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    Gud luck al ~ thats Rock n Roll

    Just got back in through the door after a five hour drive back from groovy Chepstow. I have to say we were very impressed with the site and the management, general feeling of a small convivial gathering - although a darn sight smaller than the management would have wanted we suspect. T'was talk of debts but we wouldn't have joined if we didn't have a sense of humour. Hilarious episodes; yesterday I almost got run down by a piano, in the space of two minutes I got sloshed with a leg full of cider, a festival runner accidentally gave my foot a warm bath in coffee and a large gentleman stood up at one end of a loose bench outside The Forum Stage bar and, see-saw like, sent a mug of beer flying gracefully through the air to land - can you guess where? But besides all that it was a great festival, hufe thanks to the staff for their proffesionalism and we Trolley Men had a ball playing weirdness to the people.Let us hope there's another one next year!Love, peas and light - Al

    Haha deal kinda done. Looking good to go later on :)

    For some reason this post comes with a quote to which am not replying so please ignore ... strange but true.Someone mentioned the ticket price earlier (I can't find the post now) and how moving to Chepstow has made it cheaper, I should point out that while we are performing unpaid for GG the move quadrupled our paid travelling expenses from Norfolk. When the new management recently took over the organisation of the Gathering they tried to slash our travel money despite us having a signed contract in that respect - the upshot being that we wouldn't have been able to come if they cut our travel. My point being that if all the bands expected to get paid the going rate for the job that ticket price would have been loads more.This is probably the last time The Trolley Men will appear at this type of event for the shear amount of full on hassle it has generated. Although, hilariously, our drummer backed out a week ago because he didn't want to play unpaid to a bunch of Greenies whom he thought were going to 'preach at him' all weekend. He had some other things to say on that score but they are unprintable in this forum. Which is how come we no longer have a drummer. Anyone who knows what drum sticks are for come and find us on site otherwise we'll be playing electric folk instead of space punk. And with that, good-bye until I can afford a new pooter and a new band.

    Do you ever meet up at festivals? I'm fairly new to the forum, if you are planning to meet up at GG I'd like to come and say hello it'd be nice to put some faces to the names.

    (testing, testing - my poor old Mac can't handle the UKH upgrade and its become a bit of a mission to post here in which case this may not work ... talking to myself, no change there then - but I digress)You can come and cheer and dance about a bit with us Trolley Men (11pm to midnight July 31st on The Forum Stage) which includes your own, your very own Mr. Moon Cheese playing awesome guitar with us. He has some photos of his first rehearsal with the band which he might be encouraged to post herewith. Then we can wander off to Weirdigans for cocoa (?) before we shuffle off back to leafy Norwich - like tired little teddy bears who have stayed way past their bedtime. (Hopefully this will post but no icons for me)

    When I were a journo back in the ancient mists of time (yawn) I managed to avoid working for the Sun and The News of The Screws although I knew people who did and couldn't understand their motivation for working in the whore pits. Then the penny dropped. Money. And lots of it. If any of us lot had been caught fiddling with someone's telephone (pre-mobile days) we would have been flailed alive, prior to sacking. Eeeeeeeee by 'eck them were t'days. I once had 'a good talking to' from an editor for using a wire on a criminal. Tisk, Tisk, naughty boy. But this other stuff is right off the scale.

    But let us not be distracted by the flim-flam and look closely behind the bolted doors of power. Murdoch the King Maker, his uppence doth come (or does it?) for losing Gordon Brown his place in history with a side order of let's get 'em lads, these darned Aussies running our political system! Its going to be bad for Cameron (hurrah) who hired Coulson (henchman in chief) from The Screws to run the Tory press office - arrested today we hear - and who put one man in prison for purjury and bugged his way across the country. I'd lend Cameron the gun but he seems to have shot himself in the foot without any outside help. And watch for a splurge of recriminations flooding through the Met, with corruption charges against bent officers like we haven't seen since the the mid-1970's. Pack of cards, anyone?

    Although, with a really big broom it'll all be swept under the carpet in no time at all. Unless, of course, Murdoch planned it that way (the fall of kings) to get his sticky hands on BSkyB so he can rule the world - cue maniacal laughter.

    The man who ended the cold war? Really? Um, unless I am very much mistaken, Gorbechov had a hell of lot to do with it as well, in addition to other leaders in the world.

