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    i don't know if this helps, but i wish you both all the best. i can really empathise with tigg, having been through that stuff myself. i was diagnosed 4 years ago, bi-polar with paranoid delusions, did 100hrs of therapy and i'm still on meds, citralopram and quetiapine. the 'system' was no good for me at all, because my issues had been going on for years [several suicide attempts]. it wasn't until, on a friends advice, i went to mind, that things took a turn for the better. they don't put you under pressure 'til you crack, they just quietly get on with the job of getting you sorted. i'm not saying they're good for everyone, but the office that i dealt with in hackney, east london were good for me. hope this helps, my thoughts are with you always, snakes.

    When my cat jumps on the bed in the middle of the night soaking wet having been laying in the rain and wakes us up it makes me angry not fearful.....;) I know its him so there is nothing to fear and anyway he should be the one that is fearful and avoid the danger of being pushed/booted off the bed......:D

    awww, the poor widdle kitty only wants to share the moment of his rain-soaked night. he was probably enjoying it immensly.:D

    cannabis is easy, it's the tobacco that's the bitch. i've heard that the first three days are the worst, once you're over that hill, the rest is plain sailing. good luck with it tho' mate, i'm close to wanting to do that for myself, just have to get over the fear i s'pose.:vomit:

    i've got three tats on my arms, you really have to want them and have to get ones you'll like forever, even on your back. other people can see them there and you don't want to fend off stupid questions or comments later on.

    could i have one in green and brown pls? extra large, extra long and earthy green n brown, not the super bright colours that most people favour.:D

    repressing anger can be really bad for you, there are several schools of thought that believe anger repressed turns inward and manifests itself as cancer and other injurious growths/conditions. i believe in having a good rant now and again, to clear the blockages caused by frustration/anger.

    looks good, but a lot of people might be distressed by the number of foodstuffs that are currently on boycot lists for all sorts of political reasons [coka cola, for the deaths of people trying to form a union in columbia...nestle, for trying to get african babies on formula with no good water to be used etc].:whistle:

    pagan, from the greek 'paganus', people of the wild places. also, 'he who does not see god in all, does not see god at all.':D:angel::D

    everybody should be introduced at a young age to the idea of morals, but to leave it to religion [proselitysing] or to schools [whos idea of stopping bullying, is to bully you into stopping], that's the rub. good, soundly based, open parenting seems to be the answer, but there are so many wrong people out there, it seems sometimes as though 'hippies' have got the monopoly on common sense.:rolleyes:

    my brother loaned me a 900 diversion back in '95, and i found it top heavy and 'jinky' round corners, 'specialy when you gave it a handful coming out!:insane:

    i heard a while ago, that the grey squirrels in central park, new york, were finding peoples crack stashes and eating them, then doing funny little manic dances and attacking people!:D

    i'm a pagan, but all the pagan sites seem to be overrun with satanists. which is wierd, coz to be a satanist, don't you have to believe that the one god exists, which would make them, at least in part, christians, wouldn't it ?:whistle:

    Groups of teenagers hanging around outside shops trying to look intimidating. Get some hobbies!!!

    a friend of mine once offered that advice to a group of teenagers sitting around outside a local corner shop in tufnell park nw5, and they followed us and attacked us with iron rebars, occasioning one broken arm, onecut to the back of the neck and i got a fractured skull. advice, stear clear of the stupid little testosterone missiles with nothing to do and everything to prove. one day they'll lose it and end up stabbing each other anyway. :insane:

    if only there were more people in the world like you. though calling those boys neanderthal is a diservice to neanderthals. i,m currently living in west co. clare, ireland, and they are still allowed to import american pit bull terriers here, some unscrupulous types then bring the dogs over the border to the north where there is no border control. they are then free to bring them to england on the ferry from belfast to stranraer, never seeing customs or veterinary controls. we,[ the few of us who care over here about this ] are doing our best to stop this senseless trade, but we are up against it, often times people throw the 'republican' card in your face, but, we carry on regardless of any sick excuses they make for this trade. i live in hope that these individuals will wake up one morning and be filled with genuine remorse. more power to the voice of reason i say. keep up the good work.:clap:

    like the sound of this, especialy as i'll be in blighty that very week:D

    i'm of mixed race, my mother is a romani and my father an english showman. on my mothers side we're considered to be 'black' gypsies, though i have never stopped to think much beyond the fact that, at the end of the day i'm a human being, and i feel much the same way about life as any other human being.:thumbup:

    besides, my family are going to be there, so if anyone wants first hand experience of horse drawn life get in touch and we'll hook up and i'll introduce you all to the posse.:D