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    I don't know....i am right now in my life finding myself. And i feel stupid starting this thread now :p i've been talking with my friend Tom. And he's made me realise that Buddha plays more of a part in my life than god! So maybe i am a buddhist! I have seen myself as a buddhist for 2yrs now and yeah god comes into my life from time to time when i feel that need! But he doesn't play a massive role in my life! As buddhism does! I think i am just trying to answer questions i have in the back of my head that are un-answered! If that makes sense!

    I love you all :heart:

    I'm sorry for confusing you all etc!

    I am such a annoying person sometimes! :whistle:


    Omg........Noooooo :p

    I'm not annoyed with any of youuuu! :p i didn't mean it to come across that wayy at all! I'm sorry! alot of the things your all asking i can't answer because i don't know why myself! :p i just feel and act that way because i feel it's right for me to do :)

    And i'm proud and always will be of having that gift! :)

    I wanted to do this tread to see if there was any other people with my views of somewhat! I just hope i've not upset any of youuu!

    I am not here to convert anyone etc...i'm just letting you know how i'm finding my way in this world :) and i'm loving every minute of it!
    I have found with what i've gone through these's past few months that god and buddha have been a great "what you call it" comfort to me in these's hard times. And it's only know i'm finding god again! :)

    I am finding it difficult to understand how you can be a christian and follow Buddhist philosophy as one contradicts the other......

    im not a christian im a protastent christian..... :rolleyes:
    which i was christed from birth!! Why is it so hard for people to understand that i'm a god lover but follow buddha aswell!

    Wishing i never started this thread now! :whistle:

    Oh Well!

    I follow my things...I'm happy with it!

    i was involved in a "church" in my early twenties. as i got more and more involved i began to realise it wasnt really a church but a cult. it was very hard for me leave and has left me very wary of christian groups. (i know they arent all bad and crazy but im still wary!) this has made me draw close to god in my own way and have a realationship with him which is personal to me.

    i guess we all find our own way xxx

    :clap: my same finding when i left the church i was at from a baby and moved here we went to a new church but it was to in your face if that makes sense! omg i bet that sounds horrible :(. But yeahh i have my faith in my own way :) and worship it my way :D and i love it! :D

    This world isnt made for us to all be the same :D

    So, how long have you been an "Evey" and how did you get into it?

    and thats how it should be.
    i too am a christian.i believe in jesus and god but i am coming to realise that they can be combined with differnt spiritual aspects. i beleieve budda was a amazing person and had many good teachings. i believe that there is only one god. but how you draw close to him is your own path nobody elses. i also believe the one god has many different names, so many different religions follow the same god with out realiseing which is why i really cant understand wars over religion.

    I am so glad you too get me :D :hug:

    i am still finding myself as a person and a human beinging! :) Me and my mum used to go to a evangelical church and got converted :) i just loved the vibe of it :D it was lovely heheee and all the strong vibes etc i just feel in love! I worship my god in my own way! :D like i'm sure everyone does :D and im proud of that! :D
    It's hard for some people to get i do have a strange way in life hahaaa! But it's the way i'm meant to be :D and i love it :D hehee!

    Okayy where do i start!

    I don't classify myself to be a strict buddisht i follow the words and teaching's of him! I will always be a Evangelical Christian :) buddha for me is a spirtual part of me! If that makes any sence at all!
    I have found in my growing up that except everything! I don't go by the book sometimes in life! My life is a teaching in it's self! I find my way in this world as i go along! Since i was little i've always had a cross with me and small figure of buddha somewhere on my person! Because to me that makes me feel safe! :)

    The lord will always be my leader and beam of light in this world :) i praise him everyday for giving me amazing friends, family, life...and most of all right now a 2nd chance at life!

    This might be hard for some of you to understand....but to me i'm living my life my wayy! and how i feel is right for me to go by! I've never been forced into beleving anything....the way i am is my way! no one else's doing! I am happy that way!

    I know some people with thing i'm mad or whatever for having this way of life! But there isn't much i can say....I'm Happy! :D

    I always thought that Buddhism was a life philosophy rather than a faith (in the same way as Confucianism) and because it doesn't have god-worship as a core tenant that it can be followed along with other paths? That being the case it wouldn't then be "anti-Christian" or a "sin"?

    That is veryy true! :) :hug:

    I believe it's entirely possibly to have a spiritual awakening without religion.

    In my own opinion, a personal relationship with a 'higher power' of your own understanding can be far more liberating than following the narrow opinions of organised religion - which are often influenced by prejudiced views rather than any form of enlightenment.

