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    Thanks for the info, I dont want to go into detail about what has happened thus far but homework includes redoing cv & cover letter in a format they like, no problem. I have had advisor interviews before only I hadnt heard of anyone being called in so often & wanted to check it was permitted, I believe Im expected to attend 3 times this week.

    Hello people
    I have been claiming JSA for about 3 months, had a call asking me to go in for an interview with an adviser which I did yesterday to be told I must attend more interviews there next week, (unsure how many but know its at least two), taking with me the homework I have been set, otherwise my claim will be affected.
    I would like to know common this is & If I have a right to refuse? I have already voiced my opinions with them!

    Cheers teabird
    Any contacts are worth a try, the engines I need bits for are v old, om636's, probably late 60's!
    I can get new bits but the prices are not good for my health, or my pocket.
    Im in the York area a lot of the time, I was about to offer my services but hopefully you man is making her better??
    I havent anywhere undercover but let me know if you get stuck!

    most of the medicines my dog has needed have required a perscription, I checked online but found them no cheaper than what the vet charges, maybe im looking on the wrong site?
    They also wont repeat the perscription without consultation, which I can understand, but cant understand how they justify the fee.
    I use human medicines where possible because of the saving, once I have researched in depth!

    Not entirely sure, maybe if blended, I believe it lacks essential lubricants that are required for diesel engines & also think It burns at a higher temp, but may be wrong.
    I do know a fine vehicle I had came to a sudden & v hot death on a private motorway when trialling it!

    make sure your vehicle will tolerate veg oil if considering that option, too many roadside checks nowadays to risk red unless you are really rural, plus its too expensive!

    He could get a marine mortgage, but with poor credit?
    depends on the type & how liveable it needs to be, but in general, yes they cost loads!
    Best option is to buy a rough one & renovate while living, if he has the skills.

    On it for 7 or 8 years, 25mg I think, although I occassionally had more.
    it may have helped with mild panick but unsure about depression.
    I dont believe it had any real effect good or bad, no side effects until I came off it, best done v slowly ,felt like I was on a boat for this period, most of the time I wasnt (on a boat). Also seemed to get agitated quite quickly after cessation.

    £100 a month sounds like a lot to me! I certainly wouldnt pay that, but it depends what services you require, if you can be self sufficient & dont mind mud you may be able to find a friendly riverside landowner, if inland the best way is to wander up & down the local rivers, preferably by boat & ask questions. It doesnt neccesarily have to be a residential mooring as you wont be there all of the time, will you!
    im in yorks, pm me if you wish!

    I wont go into the technicalities but essentially the choises are agm, gel or lead acid, (deep discharge batteries) lead acid being similar to car batteries. Any will work as long as they are a dedicated leisure battery but gel/agm will generally last longer, wont spill but are usually heavier!
    You will find Ups batts advertised on the net (usually back up batteries for telecommunication systems) that are ideal as they usually have had little or no use, but ask what dates are on them.
    I believe they can deteriorate from being discharged for long periods but these are usually worth a gamble due to the low price. Usually approx 110 ah so one should be adequate for anything but the largest vehicle if charged daily.

    hi gs, its a grp cruiser, it had a knackered wood burner in it previously that wasnt ideal in a grp boat, it now has a nice propex heater but it cant be used as the ignition & blower needs at least 12 volts and the battery power is usually lower due to the engines currently being out of action!
    I have plenty of alububble type insulation so might wrap the tank, along with myself!

    its a precautionary measure, first real winter aboard so im preparing for the unexpected as theres currently no heating & the water froze briefly in my camper last year, which was to be expected, along with the 5mm of ice inside the windows at the height of the coldness. I will wait and see, if I have a problem baking soda would seem the safest option. I think the metal tank is likely to be first as the pipes are pvc.

    Im quickly thinking about using a friendly antifreeze to add to the fresh water tank in my boat, not only to protect the pipes but also the expensive microswitched taps. I know you can get the caravan specific stuff but its for part time campers and not to be consumed!
    I dont drink the stuff but do occassionally get a wash, brush teeth etc so ideally needs not to be poisonous. My only thoughts are salt or baking soda but both will probably clog up the system & salt wouldnt be ideal in a steel water tank. Any more ideas please?

    maintenance is as easy as it gets, its never let me down but find comfort in the fact that it did I would be able to repair it with a limited selection of tools!
    A few parts are tricky to source but If I cant find them I get them made which still works out cheaper than buying parts off the shelf for a sprinter.

    I have been thinking about this, not necessarily laying my bus up but protecting her over winter, im thinking of getting a few large cans of clear waxoil and spraying the whole upper body, paintwork and all, like they do with new vehicles whilst in storage, I have tested it on bumpers and wheels. May be a bugger to get off though and I expect it will attract dirt when on the road, has anyone tried it?

    You should also make sure there arent any potential weak points where vermin can enter, I have just had a rat/s visit after they ate the rubber gearshift gaitor from outside! Have since douser the area with paprika, curry powder and anything else I could find, supposed to deter them? unless they are from India!