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    If there is nothing to hide, why the 70 year gagging order? Gagging orders are only to protect those directly involved, allowing them all time to die right? But if it were suicide, then David Kelly was the only one involved and as he is now deceased, does not require gagging protection?! So who are they protecting then? They have tipped their hand with the gagging order, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark (or Whitehall as it were).

    not as much as they hate Americans now :rolleyes:

    to our credit, international disdain for yanks didn't really came into it's own until that usurper GDubya's 8 year reign of terror :curse::reddevil::wall::badmood::sos::lame::bang::dalek::vomit:

    they have stated that 1 person in every 5 million people will get the swine flu :eek:

    statistically, 1 out of every 700,000 people will be struck by lightning :eek::eek:

    is the media sensationalizing this just a bit mebbe :rolleyes: y'all do the arithmetic

    oh dear, does that mean the gov't is going to spend (waste) £5 million on personal lightning rod helmets for each of us...just in case :wall:

    :insane: oh this is just media sensationalizationing again (lol, is that a proper verb?) They did the same thing with the avian flu, do y'all remember that one...and how many died from that eh?!. Sure, since we are in the age of jumbo jets and cheap international travel, this bug IS going to travel the world and by definition shall become a pandemic...

    ...but we AIN'T all gonna die ok :wall:

    The government just wishes to keep us in a fear state, keep us distracted from the awful economic mire the world is in right now...and give them justification for siphoning more millions and billions of £££'s to their already rich buddies in the pharma companies :reddevil: Ken Livingston spent what, well over several millions £'s on antivirals for the avian "pandemic" which was supposed to hit. Lol, they are sitting unused...and glaxo smith kline has said they expire next January and should be either used by then or thrown out. Of course GSK shall be most happy to sell us all some more though :woohoo::whip:

    Good hygiene (it's amazing what the regular washing of hands and brushing of teeth can accomplish), a healthy diet (with LOTS of fresh fruit & veg) and avoiding crowded public areas (so the introverts of this world are safe :thumbup:) should all be the best prevention against this supposed "pandemic of plague like proportions" they are predicting.

    Oh, and if you are out in public, don't touch handrails in the escalators and such (who knows what the hands which have touched them have touched before that...ewwww). Face masks are only effective in preventing those already with it from spreading it, but fairly useless for those not infected.

    HOWEVER if one does exhibit the symptoms :vomit: (what precisely are those symptons Moyne?) do go straight to your GP. Antivirals will only work if administered within the first 48 hours.

    I just read an article today that aluminium in antiperspirants can cause cysts to develop in breasts and underarms. I'm quite concerned and wondered if anyone uses alternative deodorants that they would recommend. I would stop using it all together but I do sweat quite a lot... :o not smelly, just wetness! Hope someone has some suggestions!! x x

    A few years back I had been getting these small lumps in my armpits. I believe that the deo/antip I was using was irritating my thyroid glands and causing the little swellings. I had heard about this so stopped using the stuff...and sure enough, the lumps went away never to return...that was four years ago.

    I don't use plain deo. Although it does smell purty, it seems to make me pits sweat even more. My best recommendation is simply regular bathing...and maybe a bit of patchouli oil (oh that is sooo hippy).

    Hope that helps :thumbup:

    lol right on, cheers y'all, I just put it up on here cause Miss Pixie was asking about a new dresss and all ;-)

    But I will put it up on the Bizaar at some point

    I reckon it's a about a size 12 Lulu, it is quite big and flowy, the only crucial size part will be the upper waist/bust area. And the material is...ummmmm...that 60s really light flowy ummmm non-crumply don't ever need to iron kinda material...I'll show it to you on Weds :O)

    Words fail me on this, the BBC should name & shame these shit holes

    Hear hear bigkid...people never seem to cease to amaze me with their ignorance and hard-heartedness...out the f**k**s, their friends, family and neighbors should know how handicapped these stupid people are...handicapped in their pointed, narrow, little ignorant heads...GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    My pop has one eye too Jo, and it makes no whit of difference to his genius, love, caring and hardworking nature.

