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    i always thought...well ever since i hit my 40's that they are the make or break. if your not sorted by then, you never will be. i lost one of my brothers to suicide, and i do try and give back now, what i couldn't then. but i do full well try and pass on to my children what i have learned, so they get it sooner... society sucks, peer pressure sucks... being better than the neighbour sucks....judgement of colour, race or looks and status sucks... and its more prominent than ever.

    I have got strawberry's everywhere this year, i have 2 grow bags, i got of e-bay, the hanging kind. i think they are great, because they will keep slugs and snails off, dangling, plus i have some in hanging baskets. i think growing strawberry's on the ground, is the hardest thing ever. keep them elevated, and you'll be fine. :)

    i used to work for them for some yrs, normally they sort all refunds etc out at custumer services. i should think you have to return the packet....
    i dont know if you could send it to them...

    i do agree that it is not fair on the children to be born to addict parents. but on the other side there is so many parents that cant have kids...(yeah i know).....that would be willing to adopt them. you could just go on for ever and ever and ever, because it all swings in roundabouts.
    i dare to say society is to organised these days, and we are all tangled up in paper-wars. it would be really nice for people to wake up, look at each other and say, my god, what are we doing...lets sort this un-neccicary mess out...

    yeah but would you willing to radically cut down one generation for that...thinking about it that way, i have to agree with Beagoddessmusic, and it is nearlie selective breeding. i dont think all the "mistakes" our generation has, will be cured between ours and the next. it will take longer. and starts with little things. humanitys problem is that they are so impatient. they want, and they want now.
    i mean how long did it take us to get into this state? ;)

    There are at least 5 perspectives; the prospective (addict) parents, the children born to them, the society they are born into, the future generations of that society, and those who came before who made that society (and who we have a duty to).

    thats true, but i still think to offer 200 quid for sterelasation is pretty harsh. i mean how do they go about offering that to people, without them taking the offer=cash, saying thank you for beliving in me so much...(not) and buying and overdose......there must be another way...

    Well its happening in the Uk as well . Only today the place i work has told 4 workers they are out of a job friday because they can't speech English . They where all told about a month ago they need to learn English to work there and most of them do but 4 haven't tried and now they are going to be out of work ? Its a pity there good workers

    now that is so wrong! if they have employed them like that, i agree, sounds a bit dodgy to me. and a month to learn english is not long really. i have done it at shool for 5 years, and when i left it still wasnt enough to have a proper conversation.
    i learnd most mine from the tv and radio.
    i mean fact is...if you are not the nationalety what ever country you live in, you are diffrent, and you are allways going to be treated diffrent, (sadley atm still). and that has to stop.
    i know Joss you said them ppl are good workers, but are they being embraced as part of the team like anyone else? i highley doubt it.
    more the opposite.
    ppl should take time to go over to them and just ask everyday questions etc...they would learn english alot quicker, than trying to do it, plus doing everything else in their some evening class twice a week. that is rubbish. u gonna fight their corner?

    Anyway, I absolutely love the different and diverse cultures around here. People close themselves off to them, fear and resent them ... if only people would reach out a little more they'd be so much happier.

    I tell you why we do that, it's because we're kind. We (as a nation) believe in charity and helping others and giving a hand up when it's needed. They wouldn't do to us "back in their country", and so what? Why should we resort to the moral low ground because other people do?

    verry well said. and more and more people start thinking like that! even the germans! :)

    people feel like that everywhere including in the uk. i dare to say the procentage is even higher than 30% in the uk. why have the citezens not got the right onley because its germany?
    :rolleyes::( im fed up with this here we go again. and yeah they should learn german.

    i was just thinking, because you said they dont speak english, maybe they have onley just arrived from their country or god knows where, and she just misses home and her friends.
    because about 4pm is skools out and play time...but yeah i get better be safe than sorry. but be tacktfull. there is nothing worse than being wrongley accused.

    i suffer from cracked dry skin on my hands in winter, but i have never been to the docs with it. it just use coco butter on them or nivea cream and it helps. i allso get blistering between my fingers if i have them in water quite a bit for one reason or another, and dont dry properley. i bath my hands in ordinary black tea. i can highley recomend it for weeping exma. you have to watch tho, because it stains the skin. :OP

    oh and it is allways a good idea to check out ecactley what triggers it. i found my tolerances have changed over the yrs. like my skalp for example. i suffer for 2-3 days after dying my hair, and i cant use certain shampoos anymore....

