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    Any of you use this?

    I have 100sqm of the single, I've heard at least double is good so make that 50sqm.

    A few people are saying NO other than in awkward spaces etc and that I should stick to kingspan. I'm insulating tomorrow and want as much opinion as possible, did itinerant child say he uses it?

    The current winning plan is is to use it for the floor, doors etc and other weird gaps, but still use kingspan for the main body.. possibly 40mm? I need to buy the kingspan ASAP, prob get 40mm. It's an LDV convoy. Any help much greatful!



    Don't post very often anymore, not sure how many people will remember my teenage self signing up in 2006, whining about shit and wanting to jaunt off in a van.

    It's taken me a while, and there was that little dip of me being a suit in an office but I sorted my priorities out and... gone and bought a van! Still in a bit of shock that I've actually done it! A plain white LDV convoy I'm gonna deck out.

    Err... I still can't drive but I'm working on getting that sorted ASAP! Blame living in Cardiff for years, didn't feel the need to learn.

    But yeah I thought I should come back and tell you all, as, I'd like to think this would have happened anyway, but if it wasn't for ukhippy I may never have found out that so many people do live in vehicles, and this whole little culture below the surface that I have fallen in love with, and who knows what I'd be doing now.

    I am currently living in a van (A different one) making a decent living out of my custom bag business, so I guess I came back to tell 16 year old me that it actually gets pretty awesome, and if you put your mind to it, you can do what you want, and be really happy :) I've had to work my fucking arse off, but a good kind of working, not the futile type.

    Yeah :D Positiveness, Ukhippy, and general yay.

    And hi!



    Me again!

    Moving house, I'm gone in a week and anything that doesn't sell is being charity shopped, I'm very busy trying to sort everything out but trying to get some coins back from some things... I have a habit of buying expensive clothes and never wearing them, so I'd like these to go to nice homes!

    all prices are plus P&P

    1. Uttam London jacket its says size L but I'd say more 12-14

    2. Cream sequin detail dress size 12

    3. the nicest skirt I have ever owned! doesnt fit though :( size 10

    4.gringo M'L

    5.size 10

    6. size 10 tie dye

    7. lovely crochet waistcoat size S (up to a 12ish)

    8. long sleeved tie die thing

    9. Gringo spotty 3/4 with eleastic waistband size m/l

    10. Very pretty fairy skirt with tutu underskirt handmade size m

    12. crochet hotpants size 12 brand new

    13. cats and dogs dress size 12

    feel free to haggle/group em up whatever.. i just need shot!


    Very pathetic but aware I am being so! I've got a stinging face from a black eye and a horrible cold, could do with a real decent hug (not a web hug,or a smiley hug blah blah) I feel like I might dissolve into the floor if I don't get a good cuddle soon!

    I find it really interesting but I guess am just super cynical that it always ends up to be really exciting/unusual tales of people who really made an impact.... positive impacts... You never hear anything like "Yeah I was a child molestor in one life and an uneventful housewife in another..."

    Good. I made myself a little challenge this week. If I could get to friday evening without eating junk food or drinking any alcohol... then I could do what I want all weekend. I passed! But I have not gone overboard! I made fish fingers and scrambled egg and beans :D washed down with a bit of cherry vodka! Not twenty beers and fish and chips!

    Hey Paddy, I don't post much here anymore but lurk around occasionally, just read this thread and glad it has turned out the way it has, as I echo what Stu said about the first couple of pages. I haven't really got anything to add of helpfulness just to add a post of support from a familiar face. You're a proper good bloke, and it takes a lot of guts to be that honest, and I hope the thread has been useful to the steps to getting stuff sorted xx

    I asked for a chiropracter and she said "ha, not on the NHS" :(

    I've been smothered in deep heat but won't outside of the house as I feel really self concious about it, but I heard you get get patch things so will have a look.

    Yeah I've got a bit of an arrogant macho complex going on "pah of course I can lift that.." but work have been setting me on still loads of heavy lifting tasks, half of which I've started and then cancelled, and half I've downright refused, and then it's been like I'm the worst member of staff ever ad just being lazy. Like shifting a computer upstairs, its not the hardest thing in the world but its bending down and getting up a lot and I was in tears doing it. I wish I could be arsed to do something rather than just walk out, but I'm handing my notice in tomorrow, theres more to it than that but I dont want to go into it on a public forum, just don't want to work there anymore. Even if all issues were solved. Just wish I'd done something earlier. oh well. live and learn.

    Helllooooo! Not posted for a while, been lurking though...

    Was looking for adviiiiice.

    At the start of February I just woke up one day with an obscenely bad back. I took a few days off work. Half this issue is work half is the back! I am contracted to work just one day a week, but I usually do at least 3, sometimes 5 or 6. I don't get any sick pay for those days if I am sick, I just dont get paid.

    So I've been doing my best... but have taken quite a lot of days off because of it, and I don't think my employers have been very happy about it. I've been explaining that my back is really bad but I'm not sure if they belive me, and theres quite a lot of lifting and carrying in my job. I should have gone doctors sooner but I was hoping it would just get better.

    Some days it is fine and I think yay its gone then I'll wake up and it horrible so it goes in waves. its muscular lower back and the doctor said its spasming.

    So had to cancel work today as I woke up unable to move and had been up all night with it. Finally got an appointment (its been harder to get a doctor than a ticket for glastenbury). I explained I'd given up with paracetamol/ipbruprofen as it had no effect and it seemed pointless to rattle myself with pills for no reason. So she prescribed...ibruprofen....ffs.. and co codamol, but only 3 days worth?! SO its only painkillers, wont solve it.

    She said it was just one of those thigs and I'd have to be careful. So what does that mean?! Are they jusy hoping it will go away? It's been 11 weeks! I have lost so much money in cancelled shifts, im having other issues with my work so I'm handing my notice in tomorrow. I got so frustrated in the doctors that I burst into tears, and ended up crying all the way home icluding sat in the pharmacy! Realised I'd been holding everything together really well lately and I think I just went BLERRGHHH as I've spent most of today crying! I thik I thought the doctor would give me a magic cure and just...didnt help at all, and I don't know what to do.

    Part of me is scared that this wo't go away any time soon and maybe I'll have to change like stop sleeping on peoples floors/camping/travelling aroud with loads of stuff on my back. My soul will literally die if I have to start using poxy suitcases on wheels :p

    So yeah any help/advice appreciated.. just really perplexed. I'm going to be looking for any job I can find but what if its something like shelf stacking, I probabaly cant even do that if some days i cant bend at all?! Just don't kow what to do.

    Hippie is a fashion. Goth is a fashion. Punk is a fashion.

    People just don't like the word fashion.

    So I am not allowed to wear black clothes without listening to The Mission?

    Do I have to be vegetarian to wear hemp?

    Yeah there could be a set of things that define "hippy attitudes" whatever but they aren't intrinsically linked with clothing.

    You can wear hand knitted yogurt woven burlap and still be a cock.

    You can wear "norm" clothing and be a strong advocate of animal rights, human rights, a festival organiser.. whatever million things people squeeze under hippy label.

    In my personal experience the people who bang on 24/7 about being a hippy and hippy identity or the man or whatever are the ones who act the least "hippy" when it comes to actually following words with actions.

    Everybody judges by appearence, even hippies. "eurgh look at so and so what a sheeeeeeep" when having no idea about who the person is. Whilst sat around with peers all wearing the same hippy branded clothing...