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    Quote from BigBear67

    Don't know why we need a deal anyway.

    My understanding is that without the deal, trading with the EU suddenly becomes a lot more expensive and complex, which means the price of everything we buy in goes up. Including food. I'm all for self-sufficiency, even though I am a remainer, but it won't happen overnight.


    We need leaders who care about making this country great again

    I've heard that before somewhere....

    One example is trying to purchase a rail ticket at New Delhi railway station,they have a separate place especially for foreigners,they like for you to deal in your own countries currency if you try and pay in rupees you get the third degree if you haven't got proof where you got them from.I tried to pay like this and was sent to speak to the office manager to explain my case,she made me wait then beckoned me over to speak with her while she was tucking into her Indian snacks. I was getting nowhere with her told I will fly less hassle at that she stamped a bit of paper and told me I could buy a ticket.

    It can drive you mad if you let it,i have an expression for them bloody Indians which has got me in a few heated discussions .:D:D

    I found that getting money changed at the bank was a very slow process. One bank, I talked to the receptionist, waited for 20 minutes, had tea with the bank manager, did some paperwork with an office administrator, waited a bit longer, then finally got to the teller where they simply did the transaction. Whole process was nearly two hours. It was fun, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone in a hurry.

    It's nearly 20 years since I went. I spent three and a half months there, in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh. The south of the country I found to be relaxed and friendly and beautiful. For example the one day I had the runs, I was "denied" the opportunity to get back to my hotel by a couple of hundred school kids out on field trip - who all wanted to shake my hand and have a conversation with a white person. Wonderful moment.

    The more westernised parts of Mumbai were hell on earth if you look foreign - which I very much do. A million people trying to scam me in clever ways, such that I very quickly learned the art of ignoring everybody which was, well, not what I went to India for, frankly.

    Some friends online were talking about stocking up on food in prep for Brexit, but I think they were only joking. But I do think there will be serious economic problems that people who have more self-sufficiency (with energy and food) will weather better.

    Here in the San Fernando Valley, which is in the North of Los Angeles, it's normally about 5 degrees at night and 15 during the day at this time of year. However, right now it's rainy (it only rains 5 times a year) so it's more like 8 at night/12 in the day.

    I bought a Wild Country tent about 15 years ago, which has since been used (as well as some festivals) in the Lakes, the Scottish Highlands, various parts of Southern California and Yellowstone National Park.

    I spent a long time choosing it - it is exceptionally waterproof, and has a porch big enough to cook on a stove under. It's also very light and goes up in under ten minutes.

    Question 1:

    For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends or family again?

    Done it. Moved to California for that reason. :wub: Although me and Mrs Oolong do plan to move back to the UK one of these days.

    This whole thing with electric cars, scrapping perfectly good vehicles in favour of something brand new, is just crazy, and is designed purely to benefit car manufacturers. Why? Because they pay bribes to policitians. Same with road building, same with HS2, and so on. It's very depressing.

    I completely agree. I am all in favour of the more fuel efficient vehicles - I have a hybrid car - but we should get every mile we can out of existing ones.

    It's mostly hardline rednecks who join the military.

    But that's beside the point. It's more concerning that the border is becoming more militarised, rather than more legitimised. The people in the caravan will be applying for asylum. The current system for applying for asylum in the US is deliberately, painfully slow and full of corrupt practices. Trump could choose to spend the same money on judges, lawyers and immigration officials to help process these asylum cases (and therefore sift out the bad hombres that he fears) but instead he wants to show America before the elections that he is pointing guns at these invaders instead.

    Hi Oldkeith, no, installation is fine and dandy, but the wifi connection is unstable. It just drops every five minutes requiring a reboot to get it working again. Not practical to have wired at this location. There is probably a solution that I could find, but my experience of fixing problems on Linux is that it will likely take weeks of fiddling that I just don't have....

    I got a new desktop about a year ago and was sad to discover that Ubuntu doesn't work on it. I haven't got time anymore to spend hours fiddling with it to try fix it, like I used to. I'm sad because I've used Ubuntu on about ten previous computers with no problem.

    Cos mother's can do and consume whatever the fuck they like during pregnancy and the affect on the foetus is not a criminal that logic.......people can do whatever they fucking please!

    Some substances can cause serious lifelong damage to an unborn baby when taken heavily by their mother during pregnancy. It might not be a criminal act but to me it is a moral one, and social services can and do take babies away from their mothers for this sort of thing.

    Of course, "some substances" does not include cannabis, but it does include alcohol.

    Quote from alices wonderland

    Every now and then I resort to bleaching mugs with a water bleach mix. This works a treat, but I dislike using bleach on things I eat and drink from.

    I have often wondered if the act of using bleach had Infact damaged the mug surface and made tea staining more common.

    Bleach is the devil's work. Normal dish soap every 3-5 uses will do the job.


    Having asked a few folk “why” tea stains appear more frequent these days, Ive been told it’s down to the hardness of the water used. “Cool” so how to maintain optimum water hardness for tea making?

    Further research implied that the tannings in tea are prone to attach to the dissolved minerals (calcium) in the water.

    Correct. Harder water means more tannin precipitation. Also tap water itself contains variable levels of tannins that can change over time, and vary from one geographic region to another.


    Although when milk is added some of the tannings are equally attracted to the fat molecules in the milk, reducing those available to stain the cup/mug.

    Correct. This is the main reason why the British tradition of adding milk to black tea came about. The milk takes away the astringency, by dissolving the tannins and taking away their flavour.


    Experiments that followed:

    Adding milk sooner while tea still brewing, reduced mug staining. But lowers the water temp and doesn’t make the finest cuppa (in my opinion)

    Precitation of different flavours and qualities in the tea occurs at different temperatures. With a good black tea, leave it till after the brewing before adding the milk, or even consider a splash of lemon instead. For poor quality black teas, lowering the temperature by adding milk earlier in the brewing process can stop some of the harsher flavours that would only come out at higher temperatures, thus making a better brew.


    So what else can be done to reduce tea stains and improve tea drinking experience, other than wash cups/mugs more often or change tea.

    Using plastic or metal cups will reduce stains but experience will be worse. My suggestion remains, wash the cup every three-five uses. Any more and you will find the tannin build up on the cup will affect the quality of the drink.

    I didn't get the nickname stuoolong for nothing you know... :boing:

    for medicinal use ??? let the blagg artists begin lol

    So I work in addiction treatment, in California where it has been legal for medical use for many years. No one says they use " marijuana" anymore, it's always "medical marijuana."

    "Oh yeah, I have back pain..."

    "It helps with anxiety attacks...that's why I need it 5 times a day...."

    "I have smooth muscle issues in my gut. It helps relax those muscles to regulate my bowels..."

    "I was prescribed it for anorexia"

    I have no doubt that some of these people are genuine but I suspect a good deal of them are telling porky pies. Which is actually not good. If you take a drug because you like it, then just say so rather than hide behind some bullshit.

    Until recently, buying pot involved visiting a "dispensary" where one would see a "doctor" (usually someone who failed their medical degree in a foreign country and came to work in the US as an illegal immigrant) who would prescribe pot to anyone capable of saying they had any medical symptom whatsoever.