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    We told OH's parents at about 6wks, my dad at about 8wks, then we weren't going to tell others till 12wks but parents weren't very good at not telling people and we were getting married when I was 10 weeks, so we told the rest of the families before the wedding cus some of them knew and they'd all be in the same room together. Once we had 12wk scan pic we posted it to FB and everyone else figured it out lol.

    I've put the paper part of my licence "somewhere safe" and now I need it to change my name on the card, so I can prove to Paypal (!) my change of name. Because apparently of all the places I've switched to using my married name paypal has the most strict security and paperwork rules :rolleyes:

    In one of the birth books I was reading the other day they recommended isotonic drinks for during labour, but not ones containing aspartame. I read all the bottles in te$co and couldn't find any that didn't have nasty sweeteners. Anyone on here know of a brand that does a non-evil sweetener isotonic drink?

    Ah see, I read these things but I don't remember where lol.

    I also remember it being on the news when I was still in high school (pre 2003) that scientists had created some enzyme/nano bug thing that dentists could put in your mouth and then they would stop decay forever... did that ever get released? I was some genetically modified thing that I remember thinking was a gross idea but if there's that level of decay it would be worth a try...

    I know nothing about the specifics of this as I only saw it mentioned somewhere but "oil pulling"?

    Something to do with swilling oil round and spitting it out, but you will have to research it.

    I usually use milton tablets to sterilise (then rinse with tap water - which may defeat the point?) and I boil the lids in a saucepan if I think they'll survive it.

    I've collected a mixture of shaped terries, and prefolds, which need wraps, and "birth to potty" pocket nappies.

    Hoping to muddle through with muslins and terries till baby fits in the pockets and then hoping that system will work for us as it's fairly idiot proof for others to change and it should have an ok drying time for winter with no tumble drying.

    I don't really want to use disposables at all, I've gained 3 from various freebies but I'm not buying any.

    Good thread :thumbup: I've bought an inflatable birth pool to put up in the living room.

    For ladies that have already done it did you use the birth pool from early on or did you wait until you couldn't bear it anymore before getting in?

    Surely that's what private healthcare is there for? If you want one and you don't need it you should have to pay, same as any other "vanity" op? If I want a straight forward homebirth where I know the midwife who'll come out to me and feel totally relaxed about it all I'd have to pay for an independent midwife (as opposed to the NHS midwives who are faffing about and I haven't a clue who will come to the birth). I don't know anyone who would choose to have major surgery though, are there really women who would choose a c-section for vanity reasons (not counting wealthy ladies of questionable sanity like Katie Price).

    Were c-sections available already for women genuinely scared of birth?

    If I moan about the dogs at all now I get some variation of "well baby will be worse, wait till you see what it's really like" - cheers, I know babies are slightly harder than animals, but I put a lot into the dogs and if they're pissing me off because I'm hormonal I'd just like a moan ok?

    BIL likes to point and laugh at how we've ruined our lives (he has 3 under 3 unplanned, we have on one the way, planned, bit of a difference in outlook there I think).

    OH's granddad takes great delight in greeting me with "hello fatty" as it's the only time he thinks he's safe (granted he's a giant and I'd need a stepladder to smack him). At 30 weeks I've only just gained a few pounds on my starting weight thank you very much, it's all baby! And if it was fat, I'm really going to want to hear about it aren't I?

    "Have you packed your hospital bag?" No not yet, and actually I'm aiming to stay at home. Cue horror story about how they/their relative would have died if they weren't in hospital, ending with "but good luck!". :rolleyes:

    Thanks to my hermit ways I've avoided all conversations with strangers though :D and I've been hiding from my creepy neighbour so he doesn't even know I'm pregnant yet.

    Seasickness bands helped me with nausea (acupressure bands?), and eating what your tummy tells you it can handle no matter what that is or how little.

    I've heard b6 is good too, but not sure if you'd need to be taking it under doc/midwife supervision as pretty much all pills say no during pregnancy.

    Mine is 70cl gin 1lb sloes 4oz sugar (no I don't know why lbs and oz - it's the only way my brain will store the info :insane:)

    x3 this year in a demijohn :D

    I'm too much of a loner to have had the opportunity to have used one, you need one than one person right?

    I do remember in primary school (age 10 or 11) at one of the indoor wet weather playtimes one of the older teaches caught some kids trying to set up a ouija board and went mental, she said they were really dangerous, if she caught anyone else trying to do one they'd be suspended, etc, which naturally made everyone go "wow they must work and be really scary, let's have a go".

    Doing fine as far as I know, GTT next thurs eek! Getting some pains in my groin-y area if I've walked too far or played with my nephews and nieces too much. I'm desperate to move some furniture round the house and waiting for OH to have enough free time to help me lol, not sure if that's nesting cus I tend to move everything once a year or more.

    How're you? It's hard to imagine how big we might end up I think, having not done it before.

    Ello :waves: First of all, Nov 5th is an excellent date :whistle: It feels like everyone else is celebrating with you at that time of year, all those fireworks and parties held in my honour :p:cool:

    I'm due in Jan, I've been looking at the vaccines debates, I can't see me not vaccinating really but I might delay them a bit. If I could afford it at the time I might pay for the separate MMR jabs (but only if they're spread out, if they do them on the same day what's the point? I haven't got the info yet), I've also heard one of them is no longer available single even privately, not sure why though.

    I would check first if they have a "no kill" policy or not, then decide based on how you feel about that. (i.e. whether the dog gets a certain amount of time to find a home and is then PTS or whether they keep all healthy animals for however long it takes)

    I checked out the brambles when I was out picking the sloes last weekend, but looks like the birds have had them all. When's the best time to find them usually?

    I won't have xylitol in the house with having 2 dogs (it's extremely toxic for them and I'd never forgive myself if they got hold of some).

    I'm avoiding aspartame and asceflume-K as well, so when I do drink fizzy stuff, about 2 and a half pints a week maybe, I'm drinking the full sugar ones. But the rest of the time it's mainly tap water I drink, and I already eat the brown versions of rice, pasta, and bread, so the changes for low GI shouldn't be too extreme if I end up on the GD diet...

    Cheers winter, no family history that I know of, gestational or not.

    I am thinking of switching midwives, but I've only seen the one who's name is on my notes once at the booking appointment, and whoever is on duty at the time of labour will be the ones coming to the birth, so I think it may be wasted effort to change when I have a chance of continuing right to the end without seeing her anyway.

    ETA: I didn't mean midwives who acted like hippies by the way, I meant hippies on here who just happened to be midwives :hippy: