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    That all sounds fair people.

    I'm writing to charities and individuals for donations. It's not my proudest moment but I just need some help to get on my feet so that I can be self sufficient with the view to returning the karma where possible.

    Wishing you well.

    It's a messy one. Anyone who's familiar with the system will know that state support is shaky/inconsistent/unreliable.

    Multiple disabilities that affect general mobility and stamina.

    Edited to add: assuming that my post on here is ok, if anyone genuinely wishes to donate then please message me for the link.

    You can use gofundme for anything that's honest. There's a section about it on their website :)

    Am I allowed to post a link to my gofundme page here? I'm a disabled person who wants to take a part time course of education so that I can increase my chances of being able to earn a sustainable living part time and thus get some much desired independence. My health only allows for part time study which means that I can't get a student loan to fund my day to day living and that's what the gofundme page is about.

    Is it ok to post the link to my page here?