    As opposed to the much revered and loved by all Kennedy who came within an eyeball's blink of turning the planet into crispy fried 6-million hunks of well-done steak over the Cuban Missile Crisis? The Kennedys didn't know about the Russian nuclear subs off the US coast or the tactical nukes already on Cuda. Reagan, love him or loathe him, didn't come anywhere near as close to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) as that wonderful all-American 'hero', JFK. Reagan used the threat of stationing Cruise Missiles in Europe (Greenham & Molesworth) to get Gorby to back down over his SS-20's. The German pilot who landed his light plane in Red Square gave Gorbechov the excuse to sack his hard-line generals but if Reagan, love him or loathe him again, hadn't opted for the tough bully option to make the other guy stand down we'd all (some) be emerging from our deep bunkers into an irradiated world round about now.

    Reagan, who was our least intellectual president and who was obviously suffering from the early stages of Alzheimers during his administration, was not single-handedly responsible.

    I'm not sure if having a pop at someone's health issues is particularly fair. Roosvelt had calipers on his legs and let the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour so he could get in on WW2? There's bucks to be made in foreign wars. My mum died with Alzheimers so I know exactly what that's like and Reagan at the time of his Presidency wasn't even close.

    It would have happened under anyone's presidency - he was just "in the right place, at the right time."

    Aren't they all? The people who rule us shouldn't be allowed to because they want to. Or something like that.

    And his being the hero of the Iranian hostage situation? Please, pull the other one. We all KNOW that there were secret talks going on to release the hostages IF Reagan was elected. Bushie (father not son), who was once head of the CIA, made sure of that. It was all orchestrated! His whole damn presidency was orchestrated, with the same group of right-wing WASP men controlling him who later controlled Bushie Jr.

    There are always back-office talks going on all of the time. The IRA were talking about peace to Thatcher way before the Blair's Good Friday Agreement. Who are The Wasp Men? Is that like the Illuminaty sorta thing? The shadowy evil behind all the nations' thrones for world domination? (cue evil, maniacal laughter; hahaha-ah-ha-HAHAHAHA-hee-hee! Tomorrow, ze vorld!)

    The only reason I can see for not putting up the statue to Reagan is he was a crap actor. Deemed not Presidential enough to play Abe Lincoln in a Hollywood movie! The other stuff was just yer average power crazed American foreign policy fluff. Special relationship? Just say no.

    Saving the planet, eh? What does that mean, eh?

    Rather like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. When humans became self-aware (we know we're all going to die at some point) we took on an over bloated view of our own self importance - as if only WE can save the planet. What folk really mean, to me, is only humans - God-like - can save themselves in our view of reality. Planet Earth is in a state of constant change. In the scheme of things we haven't been around for very long and, like unrulely teenage tenants who think they own the deeds, one day we're going to be evicted for trashing the place. Or not as things eventually turn out.

    Turning a lump of rock whizzing through interstella space into an anthropomorphic personification, referring to it as 'her' or 'she', misses the point. We're here and in the now. What we do in our view of 'saving the planet' may even have a detrimental effect on life on earth further down the line. Tinkering, nibbling at the edges of what we perceive to be the alleged problem of climate change, with the vagueries of the effects of dark matter, planetary gravity, the time space continuum will be all as nought if a whopping great asteroid coming whizzing round the corner and makes a big dent in the lump of rock we happen to be standing on at the time.

    If you'll excuse me, I must go, I have all these deck chairs to re-arrange. :waves:

    Mr. Moon Cheese starts rehearsals with The Trolley Men later today out in the wilds of Norfolk for our GG performance. As the newest (and youngest) member of the band we're all looking forward to an interesting day with him. We will film the rehearsal, for song learning purposes, and I have a feeling something may appear on YouTube at some point.

    There will be (Victoria sponge) cake. Also thanks to Enigma's Mum for providing transport.


    Anyone in range of BR+fm (97.3fm) in Wales or thereabouts we Trolley Men are being interviewed down the phone line at 16:10 today (Weds. 29th) about us lot playing The Green Gathering. Apparently they've been been playing our music all week ... what jolly nice people.

