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    first page quote....

    The problem is population. We keep multiplying and the fact is that we could not all support ourselves self-sufficiently and locally because there are far too many of us.

    At least we know that mother nature has a beautifull way of putting herself back into balance through a method called extinction. I like knowing that after we have evolved into creatures that are unable to adapt to any slight environmental change, that we will die off and the earth will gradually correct all of our work.


    grrrrrrrrr pisses me off that they will fund research into GM food stuffs but NOT into the medical benefits of canabis.. tossers :(

    Do you not think that it is more important to research food that the entire world is eating then a drug???

    I know that cannabis has some proven medicinal properties, but we are comparing it here to FOOD.

    See, the above post feels very 'us and them' to me, which I didn't think was really the point of this thread?

    Sorry - I did not mean to give that impression - I got carried away with an old memory that is still quite vivid for me because it was such a hard time in my life.

    The point that I was trying to make was that in one of the best rehab clinics for teens with anorexia in Britain, there were nurses of all shapes and sizes with eating abnormalities of their own. I was trying to show my shock that I was able to witness this, and then hear about a young woman not being able to get a job because "her thinness gave the wrong impression".

    My point was not that there was an us and a them. It was that everybody has their own personal issues (whether they be minor or not)with food, weight, and exercise and nobody is perfect.

    It was in mental health services and as I would be working for people with eating disorders I apparently did not give out the right impression. I was pretty upset over that.

    That is ridiculous!!!

    When I was in rehab for anorexia ( I was 16, so long time ago) it was a private centre and top notch - it is on TV all the time. It was called Rhodes Farm. Anyway, I vividly remember one of the nurses being wafer thin, and I also remember one of the nurses being very obese. The worst part was when I was allowed to go back to school for a day, and the obese nurse had to make me a tuna sandwich. She had obviously never eaten tuna before because she didn't believe me when I told her that she needed to drain the oil out!! She put the whole lot in a bowl, mixed in a bunch of mayo, and put it on cheap white bread.

    That is enough to make anyone become an anorexic!

    Yeah - I was an anorexic baby. Literally - they studied me, and then found it very interesting when I developed anorexia again as a teenager.

    I'm not big by any means, but I found it very easy to pile on the pounds when I was pregnant :D

    I'm quite proud of myself for doing it. I've dropped a dress size and I've lost a stone and a half in the past year and a half.


    Well done you - and good on you for doing it at a nice healthy pace!!!

    I was at a play group today and all the mothers looked so shocked when I said no to a cookie. They all started to try to encourage me to have one when I protested that I had quit breastfeeding a week ago, and could no longer aford to eat the extra sugar.....These people are called food pushers, and they do it to make themselves feel better about their own lack of self control.

    Drown all the food pushers!

    The thing is...people wouldn't DREAM of going up to a larger person and saying 'you need to eat less' so why do they feel it acceptable to tell skinny people they need to eat more?!

    Wrong wrong wrong!!! Don't think that you are the only one who gets stick!! I come from a large family of large people, and they have all had comments. Everyone gets it, no matter who they are, and the grass is always geener on the other side - if you had a belly, you would wish you didn't. If yo had big boobs, you would wish they were smaller. If they magically got smaller, you would wish they were more pert. etc....

    Beauty is from within :D

    My daughter (Kitten) is the same as you and has been screamed at in the street *eat something you skinny bitch* and food thrown at her from a passing car of shall we politly call them young ladies.
    She has an on going health issue and holding weight on her body is hard at times.

    That's so awful. I really do feel sympathy for people who are naturally skinny and are getting abuse because of wrong presumptions, but can I take a moment for us to reflect on the people who are struggling with eatting disorders....

    The fact that it is common for natuarally skinny people to get abuse implys that those with disorders are also getting abuse. When I was 16 I suffered from anorexia - I was in and out of rehab for quite a while. But going through what I was going through at the time, and having to suffer insults from people with no brain cells made everything worse. People with eating disorders are insecure. Abuse makes them more insecure. their disorders get worse.