    F**k ignorant people...NO...UN-f**k them (they don't deserve the pleasures of sex...and shouldn't be breeding and propagating their ignorant ways anyways)

    :rolleyes: It's not that anyone in here is "anti-art" or anything like that, I'd be truly surprised if that were the case...most people in here, myself included, are on the artistic spectrum ;)

    But these are special times and when public money is SOOOO desperately needed elsewhere, wouldn't it be sensible to spend it on what is of more immediate and crucial importance?

    Put it this way: in your personal budget, if you ain't got enough dosh to feed yourself and your family...are you then going to go out and spend what little money y'all have left on a big ol statue of some farm animal for y'alls front yard :baa: I reckon not :angel: If'n ya did :insane: your family might just lynch ya :spank:

    Art is most certainly important, necessary and indicative of a civilized society...but you can't be blowing public money on exorbitant art projects when we pay those taxes to first and foremost care for the public's health, services and welfare.

    There is a time and a place for everything and we are now in the time of a recession/depression :whistle: As lovely and wonderfully creative as it may be, I expect that now is not the time to be blowing obscene amounts of cash on a giant white horse :rolleyes:

    PUBLIC money is being spent on that??!! :wall:

    I dig horses as much as the next equestrian and it's a grrrrrooovy statue and all :thumbup: but I thought some mad artist :insane: was doing that and spending their own or their investor's PRIVATE dosh on it.

    If Whitehall is footin the bill for this one out of our tax pounds :screwy: they should all be lined up against the wall :flame: (along with the grrrreedy ass arrogant bankers...grrrrrrrrrr)

    It's completely insane. I know people who drink and people who smoke. I don't do either anymore, but I find I just can't talk to people if they've been drinking, even if they appear quite sober, it's frightening, on the other hand I can sit and chat quite happily to people after they've had a spliff or two, eerie really, neither should be banned but I'm pretty sure which needs the most control. Mental health? I've been unfortunate enough to have to visit casualty on a saturday night, and it wasn't full of stoned people. The cops in the centre of town are likewise not breaking up fights between gangs of stoned people, or being called out to houses because the husband has got stoned and gone mad and started beating up his wife and smashing the house up. Nuff said?

    Amen to that Brother :badger:

    It doesnt seem to matter where I smoke it same result ! I guess we all have things that agree or not with us !:)

    Damn straight there Hippie 35, different drugs will affect different people...differently. So it is very important to know how certain things affect one, and which ones personally are to be avoided (how many of us know lovely, wonderful people who should be aware that they are "instant assholes...just add alchohol".

    The reason I am not much of a drinker is because I know that drug can adversely affect me (it doesn't make me into an instant asshole...just makes me sick sometimes :vomit:)

    I have been to the Dam, walked into a coffee shop for the first time started to skin up when out the corner of my eye i saw a police car pull up,so what did i do, threw my part made spiff under the table paranoia or what.:insane:

    Lol, yup that is pretty paranoid there Greenthing :insane: As you were skinning up your first spliff and hadn't had a puff yet, I would contend that was cultural conditioning and not attributable to the drug itself ;)

    I bet once you got into the swing of things and were confident you were not going to be unfairly persecuted or arrested that the paranoia was no longer an issue...would that be an accurate deduction?

    One of my FAVE coffee shops there is (or was) "The Hill Street Blues"...right next to the "Polite" station in the red light district (I do love the fact that the Dutch call their Police, Polites...that is so lovely and very hip :hippy:)

    I hate the Daily Mail with a hate that's quite out of place in any sort of:hippy:

    Dude, the Daily Fascist (oh, did I say that out loud :whistle:) is an EVIL publication and you can bet yer sweet :asskiss: I dislike it and it's wicked fascist attitude and rantings as much as you brother...but I gotta know what the devils :reddevil: are thinking in order to formulate my own informed opinion against them. And my opinion is...

    ...THEY SUCK DONKEY DICKS:monster:

    :eek: You read the Daily Mail? :eek:

    And there was me thinking you were an intelligent person! :pp

    I read EVERYTHING (lol, whatever I find on the train seat basically...I never fund any of em ;-) But I get a good cross section of the Daily Mail, Metro, Sun (ewwwww...but it is easy reading, they only use a vocabulary of 60 words) whatever is there...but of course my fave would be the Guardian.

    One must know what is going on in one's opponent's heads to be able to effectively combat them. I do find the completely different spins on the same subject to be quite fascinating. It's the same thing between watching American news reports and European news reports. They can comment on the same subject but with utterly diverse and even conflicting viewpoints.

