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    for many years there has been a community organization called WWOOF...or '(weekend)work on organic farms'.. should be able to find them online no prob. you can usually stay at places upto a week to start with, then agree to longer periods once they know you and you know them..It can be a good way to plan a journey around the country goin from one place to another.... some communes have shops etc. and could be a good way to sell what you do.. many communes will give you a place to stay and feed you, all you have to do is do some work to cover your costs.. Graet way to meet new people and new places to go.. Anyway good luck with whatever you do.... Just get out there and Enjoy It .. :thumbup:

    Does anyone have experiance of getting naked and having people draw/paint them?

    It's something that makes me go "argh" but because of that, it feels like a good kind of challenge....and chance for bit of more monies...

    I'd much rather do it at a college or something but I haven't seen them advertising for anyone....theres loads of ads on gumtree....but gumtree is notoriously dodgy.... though not all the ads are dodgy are they? It could just be a random art student wanting more life model experience etc....or a crazy person:eek: so how do you "know"?

    :eek:Try asking at local art collages, and looking at their notice boards, also at 'Adult Education centres, they are always looking for models,, safest place to get work. x