think of it, which words in which text by who's interpretation should we go by? The various texts have been so twisted and turned over the centuries by the interpretations of the various "learned men" we are suposed to blindly trust, who can actually say what was originally written anyway! The original documents were written in different languages, in different times, from different emotional, social and economic view points that have been interpreted and re interpreted by so many people that its impossible to say who's interpretation is the right one with out the "creator", the one god figure, coming down from "apon high" to let us know who's version of religion is the right one before we all go to hell!!!!! So i figure unless you are willing to go forward with blind faith, according to the requirements of modern monothistic religions, we are all fucked! we are all going to "hell"? I dont buy it. Too many holes in too many archaic theories. hell if we had to live by the christian bible today we would have to stone every man who works on a sunday, we would be allowed to own slaves and it would be ok to kill your neighbour if he pisses you off.

    Things are as simple as you choose to make them. It all comes down to your perception of things. if you focus on all the little idiosyncrasy's of things you end up believing they are complex. If you choose to look at the bigger picture you will find that it is all rather simple. black and white, life or death. Things are only as complex as you want them to be. Its all about what you choose to focus on.

    big picture...little picture. your choice

    Hello again boys and girlz.

    Sorry bout my long absence from this thread. been parked up in a beautiful piece of forest down south meeting with people being hunted by the free masons. Thats a whole nother story tho.
    Unfortunately there has been no interweb so i havnt had a chance to post any thing here.

    Any way i was having a thought about what coyote said "The universe has its own pace....and all the expressions of oppression within it are linked with belief in the possibility of accelerating it."

    I figure that we as a species cant accelerate the universe itself but we do have influence over our own acceleration. The forward shift in technology, our spiritual evolution. social evolution etc is easily do-able. By our very nature we are sentient beings and there for have control over our own acceleration as a species with in the universal framework by the choices we make.

    "Going boldly nowhere......" that's funny!!!

    Well I have read a little about his ideas on archetypes and I love the idea of a collective unconscious. it ties in with other stuff i've read about collective mind spaces...Sheldrake's morphogenic field, the akashic records etc. Love the idea that the brain is not a producer of thought but a RECIEVER....getting even more bizzare when we think about where ideas actually come from!!
    Think we need more cake!!!!

    hey there reality :)

    I have this crazy theory to go along with the akashic record idea and possibly where our ideas come from. Its about our first steps to reaching the point where we can draw all knowledge from the aether. In our stage of energetic progression in this reality we are currently able to draw energy rather easily from water. Have you ever noticed how you always feel great after a dive or a swim of a bath or any other interaction where you are completely emearsed in water? The idea is that water stores and transfers the energy of what ever it comes into contact with. Energy is easily measured in water as a wave form. You should check out the work of Masaru Emoto. He's doing some wild scientific experiments showing that water stores emotion. The biggest influence on water tho is the slow vibration given off by the earth itself. The planet pulsates at a freequency determind by the movements of its physical makeup as well as the external gravitational pull of other soler obljects which inturn are affected by other forces etc. Any way, the particular freequency that the earth ocilates at is what you get in a focused form from water. Its the ultimate feelgood freequency. The freequency stored in the water transfers its energy to you (through the morphic field?), who are mostly made up of water and that then inturn transfers through to the parts of your body that are responsable for emotions. The waves of energy continue on to stimulate the chemical processes in the brain responsable for emotion. The emotion stimulated in this case is happynes and calm. Now assuming all knowledge is stored in wave form, in different freequency's, throughout the universe. Everything you ever wanted to know could be in the water around us and in us. Its just a matter of trying to "remember it" using the brain as a "receiver" and "processor" for all the knowledge that is already out there and at our fingertips.

    Water is the catalyst for us to learn to absorb the energy of everything and in so doing become one with the universe.

    Would anarchy bring out the "best" (lovingkindness, peacefulness etc) in people?

    'Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance'

    Anarchy in its political form is not attainable to us at this point in our spiritual and social evolution. For anarchy to work it assumes that all mankind cares enough for those around them to be able to live in harmony. The absence of laws or controls over the actions of others simply allows greed to run rampant. Greed is the "evil" that makes utopia and its dream of using anarchy as political system completely impossible.

    We just dont care enough about each other as sentient beings to allow us to enjoy true freedom.

    We're all bastard!! hehehe :)

    The way I see round this dilema is maybe best summed up the way Aleister Crowley said it with his much misunderstood phrase
    "Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law!"
    This is based on the idea that if each of us did what was fully right for us, based on our own truth then all would be well.... but this involves also allowing everyone else to do their will and not to stand in the way of others living by their truth. Basically respect for each others versions of reality and a lack of fear to persue our own.

    Absolutely perfectly put young miss reality :) Have you spent any time reading Carl Jung's philosophy's? Is surprisingly interesting how closely related to Mr Crowleys work it is with out the hoity toity speach. Jungs corolation between mysticism and modern mans perceptions of the world are astounding!

    To elliot,

    all i can say is well done for being so astute at spotting the flaws in my argument. Most would have just accepted my drivel and left it at that. ITs nice being challenged for a change :) I still feel tho that the basis of my arguments is correct but my mistakes are mostly just my lack of understanding of the english language. Afrikaans being my mother tongue. Thats my excuse and im sticking to it hehehehehe :insane:


    you missunderstand the point...

