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    Mate stop your worryin. Do what you need do. Things get lost. I can say get rid of my PMs if it makes your life esayer. I would know where to start swapin stuff over. I for one can't see why we need a lot of the old posts cause they mean very little these days. And I can't see a lot of the stuff been re red.

    No its not its weeks away. MIL only only said to me yday what would I want. I just looked at her and said WTF is you even on about. Tis too soon. I hate xmas tis 4 kids little ones not us big uns.

    What's you want need out of life and will you ever get it. Or have u aready got it and tellin us what it is. Because most of will never know its even needed

    Good to ave a plan. One I may find\ get one. But then again in 50years I've need seen the need. And if you ave a plan you life is mapped out. No thanks

    Steve you worry me sometimes, clever bugger

    Great stuff. Its not been parked in MOT carpark for 3 years has it. Just sayin what the others will be thinkin.

    Paul its not a case of not willin to pay. But most things on the net are free. Fair point must foke use the site for info which can be got other places. So why pay. You needed payin fair point. But there must be other ways to bring in the coppers. .

    Don't hippys think money is a big evil. You can do loads to make cash without us lot paying for it. The only ones will in to pay will be the show offs. Showin u what they made but 90% of the time storys will be un true. Surely uk hippy is there just to ansew the ?s and help real needed foke. Am far from needed but I've learn a lot. And if you can't help you can always take the p,,s and I do that anyway without payin

    Well it will be a sad day. Made some good mates. Met a few. Can't you get others to help you. Not me am a lazy hippy. But others may be will in. Am at a loss cause I no understand how the internet works and its rules .

    Work get real I lay in bed. Let posh Dr's workout what's wrong with me. Or as the head Dr puts it scare em. Tis fun and they are not that posh when I've done with em. And I even get payed to do it. Don't tell em I would do it 4 free.