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    There were people in wheelchairs and epic offroad mobility scooter things at the Boomtown fair this year. While I dont know the exact arrangements for camping and entry etc, i'd say 99% of the venues were accessible to them :)

    I went last year. Possibly again this year. Its good- not entirely what I expected as there was a large % of people who were there literally as tourists- lost count of the number of photos I posed for with randoms- and a very large contingent who were there just to get trashed, which was a shame.
    I dont know who said to take a tent to you, as far as I know no camping is allowed at the stones? I went back to my car for a couple of hours kip.

    It really does depend on the attitude of the farmer... I grew up on a dairy farm, my dad never kept the cows out all the time over winter- they slept in a barn, and during the day could wander from the field to the barn as they wanted. I believe he took good care of them.
    However, a bunch of new laws are coming in to play in dairying that is almost seeming to move towards making keeping cows outdoors illegal to contain the "pollution" they produce. This, coupled with unfair practices by the supermarkets where what drove my dad out of the dairy business, which my family had been in for over 100 years :(

    Weirdly, despite growing up on a dairy farm, I don't like milk. As in I actually cannot stand the stuff. I do eat cheese and the occasional yoghurt.... milk just repels me.

    If you want an unethical company in the dairy world, Anchor butter is worth a look. The whole "free range butter from happy cows" thing is total crap. They may keep the cows "free range" (or in other words, in fields) but they are far from happy- in new Zealand where the brand started and is still made they dock the cows, which has been proven to have bad psychological effects on the cows. Docking cows is banned in the UK and allot of Europe because of this. Still common in the USA though.

    I barefoot as much as I can when out and about but round here flip flops are a must in parts of town due to the broken glass and dog mess :(
    I always barefoot around my house and garden.
    As a kid I would barefoot around the farm all the time, wasn't bothered by the mud!
    Had a nice paddle in the Itchen today... barefoot of course = a friend wore her sandles in because she "didn't want to stand on a fish"!

    You can get outdoor proof wood paints at a homebase- I recently got a lovely bluebell blue colour from there for some shelves I'm painting. It wasn't too expensive and is designed to protect the wood- and every sale gives a donation to the woodland trust!
    If you can't get to a homebase, gardening centres may have it or acrylics with a couple of good coats of varnish should be ok :)

    *edit to add*
    I cant find the woodlands trust paints (made by ronseal) on the homebase website, but a search did turn up these greens:|Colour|Greens|1
    I think the "holly" is quite nice :)

    I'd really love to contribute if I'd be allowed? I have quite a busy summer planned but I think by the time it has passed on through everyone I should have time free! I think the idea of auctioning it for the forum is great, too.

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    I brought a deck chair and a set of shelves at a car boot today... I've been inspired by the lovely painted furniture on the site & I want to have a go! Got some lovely blue paint for the base colour & got lots of acrylics for the details and I got some great fabric to replace the nasty fabric on the deck chair.

    no, i had a serious sprain, no broken bones, torn ligaments, a light plastercast and crutches for 5 weeks.
    i could have been at work as i do office work, but H&S regs said i couldn't go in (our whole site is totectors and a big fat blue velcro shoe wasn't good enough........).
    it shouldn't affect your uni work, should it?
    think positive.....

    The Uni work it might affect is a work placement that is my FYP that I start in three weeks... on an excavation. But, the physiotherapist was very good, he did something to my foot that means I can put weight on in now (he mumbled something about something moving in my foot and put it "back into place" which was damn painful at the time but means its less painful genrally now) and has given me lots of exercises, banned me from using two crutches. He said mine was a grade 2- sprain? so sort of medium bad, really. So I think I'll be able to make the placement.

    Tired and stressed, stressed and tired. Cant sleep as I have a headache which has confused my painkillers- they cant choose between the pain in my ankle and in my head, so they've quit working.
    Worried about what the Physiotherapist will say later, I may well end up repeating my final year of uni :(…_other_complicated_things^ is a good place to start looking at things properly I think.
    I'm actually quite worried by this whole thing. The blind following of that video and the number of people I see reposting it or sharing it without researching the issue... and posting it in such a way that you are a bad person if you don't agree- yet there they are basically paving the way for a war :s without thinking, but believing that they are doing the right thing because of the spin of that video.

    I love this. Was to busy over Feb to give it a go sadly, but I have the idea of getting lots of nice pebbles and putting messages such as "hope" "be bold" etc and leaving them around to be found...

    That sounds fabulous, Neonpixie. I will have to get really comfortable with the stitches, but I am always looking for ways to stretch out the expense, and that sounds perfect!

    You can get cones of wool cheaply on ebay and I often find them in charity shops for £1 or £2 so it is a very cheap way of doing things :)

    Personally, I love crocheting with cones of machine knitting wool- it is often very thin and using a 3.5 to 6mm hook lets you make lovely lightweight, lacy looking (because of the large size of the hook you get lots of loops and holes) things.
    I'm currently working on a load of granny squares to make a patchwork blanket using cone wool and a 4mm hook. You get LOADS of wool on a cone, so it is perfect for a project like this (which will eventually be a throw for my double bed!) where you need lots of wool.
    Obviously this isn't good for toys and such, but for blankets, shawls, mats ect cone wool is perfect!

    My housemate (the druggy one) he's such a selfish lazy twat. He got a job as a charity fund raiser, but now he's decided that he doesnt want to be a "wage slave" and has stopped going in so he'll get fired and he can go back to living off benifits...

    And I will keep an eye out for local flea-markets, might be one in Winchester, or perhaps Salisbury. I love a good rummage!

    There is the antiques market in the shopping centre opposite the Brooks in Winch... and the monthly antiques market! but both can be a bit pricey, it's the downfall of living in Winchester! I have a little silver bull charm I got from the antiques market here.... I've never considdered making a full charm bracelet but now I think I'm inspired too! Bully is lonley!

    All these oxidisation methods sound useful :D Ive never done anything like that but it sounds good. I love the all the different knowledge people have to share on here x

    very cool!

    Ugh I cant sleep so I thought I would watch it again as there is a debate on facebook about who shows up on it... I'm shown at least 5 times, with two closeups :s now worried about what will happen back at uni on monday as some people can be very pissy and jelous about this sort of thing- I got loads of crap for getting all the "cool" jobs while we were there...
    But if anyone wants to see the UK's oldest hospital, check it out on the iplayer :p