    Glad the alcohol thing has been sorted out. I didn't want to be the one to announce that at our next band rehearsal. :waves:

    Might be fairer if the retirement age was somehow linked to when you started work
    I started work at 16 I could have started at 15 - many dont start work until 21 or 22

    Speaking to a teacher today who is going on strike, she said the general feeling is if they're expected to work until 68, they'll be paying out triple the NI as now but only getting half its value as a pension. Not exactly encouraging is it.

    A question for you? If the retirement age was 60 for everyone would that free up jobs for the young (paying more NI) and thus pay for us oldies' pensions? As far as I understand it, to get the full state pension we need to have worked (paid NI) for 33-years so if some of us have done a darned sight more than that how come they don't retire us all at that point? Apart from funding all these stupid wars, of course.

    I'm probably missing a vital point here and I'd love to know what that is.

    Thanks pixoid al. I've had a look about the site but can't see anything about a real ale tent.

    Now you come to mention it, I can't find anything about ale on the site either. Maybe its a booze-free festival. :eek: That would make sense on our contract because, although they are feeding us, they won't serve alcoholic beverages with our meals. I shall enquire ...

    As I'm here we have a request. Anyone living local to Norwich and wants to get into the festival on a crew pass and has a drivers licence, we're in dire need of someone to drive the hire car - with us in it - down to Chepstow and back. Please PM me if interested. :waves:

    There are Crimes that i think Death should be a penilty for.

    Ah. Yes. Well done. I was wondering who'd be the first to spot that one. The death penality is still on the books for 'sabotage in a naval dockyard' and being 'a traitor to the state.' I have a feeling there's a couple more like that but can't remember what they are.

    A good place to plug it, with so many in Norfolk remembering the Fayres.

    Yeah, all long gone now. Where are the Albions of yesteryear?

    We got our GG contract through today (was tempted to put lardy cake on the requirements form) and these are our playing times:

    Small World Stage 7.00 – 8.00pm Saturday 30th July
    Forum Stage 11.00pm – 12.00am Sunday 31st July

    Be there with us, weirdly Green. :waves: And a tad rocky. 12am eh? I hope someone's standing by with my cocoa.

    Love, light & leeks - Al

    As seen on the 25th June Letters page of the Norwich Evening News:

    "Innocent Would Not Be Executed - Capital punishment if reinstated would not be hanging, more probably lethal injection. I really believe this would be a deterrent after two or three had been carried out*. For years those who oppose it have used the arguement "What if they are not guilty?" Thing is with today's policing methods and the forensic advancement that's happened in the last ten years, both strongly regulated, it would be difficult for an innocent person to be found quilty for a crime such as murder.
    from: R. Binding, Wymondham"

    *But presumably not on the same person. You hang a man until he dies then you keep on hanging him until he changes his ways?

    Sorry there doesn't seem to be a link for this.

    So, do we think bringing back capital punishment will be free from added cock-ups? The innocent have nothing the fear?

    When I started this thread I had in mind that I know people who work within the WtoW system and I know long term unemployed who are being helped to get work by them - our synth player had been on the dole for three years - so I was interested to hear if the new system was working for others too. Or not. And whether is as bad as we all feared a year ago when Cameron went on his 'you'll all be out litter picking you scrouging swine' tirade. Am paraphrasing a bit there.

    Problem on UKH seems to be folk wander off into a polarized states of them an' us - its all the bankers fault innit - rather than is WtoW helping those here present and employed back into work? All work becomes meaningful when the tally man is banging at the door.

    I'm of the SD generation: worked for over 40-years, never unemployed or, when between jobs, could afford to support myself and family without the dole. To me the bankers, for example, are a by-product result of what I voted for without looking at the complete consequences of my actions. But who cares, really? We are where we are.

    And now listeners, back to the plot ...

    ... Ithere simply isn't enough meaningful work for people to do.

    I suppose it depends how one defines 'meaningful.' Our synth player has just been shuffled off to sell cavity wall insulation, door-to-door. Pounding the streets. Sounds awful. But is all part of a green Government scheme to insulate every house in Britain. Job creation I guess ...

    Don't panic. A couple of mates are working for the new provider companies and they claim its going to be nowhere near as bad as the last lot (TNG, A4E, etc.). No more patronising inductions which treat the unemployed like scrounging naughty 9-year-olds, work placements only for people who have never worked and no threats of unpaid compulsary hard manual labour like litter picking. Round pegs in round holes helping people back into work.