    I think you can say that about almost anything though, and of course I already made a thread about the same thing.

    We pay for food, toilet paper, soap and the roof over our heads ... and even when people sell expensive supplements, wrinkle cream, fancy shampoo or even a special alarm that deters all criminals forever, we still don't complain in the same way we do when people make a living from unproven "alternative" health claims.

    yeah true, but i guess it is the same thing as psycics and the likes. sometimes people just need something to make them feel better and positive about something or themselves. the mind is a verry powerfull thing. and what is better than pampering yourself. :)

    herbal remedys- depends what it is for, and maybe in addition to other medication.
    smell and sound...yeah maybe for relaxation and to put you to sleep.
    as for angels and crystals...nope rrrrrrrrrrrrubbish.
    as for chakra clearing, its a form of meditation.
    i dont really know much about reiki maybe i should put it onto the to-read-up-on list.

    but you are not on your own......relationships are not a way to prove yourself.
    u will onley ever truley be happy when you can live with yourself. you have to learn to love yourself first.
    im shure there is lots of ppl out there that think you are verry lovable.....male and females ....:)

    i know i wasnt trying to say you dont want to work. and i know all to well what it is like to have set backs and dreams, not shatterd, but put on hold a bit.
    thing is its not the first time, and it wont be the last. but good things come to those who wait, and there is allways little bits of sunshine. mostley the most simple things in life.
    i have never taken drugs, so i dont know what it feels like, but if it knocks you about like alcehol not good.
    it all becomes a vicious circle, and you need to pull the break and stand back and look at your life.
    and you have been given that chance. your verry lucky.
    i know finding money is crap. and in your situation, there is no shame in claming benefits, because it is for the greater good.
    i personally dont think it will be 28 week. the onley way you know for shure tho, is to go and ask. if it is 28 weeks, start the ball rolling anyway, wilst still looking for other solutions. maybe some agency work.
    as i say i dont know for how long you can stay where you are now. but it is good that your not alone, and have people around you to help and distract you, as there is nothing worse then being alone and having things playing over in your head. :)

    i think it would be good for you to move out of nottingham for at least 2-3 month, you are verry muddled up.
    first thing that stood out; "As far as i think I have decided I'm going to move out of Nottingham for the summer....probably until October/November where i can reconsider".
    it is middle of october now.

    you should think about making "im onley 22" key words. YOU ARE ONLEY 22. you are so young. you have your whole life ahead of you. so what if you have picked the wrong college course, you learn from your mistakes.
    you have kind friends that let you stay with them. this might sound wrong, but im shure it is a genuing friendley offer, and you should take advantage of that as long as it is possible. i mean you might even find a little "odd job" wilst there, and you can contribute to the bills a bit.
    id say you need to get away from your party-scene friends and the temptation. its ok to say i dont want to give up partying and drugs....if you was my daughter id say to you you can party all you want, if you can finance it.
    sometimes you have to prioretise, and do the things that you consider unpleasant in life. but there again you wont know till you try.
    cross whatever you have been doing at college of the list and think about what else might intrest you. you might surprise yourself. you have all the time in the worl. nothings going to run away. if people are really your friends they will still be there for you in 5/10 yrstime, even if you dont speak to them that often.
    i havent got much of a clue about student loans etc.....but im guessing you have to pay them back sooner or later. so id think carefully, if you want to run up a future debt for nothing.
    id say get rid of college, out of nottingham, have a few month breathingspace away from the partcrowd. and i mean no contact at all if poss. and then or sooner get a part time job, and re-consider college. even if it is not exactley what you want to start with, youll get there sooner or later. if you really want one. there is allways jobs to get. and when you are sorta, you will still be onley young...because you are onley 22.:)

    i have done it last december because my last job was unbareable. i have to say i would never have done it, without back-up money. and it took me quite some time to go exactley where i wanted to go. i had to struggle with odd jobs to just last week actually.
    if your not finacially stable, id stick it out so you can step from one job into another.
    maybe cut your hrs, so you have more time to gain further qualifications and have more time to look for the perfect job?