    Then there is my sister who was teased her whole life for being fat. She over ate because she was insecure. People teasing her made her more insecure. She ate more.

    Isn't life great?

    Drown all the bullies!

    Ahhh this is so frustrating and confusing.

    Then ditch the baywindow. I'll get over it. But what about the burnt orange T25 with the new engine?

    He said there was a little bit of bubbling on the paintwork at the back, but nothing major. It's also left hand drive. (Is this a big deal? - I used to drive left hand in the states, so I know I could get used to it again)

    Other then that it sounds great right?

    Right. I realised that the web site had a page one in addition to the page two, which had more pictures, and it is not salmon, it is burnt orange - a lot more agreeable. I spoke to the guy, but it was the wrong guy - he sadi he sold it to his mte Mark, who is now selling it on. He said that it wasn't the right van for me as it would need a little more maintenance then the average joe can give it, and is now sending me photos of a van that he is selling, whish he is surprisingly selling for exaclty my budget! He makes it sound great, but I am a little suspect. I could check it out though.

    I think I am definitely coming round to the T25 though

    :) :)

    Right. good advice. Im glad I have people to back me that waiting till a show is not the right thing to do - Dave was telling me that I was just being impatient.

    My head likes the sound of the good engine, but my heart tells me that salmon is not the right colour. Can I really turn a van down becasue I don't like the colour? (a re-spray isn't really an option). Would I get over it? It's quite trivial really isn't it.

    The other one though - the blue one looks lovely, and I love the sun roof. Again, all my heart. What about the engine? Would it be as good as the salmon one or would there be a big difference?

    Hey thanks for all the advice! I checked out the VW you pointed me at (nightmonkey) and it looks great. I've written to the guy, so we shall see.

    My problem now is my anal other half who wouldn't let me go and see any vans this past weekend, and wants to wait to go to all the shows this summer. But I need a vehicle now, and I assume the prices are just going to increase as the weather gets better. I don't know when I will get a chance to get up to Lancashire to see it and by then it will probably be too late.... And it has a sun roof!!! :(


    I spring cleaned the other day!! We live in a flat and for some reason, all the window frames get really mouldy! We get loads of condensation - I have to wipe the winows down every morning. I don't think it helps that I leave my nappies to hang dry in the flat all the time with the windows closed because it is cold, or that I have about 50 plant pots everywhere. So I took everything off the window sills and sprayed them all down with anti mildew and mould spray and cleaned them all up ready for the summer when they don't get so bad. It was a nasty job and I am glad it is done.

    (and very proud of myself!!)

    I think I'm not really worried about what the interior looks like, as long as it is useable. If its oldschool and has holes in it I will probably be more interested then if it has been decked out in the latest, such as the purple VW. I think I liked the purple one because it sounded like a pretty sound engine. The interior is neither here nor there.

    Having said that I wrote to another guy selling an orange VW in the same town with the same name - I asked if they were one and the same guy and he said no, and gave me the impression that the purple guy wasn't that honest. Not that he would have any reason to sway me his way.....

    Then there is the orange dub in Hitchin - It does seem dodgy that he hasn't done the MOT. And when I called him he said that he was away for the weekend, but would leave the key behind so it could be viewed. Does it not seem strange that you would list a vehicle for sale on ebay and be away for the weekend before the bidding ends (it ends on sunday). I don't know.

    So the other guuy is selling this:…eName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=003
    which again looks great. Although no pop top. Does that make a huge difference?
    I like that it is tax free. I think going 72 or older is a good plan, and this is 72. He also wrote to me and said that he was asking £5300 - I don't know where else he is listing it for this price. It sounds liek a decent price (with my little knowledge). Could maybe get up there by Sunday, but that is still pretty late.

    At least 2 are in the saem town and I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

    Are they really big gass eaters? And what is the whole "air cooled" part? How do you know if one is or isn't? I assume it is a good thing?

    Tattoo's have to mean something, because when you are old and fat and they are faded and saggy, all you will have is the meaning!!!

    Mine was my certificate for studying Geography and Environmental Ethics at Uni for 5 years!! :)

    This is actually the only picture I have of my tattoo. Its a shame, because it is really hard to see, and I look really moody!!!!

