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    If a herion user passes go and picks up £200 for a sterilsation op then thats £200 that they ain't burgled or robbed and times that across the country then what a reduction in crime for how ever long the £200 lasts....and then its back to buglary,robbery and prostitution... its just back on the magic roundabout of addiction with no proper solution

    Loving Hut is a good Vegan takeaway , they do a notdog

    I just found the one of these in camden between camden and mornington crecent ... mmmmmmmmmmm....
    Forget the notdog s,steak,fish n chips all vegan and go for the vegan buffet. Man was that good and £3 for a tray full up with a choice of 2 rice,2 noodles,coconut curry mild,sweet n sour veg ,and stir fry all with 3 types of soya protein. and crispy spiced vegmince and spring rolls n veggie prawn crackers plus achoice of salad items.
    Man i am stuffed. All the staff were vegans,helpful and knowledgable and gave me a dvd about ethic food .
    i will be going back again and again.

    I always venture to leons on the strand and cannon st and various other locations in london they do a phat falafel wrap and i substitute the garlic mayo for there chilli jam to make it vegan and ask for a little pot of chilli jam as well to dip it in they always say yes of course and they have a loyalty card to get free food/drinks.
    Other than that its just chips its chips its more bloody chips as all vegitarin food in other places like burgers etc have milk in which i am allergic to.

    I watched it last tuesday on more 4 freeview it was sad but also quite amazing how ingenoeus the team of ric o,barry were ion gaining the evidance on camera with sound to tell us the world of what is really going on. Also filming 2 local officals of the cove who oppossed the distribution of dolphin meat to every school in japan which has unbelievably high toxicity levels of mercury.They also highlighted that 80% of whale meat being sold in japan is in fact dolphin meat.....
    On tuesday 27th at 10pm More 4 freeview
    The End Of The Line
    the truth about sustainable fish stocks

    Personally i think festivals could do alot more to get security to patrol the camping areas which is where thieves seem to have a licence to rob tents and well know 2 rapes at latitude . There is always a prescence of security around tghe fence and gates but other than that you don't see them inside the perimeter to deter muggings ,thieves etc.
    Also i have an S.I.A licence and have worked at festys so i do actually know.

    I can see that alot of the smaller festivals will be gone in few years.
    What with glade being cancelled because the police tried to charge £55 an hour per police person. This will obviously become a point of licence approval which means buying the machines to take the cyber cash ,cost of the chipped wristbands,then the expense of having the computer system/programme to collate the info,all of which will controlled by revenue and customs/banks etc. Independant food stalls will probably disappear as will the festy markets and the big mutli nationals companys will get goverment grants to implement there new fangled stystem of total control.
    :waves::waves:festivals they were fun while they lasted.

    I always cook up big batch meals and then freeze them in plastc containers . i usually do a big veggie curry and then a veggie bologanise.So then you can take a meal out and defrost a day in advance or take to a meat eaters house and eat it there.
    There are untold recipes in the recipe section . Remember thopugh that you need to substitute that meat protien and eat a varied diet. Also check labels on stuff you used to buy as they may not veggie even though you would not associate with having a meat content like Sweets for instance.

    I support the armed forces but don't support afghanistan or iraq wars/invasions. Great britain is not Brittannia any more and we should not act like the worlds police.If it were'nt for Oil and Minerals we would'nt be there . There are far worse regimes in africa etc whose countries and continents have little resources so we don't bother with policing them.

    They can,t even keep our data safe so this is a major crime waiting to happen...Criminals already can steal money from chip and pin via radio wave technology so it would be easy to just walk around a major festy just clocking off everyone who is around you and stealing there credits.

    When i was working as a freelance/ agency chef the amount of places i would turn up at and immediatley just turn around and walk out of is crimminal ...and some of these are the top hotels and restraunts in central london that charge a fortune although it was a few years ago now.
    I worked in a rwestraunt in covent garden that had a mouse problem we put down 50 traps and in the morning every single one had a dead mouse in it...they love choclate digestives by the way...
    A certain world famous huge hotel near oxford st mate i have never seen so many cockroachs...i was running the staff restraunt after 1 week i had enough when an employee came in with a baguette she had just bitten into to find a cockroach alive as part of the filling...:eek:
    That was the last straw...

    I was lucky enough to see floyd at wembly in 1988.. magical the best concert i have been to.
    Appently roger asked dave gilmour to to do a farewell tour but was told to F off...
    so thats it i would'nt goto to this concert the last time he did the wall the reviews slated it..

    As a MATTER of Fact .....
    Club Matter has just shut down for the whole summer.... reasons are all vague at the moment and the infected stilton event is now @ the frigde.
    Appently over 2000 tickets have been sold as matter's capacity was 2500 and the fridges total capacity is just 1500. It 'll be a tight squeeze in there then and alot of unhappy ticket holding punters outside who won't be able to get in ....

    They reoresent the fact that britains big brother machine will make these olympics the most surveillance conscious there have ever been.
    They are watching and listening to everything in the oloympic zones and beyond....:eek:

    Well that was ok. The dentist gave my teeth a good clean and well all those tobacco stains are gone . Fanny tastic... My front tooth is cracked down the middle and was advised that to drill and fill would not be of benefit as it would probably fall out (the filling) but to come back if i get any problems.I was given a leaflet about acid erosion and advised not to eat any more citrus fruits. I probably eat far to much citrus anyway. Otherwise i go back in 12 months.:p

    No new coal fired power staitions unless they have carbon capture and storage.......
    Well there halfway there on that one i would prefer no coal fired power staitions at all and a proposal to build biomass power plants that use local waste to make gas and electricity with carbon capture.