    i think in general Leafy means well, she just dosnt express herself verry well sometimes.
    i think she just means that when they "lock onto something" they do not easylie let go.
    and taking on a rescue dog, if its a staffie, or any other is allways a risk.
    if it is meant to be a familie pet, where there are small children present, i think everyone has the right to go to a breeder.
    its these backstreet chav breeders that have been mentiond before, that need to be sorted, as they onley breed for quick cash.

    with rescue dogs, i had both ends of the stick. our first ever dog was a rescue huskie, and when we took her on they told us she is not to good with children, but she turned out a plesant surprise allround.
    Alfie my cocker, was initially a verry nasty surprise, and the once, i verry nearlie gave up on him, cs his behavior was that bad.
    but i soldierd on with him for nearlie 9 yrs now, and its been worth it, for what he has taught me alone. my ex boss at the kennels allways says he is a credit to me. bless him the liiittle terror XD

    i had a spring clean of my garden today.
    this is my babbys not helping out in the process:D;)


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    so we are supposed to believe that staffies are totally gentle completely non dangerous dogs and they are the only dogs that have crap owners some of the time

    not the onley dogs, but sadley that breed is an idiot magnet. just look at the owners of all the dogs that made the papers....enough said......

    and what exactley do you mean by "damage controll", when does that come into your plan?
    before getting the dog,
    when owning it,
    or after a tragedy happend?

    its mainley staffies in the papers, connected with incedents like that, because them staffies have the wrong owners.
    i think with staffies and any other dogs of that kind( meaning powerfull dogs) the breeding should be extremeley controlled, as well as who is allowed to own one.
    and no i dont think it is fine, for one dog to attack another, but it boils down to the same thing, its owner that cant controll the attacking dog.

    well i will leave that thank you sometimes i think people are so blinded by the fact that THEIR dog is okay that they forget about anything else and if individual humans arent prepared to do damage control before buying a potential killer then i am glad things like the dangerous dog list exist so that we as a population can judge these things

    but isnt that exactley where the problem lies? i AM glad i know my dogs, and what i can do with them/how far i can push them, its the ppl that get the wron breed for whatever reason, may it be cs its a status symbol, or just because they like the look of the breed, but they dont know much else about it, and how mych exercise and stimulation they need. and yeah it does make me verry angry and i do care that other owners dont see the sense in thinking things through, before they get a perticular breed, but what can i do. what Groove St said a bout the dog licencing etc, would be a good start. something needs to be done asap. cs its a defenceless breed/s that get it time and time again. not the idiot owners.

    but on the other hand, dogs arnt daft, they can be trained to tolerate allsorts. like my husky laika for example. if u look it up in any book, huskys are supposed to be "small animal hunters" and it advises everywhere, not to keep them anywhere near rabbits etc.
    laika i could have in the garden with the rabbit hopping around freeley, and she did not touch it.
    oviousley not un-supervised.

    if you ask me, 2 staffies or dalmations shouldnt be in a garden unsupervised at all, or for long periods, if it is quite easy for them to break out of there. what do people expect? espechialy if they dont get enough exercise.

    i still say the any breed itself is not dangerous if keept and handled correctley, its the some of the idiots that own then that make them that way.

    i must say, i dont think, id ever take on a rescue staffie etc....
    i think if i should ever decide to own one, it would be from pup, same goes with the preferred doberman, for the above stated reason, you never know what has been done to them beforehand.