    I hope you can even tell what it is??
    I have lots of people ask me what it is, and on any other day I would call them idiots, but I will forgive you if you can't see as it is pretty poor quality!

    I won't post all the photos because I will get banned, but here is the jist of it:

    restored bay for sale

    Seller Type : Private

    Vehicle Make : VW

    Vehicle Model : bay

    Price : £6500ono

    Location : Coventry

    Additional Details : V5C (Logbook) ,Taxed ,MOT'd

    This has been tucked up in storage over winter so time has come to drag it out again. Advertising this for my mate Kristy who's gone back home to Oz. She was going to take it with her due to the time and ££££ that's gone into it but it was going to be too expensive, so it's up for sale.

    78 bay twin slider
    5 months MOT
    3 months tax

    Recent full resto 2 years ago (only 3-400 miles since) including:

    Full body resto (many ££££ spent) purple over beige
    All the usual have been done:
    4x arches, NOS cab floor, middle inner and outer sills both sides, bettery trays, top hats, complete cargo floor, front panel & rear corners.

    Underneath is rock solid. Painted in zinc paint & waxoyled.
    3x bolt on powdercoated belly pans so you can see there's nothing nasty lurking underneath

    Loads of bits and pieces have been powdercoated - pedals, column, engine tinware, belly pans etc
    New seals throughout (every bit of rubber) from c&c
    New light lenses front & rear
    Clear front indicators
    new wiper arms
    new mirrors
    1 key fits all locks apart from the engine lid lock
    Locks etc all new chrome from custom & commercial
    Stainless bolts throughout (obviously not in safety critical areas)

    Slightly lowered, rust free beam, 4 new b/j's, steering damper, 4 new tie rod ends
    4x new tyres
    4 new shocks – adjustable coilovers shocks on front, std oil on rear
    New master cylinder, 4x flexi pipes & some solid pipes, 4 rear shoes & 2 cylinders & 2 handbrake cables.
    Just had the tracking done.

    Rear end pro rewire
    New battery

    Recon 1600 engine
    New 32/36 carb
    New fuel lines,
    New clutch
    new 009, HT leads, plugs, dist cap, points & rotor arm
    new coil,
    new exhaust & j tubes
    new petrol tank sender
    recent oil change
    Powdercoated tinware & stainless bolts
    Has an alternator too

    New boards on interior which she has recovered in purple material.
    Brand new (november) pro-fit full headliner
    Devon style storage cupboard
    Retrimmed rear overhead locker
    New laminate floor
    R&R bed
    Original 3 seater front seat

    Pop top – Solid top like a late devon moonraker so leak free, concertina front & back with folding spring-loaded fibreglass side panels.

    Lots of receipts for £££££ and pics.

    The bad: very little - one sliding door handle has pitted a bit and one door seal is starting to crack. Couple of touched up stone chips.
    Located in Coventry

    Judging by the prices at Dubfreeze she should be asking 9k+ but sensibly priced at £6.5k ono

    Well I am taking notes!! Thanks all!! Suburbab hippy - not negative at all. I appreciate the honesty as I really need to know as much as possible before I get all excited about finding a van and impulsively buy it!

    I will keep you all updated on my progress!

    Wow guys - some great advice, and really appreciated. I don't want to be the person who has "MUG" written across their face when I am trying to buy! :)

    I think the point that VW's hold their value is really great, and that there is such a community spirit in owning one is a huge plus.

    How safe is it to buy a vehicle on ebay? Wouldn't you need to do your own checks before commiting to buy it??


    My budget is very flexible. I have up to £7,000 that I can spend, but would prefer not to spend that much.

    I'm going to use it to get to and from work for the time being (I just got a job and train next weekend - yay!) but I also want it for camping/climbing trips around he UK at weekends. Also, I will be driving it across Europe at the end of the Summer.

    I wouldn't know how to convert a van, so I probably wouldn't be able to go down that route. I think I would prefer something made for purpose. Should I assume that is a more expensive route all in all?