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    I cant say personally, but this happened to my mother-in-law on the day her son and I got married. She thought the excitement of the wedding caused it, which sounds odd, but my periods come on early when I am hyper happy or super stressed. Anyway my MIL hadn't had a period for over 6 months. You should check with your GP if you are worried. I was told that they class changing your pad every 10 minutes heavy (decided by someone who has never had heavy periods I presume lol).

    Ms Vee, you look beautiful, quite the mama.
    You know, I have/had low pelvic pain all the time and it wasn't until a few years ago that I realised 99% of it was wind, its amazing how sore it can be lol

    Midwife just been, baby has rotated not quite back to back and has lifted up a little out of my get scrubbing that floor!!!

    The little menace lol. Don't worry about it, 2nd babies can stay high right up until labour starts, its quite different from 1st babies that way. I am sure your midwife told you that anyway lol.

    There are a couple of patterns I've found online to make your own - I've only got 4. Three of these: and a blue tie-dye one by Honour Your Flow (both bought from Earthwise girls).

    I was thinking of having a go at making some though - primarily because I find the ones I've bought too loose around the gusset of my knickers so they keep rotating around so fail a bit at the job they're supposed to do! :p

    I have really heavy periods and wondered if they would be worth 'catching the spills', by day 3/4 the mooncup is enough on its own, but the first 3 days are a nightmare.

    I remember something from psych class about re-affirming a message to your brain x many times and then it is committed to your belief system as true (how false memories are made, good or bad). So I agree with what Paul said. Its hard though and I get that. I dont wake up each day and say, what a slim and beautiful person you are, its just too difficult, but I try not to attach negative names either.

    I have began to realise that I seem to be having many of the symptoms associated with Hypoglycemia, which I suppose makes sense from a person who is not eating often enough when they are always conscious about their weight. I also tend to take a sugary snack for flagging energy which then causes a boost, then a sugar drop, driving the cycle around again. In a book I am reading about natural health, a couple of oatcakes are recommended as a snack, due to the slow energy release of oats, with no more than 3 hours between food/snacks. Because I have started on some vitamins and minerals (most importantly iron and zinc), it is difficult to say if any one thing is helping, but I am feeling a little less fatigued than I was a couple of weeks ago. Whatever the reason, long may it last.

    Things seem to be progressing a little tonight!

    OOOOh exciting, I hope you are bringing your baby earth side right now then :) Its not a given, but my 2nd labour was SO much easier than my 1st (although my 1st wasnt too difficult either), I hope its the same for you.

    Just wanted to share a positive experience about stopping citalopram. A lot of people have said be careful about the withdrawls, and because of that I have been very wary about coming off it. I finally took the plunge and reduced my dose from 40mg to 30mg for a while, and didn't notice any symptoms at all. I've gone down to 20mg now and still not noticed a thing. Yes, I am doing it very, very gradually, but I would just like to say, don't let the threat of evil side effects put you off. This drug has been an absolute life saver for me, as it has for a lot of people. It would be a shame for a person to dismiss it entirely based on the fear of side effects. Yes, some people suffer horrendously, and I'm not dismissing their experiences for a second. But it doesn't happen to everyone.

    And on topic.......I've lost a few more pounds (17 in all) and am bloody chuffed with myself today! :D I had a weight watchers wrap stuffed with salad, grated carrot and low fat houmous and it was yummy. :)

    I agree with you babe, and if you need it, you need it. Its good to hear of someone coming off so well. As I said before, I was SO ill. I would never go back on it myself, but that's not to say I wouldn't ask for an alternative if I needed some help. :)

    Good luck Arlia, you seem like a sensible woman, so if I say stick to your principles and hopefully you will get the birth you want, I am sure you are able to tell when your plans need to be adapted. I have heard of so many people devastated because they didnt get exactly what they wanted, when in truth, no one can plan for all eventuality and getting what you want is really the beautiful baby at the end. I would like a home water birth next time, so I hope you will be up to a full account afterwards.
    Bless you all hon.

    You are not alone hon, I figured this out about myself too. I am 1 of 4 kids and the other 3 had dummies and I didn't and I sucked my thumb. I cant remember when I stopped sucking my thumb but in my 20's anyway. I also smoked, but from 16 to 21 then I stopped for 4 years, started again at 25 and smoked until I was 38. When I stopped smoking I wished I could start thumb sucking again because I put on 4 stone over 4 months. I went back to my GP and said 'feck this, I am starting smoking again' but unknown to me I was already pregnant by then. I am not saying having no dummy caused the thumb sucking, but I think that combined with an oral fixated personality (and interestingly not comfort fed, but bottle every 4 hours, as they did back then), I am doomed lol. I can see how I have replaced one thing with another over the years.

    Hi Indigo.

    Thankyou :)

    No, I didn't research it - I was very much not capable of that at the time, in my head I had no future anyway, so my doctor (who has earned my trust over the years) prescribed it, and I took it. He did say, though that he will be very careful with me when *I* feel it's time to reduce my dosage, so we'll just have to see what it's like when we come to it.