    Was it Rommel who said, "keep your friends close...but keep your enemies closer"? :hug:

    Im not to keen on strong skunk .Not enjoyable as makes me a little paranoid !:insane:

    I have always wondered if part of the paranoia some people experience with strong skunk is partially due to the fact that it is illegal? Do you experience the same paranoia when smoking it in Amsterdam where it is nearly legal and certainly more tolerated? :angel:

    I know I love the feeling I have there of not being considered a criminal for having a puff :clap:

    In a word...NO :hippy::reddevil:

    Prohibition did not work with alcohol in the US (indeed, it gave a huge rise to organized crime...and the cannabis prohibition is doing exactly the same)

    Treat it like a medical problem and not a criminal problem and they might get somewhere in stopping abuse.

    But to simply say "this is bad and don't do it cause we say so...OR ELSE" is expressing a tremendous ignorance of human nature or independence.

    Not to mention the mixed messages being sent when two of the MOST dangerous, damaging and addictive drugs are legal and the government is most happy to collect our tax dollars from...alcohol and tobacco. C'mon, how many people die, are physically f****d or abused because of these two "acceptable" and legal drugs? And how many people die or are abused due to cannabis abuse? There are some, surely (none that I am personally aware of), but it ain't proportionate.

    If it is our health and well being they are concerned about, shouldn't the nannny state be protecting us from these other drugs as well? Their incredibly destructive natures are very well documented (ask any medical professional).

    I would much rather be treated like an adult and allowed to make my own choice in the matter.

    If you are a benevolent parent, what is the surest way to fascinate your kid with something?

    Tell them not to do it :insane:

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful rebuttal to my position Elfqueen...and thank you for not "attacking" me. Yes, I understand your position, and I am quite torn up by this whole string really.

    To be honest, this thread has struck a very sensitive nerve (if you couldn't tell) We lost both my father and my father's father in separate random acts of violence (just your bog standard murders not horrific ones like the one I mistakenly brought up)

    But this thread has stirred up all kindsa awful feelings in me which ain't so nice and I think I should best not make any more comments on this string and stay clear.

    I hope those guys are truly rehabilitated...I would hate to think of what they are capable of if they ain't.

    It is not about vengeance and the culprit's suffering matching that of their victims or their victim's families...although this could be perceived as just (I am not for one moment proposing we throw stones at them, smear paint in their eyes, kick them, cut their fingers off, shove batteries up their anuses leave them on a train track to be run over...and worse things so horrible that they could not be disclosed).

    This is about responsibility. They have already proven that at a young age they are already capable of particularly abhorrent acts. Setting them free is releasing two wicked time bombs on the general public. Foolish and irresponsible.

    I asked Atomik and I shall ask you...if you had children (or have?), would you want either of these persons living next to you?

    ... who were 10 years old at the time of their crime. :rolleyes:

    Yes, and imagine just what they are capable of as full grown won't just be defenseless 3 year old boys who would be at risk when these two are released anonymously into the general public.

    If you had children (I don't know if you do Atomik), would you wish for either of these to be living next to you? Would you want them near your loved ones?

    Yes MONSTERS! Evil wicked twisted demonically possessed foul disgusting monsters!

    Yes, it is an assumption they shall do it again...and considering the magnitude of their crime, it would be irresponsible NOT to assume they are capable and very likely to do something similiar...or WORSE

    B & E hardly equates kidnap, torture and murder...the two are utterly different crimes man, utterly different. If the burglar tortured and wickedly murdered one of the people in the house, it would then be comparable perhaps.

    But what they did is on an ultimate plane of evil and there aren't too many criminal acts which could be compared to it.

    Why? Do they have some special understanding on the human soul?

    Because the monsters who committed horrific atrocities against their young lad (apologies for spelling his name incorrectly Atomik) are to be released after only serving half their sentences, are to be given new identities and a new life in Australia...where they will be free to commit further aberrations.

    To release them and grant them an anonymous life in a different land is simply begging for one or both of them to commit further abhorrent acts.

    The Bolger family have been given a life sentence by these two evil, twisted individuals...why should the perpetrators of such evil acts receive any less?