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    On the flip side, I think many teens will choose to travel/woof their gap years/time following school and 19y.o., rather than be or feel forced to work unpaid.

    Woohoooo! ... whole new generations of travelers might just be the outcome :D

    i havent been around horses for a very long time, but years ago i worked with hunting horses, and all the drag hunts i ever wittnessed were not run by fox hounds but with bloodhounds chaseing a man over a set trail....

    Drag hunts always were run by bloodhounds but I think now foxhounds are used under the premise of drag hunting when they're actually covertly hunting foxes ...:mad:

    If I hoped to make a hunt in progress less successful, I'd obstruct (by non-violent means of course) the terrier men [sic].

    Every hunt has terrier men [sic] and particularly given the current law, they are almost entirely necessary for the hunt to manage a kill.

    It's the job of the terrier men to interfere with bolt holes prior to a hunt, possibly to lay 'scent trails' and also to follow the hunt (fyi~ usually by a reasonably tatty looking jeep/land rover, usually with a wire mesh guard at the back, usually containing at least two docked (to prevent a fox catching them by the tail but leaving enough to allow a 'handle' to pull them from a hole) jack russel (usually) terriers)...and provide terriers when the fox goes to ground (meaning the foxhounds can't reach it). They will also carry guns and a bolt gun.

    Feed the foxhounds. Sounds simplistic but all foxhounds are starved for several days prior to a hunt for obvious reasons. They are fed raw meat from carcasses donated by local farmers so sourcing their food of choice could be problematic but I'd bet if a butchers or offal lorry lost its load in front of a hunt, the foxhounds would be highly likely to eat what was in front of them and not bother hunting.

    Using a horn can have interesting results occasionally but will only be mildly effective, the horn is to a foxhound what a whistle is to a sheepdog, it guides them as to what to do and when.

    Be careful when choosing to use scents to interfere with trails and disguise bolt holes that whatever you choose won't harm the fox, it's sense of smell is bound to at least match a foxhounds in sensitivity and creating scent confusion might cause problems for foxes and cubs in identifying their home!

    Be careful not to scare horses, scared horses kill themselves and people....and many scare easily. Give them the widest possible berth at least for your own safety ;)

    Self acknowledged, self mutilator
    Suffers from a needle phobia
    She seeks the buzz of fighting fears
    Piercings dotted here and there

    And not as random as one might think
    Each placed with care, meaning distinct
    A sacrificial, poignant task
    Reclaims herself from a haunted past

    Ever seeking self autonomy
    At odds with an art marked in slavery
    Self ownership being all that's sought
    Self-harm but without the razor's scars brought forth

    Did you know of or fail to see
    When you last laid your gaze upon she
    The overt war wounds of a broken soul
    Marked precisely where life took it's toll

    Or did her pride in what she wore
    Blind you from seeing the pain she bore
    For power in the act of self mutilation
    Yet more in the secret of her silent reclaimation....

    As it fell ;) x

    I love the versatility of Pumpkins sleeping bag! Brilliant :D
    I've got several but none like that.

    My top item of baby clothing has been a pair of hand knitted dungarees. They're stretchy enough to go over any clothing as an extra warmer and great for bumbling around the house days too.

    I made (using the term lightly!) a sling which is just one long piece of unsewn fabric. Once I knew how to tie it, it became the most comfy baby carrier I have ever used. It's so far done two of mine, two friends and has since returned to my for my youngest two. When not in use as a carrier, I can leave it tied in place and it just looks almost like a top!

    :D To be entirely honest, give me the smell of person over product anyday! Within reason ;)

    Raine, if you're having issues with wet pits try to stick with natural materials and loose tops too, they can make a big difference in letting your skin breathe and limiting perspiraiton in the process.

    Cornflour can be used as an alternative to talc (a carcinogen at cosmetic grade, according to the Agency for Research on Cancer) to help dry dampness. It can also be mixed with essential oils but only those which are safe for use directly on the skin, lavender seems safest and although tea tree should be, some people do have strong reactions to it, even burns.