    That is very true :) i don't ladel myself to be a certain thing yes i was christined at a evangelical church! and now that im older follow buddha's teaching and i find that a comfort to me :) we are all unique and go by what is right for us :)

    Also to Barefoot_Surfer!

    yeah i do know buddisum is a godless relgion i have been a follower of the buddist religion for 2years now :) but i always find i come back to my lord :) he is something special to me! :heart:
    i am proud to be a christian :)


    I would say i'm a mix of faiths and i'm proud of that :) but i know that the lord has been good to me and given me a 2nd chance in life :) he's blessed me to live this wayy :) and i'm going to live it! As you all probably know i do worship buddha aswell :) which i never shy away from telling people that im a Evangelical (Christian)/Buddist. I am very proud and touched that i can have this amazing bond and double vibeness from both gods! :)

    I'm am just wondering if there are any people like me...well i hope not LIKE ME! hahaaaa OH NO! :p
    But in someway i would like to find more friendships that i can have some understanding with, as i find alot of people think im nuts or bonkers for the way i am...but you know what I DON'T CARE! :D i love being me and what i stand for! And i will never stop fighting for what i believe in!! :)

    I do look at things very differently in this world which make people look at me strange :P hahaaa! But it's the way the lord made me! and i will always be proud of that gift he gave me! :)

    Peace & Love!!

    x x x

    Hi guys, I've been intrested in Buddhism for a while now, but never really done anything about it. Does anyone here know any good places to go in London to do meditation? (that aren't some weird cult :tinfoil:)

    Hi Simon :)

    I am in the exact same sitatuation up north here, i have been interested in
    the buddist religion for a while now :) but can't find anywhere near where i live to go and meditate which is abit annoying! But i find just doing it myself a great help! Even though i would love to find somewhere else to go and met other buddishts in my area :)


    Heyyy :hug:
    i know how hard the C word can be :( :hug:
    i'm sending you some love and good luck wishes your way :)
    Keep your sprits up and if you ever want to talk give me a PM :)


    x x x

    Had Vaginal Cancer, Thats Why I Was Having All Them Tests/Ops!
    Never Said Anything To Anyone :( Didn't Really Know How To Cope With It MySelf More So To Tell The People I Loved!

    But They Understood :D And That's Why Every Single Day I Look At Pictures Of Them And Think WOW I'M REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE THEM IN MY LIFE :D
    These's Past Few Months Have Been Hard :( But Without Them And Alll Your Support On Here :) I Wouldn't Of Pulled Through It All!

    So I'm Letting You All Know On Tuesday 26th May 2009 I Was Cleared Of My Cancer :) I Never Throught I'd Hear That :( Which I Know Sounds Horrible But It's Hard To Thing Sometimes Your Going To Pull Through When You Are So Sick And Ill Some Days Etc.... But I DID IT! :D

    And Now It's Time To Live My Life! :D
    Yeah I Have My Other Stuff But HEY! My Life Is Ace Right Now And Nothing And No-one Is Going To Stop Me!

    So Let Me Just Say To Every Single Person On Uk-Hippy!

    I LOVE YOU ALL! <3

    Lots And Lots Of Love Kitten :)


    Have you tried the kiddies suncream. It is what I use and is designed for use on childrens skin and has a higher factor. I use factor 30.

    Yeah :( my mum used to use it when i was little and come out
    in a rash from that it's the chemicals in it or something that don't get on with my skin AT ALL! Sucks really! Gonna try them Mineral ones :) see what happens they might work! :P it's always trial and error with me :P


    I will be voting the GREEN PARTY! but i still don't think it will make a different, as i think a bunch of blind monkeys would do a better job! But thats my view! :whistle: lols!
    I think this goverment is terrible to be honest, we are being run by basically crimenals if we had been claiming all that money back we'd be put in chains! But they seem to think they are above the law which annoys me to the bone! :mad:
    Oh well i will be voting GREEN PARTY! but not all that enralled really! But i don't think i'll be the only one here thinking the same about it all!

    no i dont think people should be forced to vote, quite simply because there may be no one in power that you would like to vote for,and itd be even worse to vote for just anyone because you couldnt choose a favourite. i didnt vote in my local election because i didnt like the policies of any of the parties. that though, i think is a vote in itself.
    but generally,voting should be encouraged if you do have a particular party that catches your eye, because as its been said, if you dont vote, then its a bit out of order to sit complaining about the state of the country.

    :thumbup: agree very much here with you danni!