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    Ram Dass influenced so many people over the years including my self,a shining light in a world of confusion,he has moved on as we all will,Bless him.

    I have met a few,oh yes!,and boy do they like to tell people how to live their lives,what to belive,etc,etc.
    They will tell you that God has given you free choice,but if you dont follow the perscribed way,then its straight off to hell for you mate!.
    I dont find these people offensive,i do feel sorry for them though,as they do not appear to either think for themselves,or to cope with life.
    Many seem to be quite unbalanced of mind as well,and not very good reps for Jesus,who was after all apart from anything else, a true Hippy.
    I wonder what he would think of these Cats going around putting the spiritual frightners on people?.
    Do as you will,and harm none,
    Love each other,Love God,(we all have our own perception of God,thats cool!).
    Look after the earth,cos thats where we live.
    Peace & Love to all
    Freaky Deaky xx

    Hi mum,this is the first christmas that i will spend without you,i miss you so much.At least its good to know that you have so many family and friends with you,i think of you everyday.You were not just my mum,but my best friend.
    Hi dad,i last saw you back in 69 when i was only a kid,i always wondered what happend,and it was not until i tried to find you through the missing persons service that i found out that you had left the world in 92.
    I was gutted,i so wanted to get to know you as an adult,i have missed you for so many years.
    Nan,You have done so much for me,i have nothing but Love and respect for you.
    Grandad,I will never forget our time together,going swimming,all your memories,magic!.
    Granny Dewar,so well loved by all.Grandad Dewar,wot a geezer!.
    Jim+Jennie,Dinksey+Tom,Reg+Ron,Alfie+Rose,Basil,a great mate,Jackie,i love you man,My darling Leesa,34 was too young to go baby,Shirley,your mum is with you now.
    Hi Bert,you were a real champ man!.
    All my loved ones,+ friends in spirit,you know who you are,i want you all to know that you have all helped to make me the person that i am.
    Sending you all love, now & Always xxx
    Ps, they say that God takes the best ones first,it must be true,cos, look at the Shmucks ive been left with! x