    Lush do powder based deodorants which come in a solid bar but I'm not sure of the ingredient list.

    Other than that, pit rocks or crystals as already mentioned :)

    Have you tried just asking them to leave your child alone? They're quite often responsive to being addressed directly :)

    There was one with one of my children, when she was a baby, who used to 'helpfully' tuck her covers in at night! I do think energies like that go hand in hand with children, we've had lots of animal energies in the past for some reason.

    At times of hightened emotion within a home they seem to gather around. Whether it's to help or because the hightened emotional energy gives them easy access, I don't know. Protect and ground yourself though, create barriers within and externally, it is your home, they are your children and you have a right to call the shots if you choose to!

    ...Mr Tigermouse has just picked up the violin for literally the second time ever and is playing along to songs with most of the right notes, just by ear. Disheartened doesn't begin to describe how I feel right now. Somehow, I don't think violin is ever going to be 'my' thing.

    Give yourself a chance ;). Everyone learns things in different ways and by different methods. My friend fiddles and I play flute/piccolo/bodhran. She seems to pick a tune up more easily by reading it whereas I prefer to play by ear.

    My 4 year old can pick up and bow a violin nicely. I only screech despite learning it when I was younger :o. I'd like to learn viola but think I'll revisit the sax first.

    Have fun with it, don't pressure youself! If you're doing it for your own enjoyment rather than hoping to play to orchestral standards there is no right or wrong way, just seek the most happy way for you.

    Ah, I just saw his age on the BBC page. As a parent I wouldn't do it, I'd also not want anyone else to. It's not based on an assumption that bikes-will-crash; if anyone drove anything that fast with my children as passengers, I'd prolly go ape.

    As for being done for dangerous driving? Hmmm, he's not the first high speed driver/rider to be given more than a speeding ticket, surely?

    is riding fast, on a straight road, on a bike designed to be ridden fast, inherently dangerous? unacceptably dangerous? your opinion? :)

    Inherantly dangerous? Of course! Hence the buzz :D

    It was a straight public road though and I'd say that's the sticking point, the point at which it might be perceived as unacceptably dangerous.

    ....also peeps should be made aware there is a crisis team available at general hospitals with mental health unit.....

    Thank you!
    When I contacted my G.P. surgery to ask where to seek help for a friend who was feeling suicidal, they couldn't suggest anything :mad:. They refused to let me speak to my G.P. as my health wasn't the concern and advised that my friends G.P. would also be unable to help due to confidentiality issues :confused: I wasn't looking for patient specific advice, just general and immediate information.

    Economics? Usually! I think so and an overall incomprehension by many who work in general healthcare of just how fine the line is between well and unwell and how perilous inaction could be.
    Is this apparent ignorance due to choice and a lack of empathy or lack of information and training?

    It can be very hard for people to access the help they might need. Waiting lists, appointment criteria, G.P's lacking in tact and understanding and prone to disbelief of the severity of someone's condition.

    Before you know it, someone whose issues may have been aided by readily available counselling and support have spiralled out of control, they hit crisis point already feeling that they have nowhere to turn and failed by the system.

    Approaching the NHS for help can sometimes feel like just the kind of mental and emotional assault course that might tip someone who's already struggling, right over the edge of reason or sanity.

    Obviously this is regarding access of services at an initial point rather than the depths of the mental health service on the whole.

    Are any of the schools in your area offering the Diploma qualification?…TheCurriculum/DG_10013915

    I know you said that the school your daughter is meant to be attending is one of the best in the area but maybe a not so 'good' school that she enjoys would be better than the ace one that isn't helping her to thrive?

    ...and on the offchance that she might find another school so engaging that the current issues between you are quelled, I don't know? Might be worth looking into?

    What are her interests? Would volunteering somewhere on evenings or weekends give her some sense of direction and self worth?

    Such a confusing age :(

    I would disagree there; wisdom cannot be taught....rather it comes from us unlearning things. The wisdom is there within if we get out of its way :)

    I agree. Over the last few years I lost the two great philosophers of my life, neither of them particularly well read (but both well lived :)).