    Truth is in itself separate from the things we as individuals believe to be moral and just. Truth is something that transcends our simple perceptions. To a vegan the slaughter of an animal is the most disgusting and vile thing imaginable. To them, its murder plain and simple. In a carnivores reality, its ok to feed off the flesh of animals, to them there is nothing wrong with it. Try to step back from each point of view and utilize the situation, not the moral ideal. the truth of the matter in this case is.... "some people eat meat, some dont." you can twist the moral compas wherever you want on this issue. What most of us see as truth is nothing more than our own perception, weather it be yours or somone elses.


    if you wanna start throwing morals into the equation you are changing the topic completely. if you wanna ask me your original Q "do i think what happened to the young girl in the basement is right or not" here is my answer.... as a sentient being who tries to live by compasion and love, i think what happened to the girl is a truly terable thing and i believe her father should not get the death sentance but should be forced to live in an enviroment where he can live the terror he caused for the rest of his life. infact i think he should be provided with the best medical care available to prolong his existence so he can suffer for what he did as long as is possible!!!

    I come back to my original point tho..... truth, real truth, universal truth, the truth that can not be denied by any means. Weather it be by philisophical, moral or any other means..... Truth just is. Truth has no moral compas. The trees and the ocean and stones and sand and all other things in existance with out what we believe to be a sentient nature dont adhear to the morals and feelings and all the other things we concider when regarding what we believe as truth. Black is black, white is white. The truth pertaining to their existance in this reality just is. Our perception of their reality is something very diferent from what is truth. Truth is universal. Truth just is.

    Just remember tho, even if you dont believe somone elses truth, you should still try to accept that it is their truth and hope that they and others will accept and respect (where aplicable) your truth in the same way. Its called KARMA.

    truth is just a lie in your head untill someone else believes it :whistle:

    Truth is just "your perception" until somone else believes it.... then it becomes reality. Reality is the perception of the majority (or so they say)..... Perhaps, the reality we know now is nothing more than the perception of a minority enforced upon the majority through nefarious means to fulfill their own ends? (just throwing the idea out there..)

    Alternatively.... reality and truth are nothing more than an illusion caused by the lack of drugs and alcohol.

    My honest personal view tho... Reality being as closely linked with truth as it is, is nothing more than what "YOU" perceive it to be, reality is what "YOU" choose!! Live your life with out fear of retribution from others and don't let any one else dictate what your life and your existence in this reality should be!!!!!!!!!! Your life is your own...... live it by your rules! Choose your own truth. Choose your own reality.
    "Buy Coke a Cola" bwahahahaha!!!!!
    No seriously, fuck it, make up your own mind and decide what the truth is in your own life..... make your own choice..... coke or pepsi? Its up to you and no one else.

    For those who dont get the "coke or pepsi" metaphore, (i know there are those who wont get it) its just to ilistrate the idea of choice between one thing or another. Coke, pepsi, mc donnalds, burger king, black or white... it doesn mater... Its just a choice you make. What ever you choose can never actualy be right or wrong. Its justy a choice.

    To answer the Q......"What is truth anyway?" Truth is what ever you choose it to be..... Truth just is what it is.

    Do i believe in conspiracy theory? With out question, NO i do not. I think one of the greatest misinterpretations in the phrase "conspiracy theory" is in the use of the word "theory" This implies that the information put before you could be of a questionable nature or could come from a questionable source. Based on this assumption, i can not in good conscience believe in a "conspiracy theory". However... The information given to us by alternative media sources and the information i myself have researched in depth over the last 10 years leads me to only one conclusion...... It is "conspiracy fact" There is no doubt in my mind at all that there are those in existence who are working toward the sole purpose of controller and power through deception and misinformation! There is too much information available in the public domain to relegate it as a whole to something as simple as a "theory". i think young miss reality said it best ...

    "So now a days I dont need to reach any conclusions about whether there are shape shifting extra dimensional lizards around or whether the earth is hollow...its all just INFORMATION."

    The conspiracy is just plain simple FACT! No question!

    Truth I suppose all comes down to one single concept,"PERCEPTION" Its about how we choose to accept and process the information presented to us. Robert Anton Wilson said it best when he said "I have never experienced another human being. I have experienced my impressions of them"

    The truth is what ever you want it to be....

    What would your final statement be to the world?

    IF there is one piece of wisdom or some other information you would want the world to know before you leave this reality, what would it be?

    Help teach the world through our shared experiences....

    What is it that drives sentient beings towards monotheism? Accepting the fact that there is a nice simple easy explination to it all. Why do so many insist that they need to wrap the multiverse up into a nice neat little shape so they can make sense of it. Why are we so afraid to accept the idea of chaos? Why are we so afraid to accept the idea that everything and every one is a true deity, that we are all infinite and unpredictable, that we are all things at all times and that everything is nothings more than a collection of energetic vibrations acting and reacting on the ones around us in an infinate space.

    we are all one.....

    Its interesting you say that hippy, Its that realization that caused me to post the original statement/question. Ive felt of late that i am too much of a carbon copy of the things and people around me. After much thought i figure, part of a persons personality will always be moulded by the things around them and the rest will be a culmination of our personal energy. The trick i think is just find a ballance between you and the world around you and all will be well...

    In our media driven culture our minds are constantly bombarded with images and ideologies that are not ours. We are pressed to believe that if you buy a certain shampoo you will be beautiful, if you buy a particular car your world will be complete. As much as we would like to believe to the contrary most of our beliefs and desire's are the products of others.

    How many can truly stand up and say, with out a single doubt that we are truly ourselves?

    Are any of our lives truely individual?

    As sentient beings we all have our uniqe-ness on some base level but as creatures of our chosen society's and subcultures can we honestly say we are original?

    After you read this go away and do something you believe is original, never been done before. What ever it may be, come back and share your distinct experience. Be it be standing facing the wrong way on an escalator with your thumb in your ear smiling at a stranger or sitting in a field with a stick on your head chanting your name backwards 1000 times, come and tell the world of your individuality.

    Challenge yourselves and prove you, your actions, your beliefs and you life are truly unique.