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    I got a tick bite a few years back, got on antibiotics within days after, did not get Lyme disease. I strongly hope that you also do not.

    Hugs Janet xxx

    I don't know anything about these caterpillar phones, but unless you are especially clumsy or regularly engage in vigorous activities with your phone then probably a rubber or plastic casing will do in terms of protection? Then wifi wouldn't be a problem.

    In terms of security, as long as you have a good password/fingerprint or similar to access the phone, then payment account details are just as safe as they are on a desktop login.

    Hope that helps.

    In no particular order, here are some of the things I miss about Great Britain:

    Purple sprouting broccoli, flower meadows, abundance of water, satire, the ability to express how you are feeling without someone thinking you have something wrong with you, diversity and acceptance of it, GlenCoe, towns and cities that you don't need a car to get around in.

    I use whatsapp fairly regularly, just because some people I know prefer it to text messages - but the real draw for me is free international video calling. If they start charging I'll be looking for an alternative...

    Ha ha! I voted labour. Though, my main reason to vote labour was to keep tories out, and there are no Tory leanings.... my conscience is clear. :angel:

    Green Party green-party.png 33.3%

    Liberal Democrats liberal-democrats.png 33.3%

    Conservatives conservatives.png 13.3%

    Labour labour.png 13.3%

    Brexit Party brexit-party.png 6.7%

    The blower is one modern invention that makes me laugh. I often see guys using them on windy days; very much like pissing in the wind.....!

    (We used a big leaf rake, back in the day. Dry windless days they were fine, like blowers in the same conditions. But if you had a windy period you just waited until the leaves were wet, then they raked up easy. (But they don't blow up easy when wet, they stick to the ground!).

    I live in LA and these things are everywhere. They are really fucking annoying. The operators look like wannabe ghostbusters (very silly), they blow dust in your face when you cycle past them, the leaves are swept up into the landfill rather than used as mulch or compost, and the obsession with having an unnatural looking concrete-covered garden means that the blower people come round every week to do it all over again.

    On my street there are old trees that are dropping their lives right now. The rest of the street is grey and concrete and devoid of leaves, but outside my house - which I keep as a blower-free zone - there is a circle of fallen leaves over the tarmac and pavement. :D

    The tool that I would have liked my parents to have is the ability to communicate without passive aggression, harumphing, bitching behind the other's back and drunken rows.

    In terms of practical tools, my Dad was quite handy and had a huge shed full of tools and spare parts. My Mum had some neat kitchen tools, such as a hand-driven clamped mincer for beef and an electric beater for mixing cakes.

    However as the modern age drew on, one modern tool became annoyingly absent in the house, which was a cordless phone. Despite their being cheap as chips and available everywhere, my parents always insisted on keeping the wired one.


    I wrote this book. John Broken Willow is my author name. The photo from the book cover is the healing garden from the Northern Green Gathering, I don't remember which year.

    Book blurb: "

    A book for people who have some interest in hippy dippy things, but don’t necessarily take them entirely seriously. A comedy, scientific study of practices, whose practitioners reject science. Ever wondered how to fake an aura photo? Communicate with aliens using only copper piping? Cure cancer by bashing a gong? Turn water into medicine? Gain extra strands of DNA by email? Want to know the real powers of the mind, body and soul? This book has all this and much more! This book is not suitable for children."

    Sold 27 copies in 8 years.....:D:D:D:D:D:D But I am still proud of my book.

    Hi all

    I'm planning a visit to the UK for a couple of weeks and I have the notion of renting a camper to get around in and sleep in. I haven't done any vehicle living before. I was wondering if anyone can direct me to any lists or maps of known safe/legal places to park up for the night? Or city/town zoning laws about sleeping in vehicles?

    I am visiting friends and have people scattered from the far north of Scotland to Cornwall. I'm not gonna get to all those places. but likely will hit Leeds, Cambridge, London, Portsmouth, maybe Bath and Totnes.

    Any help greatly appreciated! :)

    Quote from BigBear67

    Don't know why we need a deal anyway.

    My understanding is that without the deal, trading with the EU suddenly becomes a lot more expensive and complex, which means the price of everything we buy in goes up. Including food. I'm all for self-sufficiency, even though I am a remainer, but it won't happen overnight.


    We need leaders who care about making this country great again

    I've heard that before somewhere....

    One example is trying to purchase a rail ticket at New Delhi railway station,they have a separate place especially for foreigners,they like for you to deal in your own countries currency if you try and pay in rupees you get the third degree if you haven't got proof where you got them from.I tried to pay like this and was sent to speak to the office manager to explain my case,she made me wait then beckoned me over to speak with her while she was tucking into her Indian snacks. I was getting nowhere with her told I will fly less hassle at that she stamped a bit of paper and told me I could buy a ticket.

    It can drive you mad if you let it,i have an expression for them bloody Indians which has got me in a few heated discussions .:D:D

    I found that getting money changed at the bank was a very slow process. One bank, I talked to the receptionist, waited for 20 minutes, had tea with the bank manager, did some paperwork with an office administrator, waited a bit longer, then finally got to the teller where they simply did the transaction. Whole process was nearly two hours. It was fun, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone in a hurry.

    It's nearly 20 years since I went. I spent three and a half months there, in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh. The south of the country I found to be relaxed and friendly and beautiful. For example the one day I had the runs, I was "denied" the opportunity to get back to my hotel by a couple of hundred school kids out on field trip - who all wanted to shake my hand and have a conversation with a white person. Wonderful moment.

    The more westernised parts of Mumbai were hell on earth if you look foreign - which I very much do. A million people trying to scam me in clever ways, such that I very quickly learned the art of ignoring everybody which was, well, not what I went to India for, frankly.

    Some friends online were talking about stocking up on food in prep for Brexit, but I think they were only joking. But I do think there will be serious economic problems that people who have more self-sufficiency (with energy and food) will weather better.