    I was exactly the same Sam, I was so low I wasnt able to think further than I need help. I had been taking prozac a long time ago for a few months and it helped, but apparently prozac can contribute to anxiety which I was having at the time so thats why Citalopram was prescribed. The general consensus seems to be that although GP's are aware that you should come off them slowly, they have no idea just how slow the tapering scheduled should be. One person suggested 10% of your dose every 4 weeks. I expect it also depends on how long you have been on them. If you look into it when you are ready to come off you can then discuss it with your GP armed with all the info on it.
    I am glad you are feeling better though.

    I am trying to catch up with this thread because I have been having a hate relationship with my weight for years. I have heard every piece of advice under the sun, and the only time I lost weight (4 stone) was when I followed a low fat diet for 1 year. As soon as I came off it, the weight went back on again, and there seemed to be no middle ground, I couldn't go on it mostly with the odd treat because the treats became regular, then all the time, then I was back to unhealthy eating.
    Can I just say a couple of things to PTM, I would never tell anyone what they should or shouldn't be taking on prescription but can you please please tell me you investigated Citalopram properly before you started taking it? I was on it for 1 year after having PND and depression/bereavement anxiety and I thought I was going to die when I tried to come off it (seriously), and it has taken me 6 months to wean off. If you look up Citalopram withdrawal you will find all the information you need to make an informed choice.
    And 2nd - I had a best friend who had as many weight issues as me, however she was 6 to 7 stone and I was 13 to 14 stone. I quickly changed my assumptions on everyone being skinny must be SO happy. The lowest point being, my friend sobbing in my arms when her £3000 designer wedding dress was hanging from her and because it was backless, every bone in her spine was visible. She ate pretty well, and I watched her struggle to gain weight for many years. She is 40 now and it has sorted its self out and she looks lovely and slim but not ill. So hugs to you, some of us really do understand.

    Yes, same here with the silver, and even older people in the street, if they look in the pram and see its a new baby will put money in the foot of the pram. I had £120 in a money bank for Oscar from silver in the foot of the pram. I had a big old silver cross coach pram though and I think it alerted people to it being a new baby lol.

    Mindfulness is a form of meditation.

    Thing is, there are a lot of (in my opinion) unnecessary practices attached to "how to meditate". People get told they need to sit a certain way, hold their palms facing upwards, not eat anything beforehand, focus on candles, send out loving thoughts, chant etc. and while this may be valid in some situations, it's mostly dogma and can make something far more complicated than it needs to be. Personally I think lying down is fine too, but you benefit more if you don't nod off.

    Yes that's what I think too. And I find it very difficult to let go of all my tension sitting up. No two people are the same so it stands to reason we cant all follow the same 'rules'.

    You know, I never even though about caffeine free, it probably is the caffeine I am addicted to. I think I will switch to caffeine free, then stop altogether. Imagine being hooked on cola, how ridiculous lol.
    When I was pregnant we had a woman come in and do guided meditation and it was fantastic, but in general I find the voices too annoying. I have just found a thing called soothe tube and that looks interesting.

    I was also told to wrap my first baby tightly and lay her on her side in case she was sick and chocked, I used to prop her up with a rolled up terry nappy and was terrified she'd roll back and choke ! Second time round it had all changed, it was lay them on their back to stop them overheating, so confusing :S
    When I was pregnant, my mum got me raspberry leaf tablets fromthe health food shop. She said it has always been taken by pregnant women to help the tissue stretch and ease the birth. I did have a quick labour, but it didn't prevent any stitches.

    Yes, I just checked your age and thought you were may age-ish lol because it was the same for me. I had raspberry leaf tea and I dont know what to tell you, my labour was fast too, but I had 2nd degree stitches. To be fair though, I met my midwife in the street 2 weeks after and she said she had never seen a baby shoot out so fast in her 20 years as a midwife lol. So REALLY fast 2nd stage, no wonder I ripped. (which wasnt nearly as painful as I imagined it would be)

    Yeah, I am thinking the coke is a bad thing, I really need to try and find something else, even non carbonated fruit juice would be better, but it usually gives my excess tummy acid. I have great difficulty switching off, which is why I need to lol. I find meditation a huge effort :(

    Can anyone give me some advise on relaxation or yoga for very stiff awkward beginners lol I have bought a couple of yoga DVD's and they have been SO irritating I couldn't do it.
    I have had a lot of upheaval lately, moved house twice since June and I feel the need for a little self administered TLC. Any advice on herbal aids also welcomed, although we are trying for a baby so I cant take anything which would interfere with conception or early pregnancy.
    I have been craving 'healthy' foods and I have cut out red meat again and been eating plenty of green leafs and pulses. Does anyone have a real alternative to cola though? I think I am hooked on diet coke and no matter what I try I keep going back to it in the evenings mainly, I dread to think what it is doing to my tummy :S