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    It saddens me that people are willing to walk out of my life based on what my partner's ex has to say about me rather than on their own interactions with me. I haven't done anything wrong or tried to hurt anybody yet I'm made out to be the bad one... so much heresay and gossip.

    Oh well, I guess I should be thankful I've ruled out some more 'false friends'.

    I actually fell like I'm going to burst at the seems. I can't tell you how many times I've just wanted to shout 'Shut up you stupid twat' today at different people.

    I hope it's just hormones having a funk and tomorrow will be calm.

    I'm 23 and half my head is grey! Course there is nothing wrong with can ever buy 'silver' hair dye now. I say do what feels best for you :)

    I had some sore skin on my waist and hip area last year. There were no visable marks but it just felt very sensitive - almost like a burn, just not as painful, just tender. Turns out I had shingles! (More severe symptoms followed)

    Anyway, whilst reading about it I found out symptoms can re-occur and (I think) lie dormant. It could be something really minor but I would get it checked out just in case. Please let us know if you manage to pin point the problem :)

    Well done Starling - think you will be very happy there :)

    OT: I'm feeling like positive changes are within my reach. Alsssoooo feeling like I wanna get to know somebody a little better and I might just have to make that happen...

    Oh feck! Those websites seem to indicate a few of my choice drinks aren't vegan friendly so I'm going to have to do a little more research and tighten my belt. Though saying that there is a tiny ray of hope as I'm vegetarian.

    I think most non-alcoholic drinks appear to be safe or stated vegetarian. but I rarely drink anything other than tea/coffee/water so I'm not entirely sure.

    I'm sick of sitting around doing sod all. I want to do something creative or productive but I just can't seem to muster the energy. I think the most productive thing I've done all week is make a battenberg on Friday then sit and eat it all weekend...

    Need a kick up the arse. (Symbolically is fine thanks)

    I'm diabetic, going on to my 21st year of it!

    I don't think carbs are particularly bad for you, of any kind, just in moderation. This year I've been looking a lot at my diet and one thing we tend not to really take into consideration are fruits! I eat so many of them and often forget just how much sugar they have.

    Personally I find noodles to be very good along with pasta. Both are very long acting in comparison to other carbs, so as long as you don't overdo it, they're fine. Another thing is potatoes, how you cook them can make a HUGE difference, baking them can drastically affect the nutritional value in comparison to just boiling them - so you need to look at things like that too.

    I would say try to cut out all the icky processed stuff as much as possible (cakes, biscuits, refined sugars). Veg is something you don't have to worry about so why not try veg tagines, moussakas etc? They're very tasty and things with lots of protein tend not to affect blood levels too much either.

    Also try not to worry - 7.2 might have gone up, but it's still in a healthy range x

    A friend of mine who's been a lifelong vegetarian recently got diagnosed with Crohns, and she was strongly advised to start eating white meat. I was under the impression that Crohn's is one of the few conditions where following a vegetarian diet isn't the healthiest option.

    Christ I didn't know that, there's something for me to look forward to then.

    I second the dietician/nutritionalist thing. If you ask at your Chrons clinic they shouldnt have any problems referring you to somebody who can help with your diet.

    Being angry. Today I woke up and I just want to punch random people and tell them that they're bastards. I can usually contain myself and just let things go - but I dont know what is wrong with me today. Grrrrrr! Bloody hope it's pmt or something, I'v eno other explanation.

    People are bastards.