    How likely is that?

    I bow to your greater knowledge oh wise one

    Naw, don't do that. I just got a load of relatives who work in the movie indistry and we all gossip about special FX.

    My Dad told me a great one about filming the train on Bridge Over The River Kwai - a dilly of a spoiler. I'll PM you though (if you want) as I don't wanna get lynched by the film buffs here.

    As for the dog, I think they're doing the right thing changing the name. In the end its all to do with bums on seats so why piss off the paying public.

    Munchies? I vaguely remember that ... ahem.

    BRfm didn't get back to me but BBC Radio Norfolk did - no Alan Patridge jokes please - about something else so I gave the Green Gathering a plug'ole an' all.

    That 'Tumtee-tum'? Is that a TUMT reference at all?

    Am doing a phone interview with BRfm (97.3 fm) at 10.30-ish if you're in Wales, about The Trolley Men playing at the glorious Green Gathering. Promote the cause of greeniness.

    New band line up includes your own, your very own, Mr. Moon Cheese on guitar. Hurrah! :waves:

    kenbarlooooo, kenbarlooooooo ... yes and I managed to get a photo too expect Nik borrowed it off me and I've lost the neg. Probably karma or some such. Ah, happy daze ...

    Yeah me too - but don't forget that bit of flimsy tissue paper pulled up to represent the blast probably was high tech graphics in those days.....

    Um, er, sorry but tissue paper - bloody luxury! A camera crew went out to film a waterfall which was printed upside-down, thus the water goes up. The model (dam) crew shot a track (motion of aircraft) along the dam. Both bits of film went off to the 'special visual FX' people who cut out an explosion shaped matte over the model dam clip - real hard because the aircraft appears to be moving - and superimposed that over the reverse waterfall. Which is how come the water spout explosions look so crap on the original film - although the best the craft could offer back in the day.

    I'll get my coat.

    ... I think it's important that we don't celebrate the past, and remain aware of the offence which can be caused by doing so.

    Back in the 1990's I was with a team of screen writers at a film company who were going to dramatise Paul Brickhill's book for TV, not just about The Dambusters raid but the whole history of 617 Squadron and Barnes Wallis. As far as I recall the first part was a 90-minute episode about the dams raid and the rest, 1-hr episodes, were on significant technological warfare advances of the time; SABS, Tall Boys, Tirpitz, Grand Slam and so forth.

    I don't remember any talk about PC and changing the dog's name but there was a lot a natter about the producer bringing in the token Yank (love interest). I think he was set to play Maltby who dropped the bouncing bomb which breached the dam, after 'heroicly going around twice' like Spielberg did in Memphis Belle, distorting history to show how wonderful the Americans were in 'saving us all in the nick of time.' In fact, Shannon was on his bombing run when Maltby's bomb blew the dam. (Bored yet?) Gibson and Young did go around twice, after they'd dropped their bombs, to distract the flak gunners on the dam.

    No, the real fracas in the script meeting was from the German researcher who said, not unreasonably, that the dams raid was a war crime which killed innocent civilians, Russian PoWs and wiped one whole villiage off the face of the map. And the Brits shouldn't be celebrating their deaths ... in war ... So the name of the dog is as nowt to all that malarkey.

    Anyway the film series was never made, something about money - the usual - and became another one of those films which never made it to the screen.

    An inspiration to us all. Pity he smoked so much though. Rest in peace? He's probably organising a protest march up there right now, "What do want? Manna from heaven! When do we want it? When they stop bombing ..."

    A truly good and dedicated man.

    Yes, my apologies for using 'them & they' terminology. Thoughtless of me. Anyway we had an email from Lesley Saltman to say there will be some form of back line so we (us) can sleep easy in our pits. Hurrah! All we need now is a replacement guitarist. Anybody? Anybody?


    ... how many guest passes ...

    Thought I'd better clarify that in case you think we're leeching off the ticket paying public. We have quite a big crew and in order not to dip too far into a festival's expenses we try to get them in on our guest passes. So they're actually working is what I'm on about.

    Many years ago doing a stand-up double act at a festi my chum said, "Thank gawd we didn't pay to get in, this is crap," rather too close to the microphone. He was referring to the PA but that was lost on most folk. World record for the fastest escape off a live stage.