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    the stupid biaach .. called social services again , told them i had my kids dad living here again.and that my son threw dog crap on her porch when i was not watching him .. wth, the social worker was mad at me ... not them left again . i am exhausted w my life these days. mean people suck

    Love that one on your foot :)

    thank you , of all the tattoos i have , and i have 5 but one has been tattooed 4 times, the foot hurts the most.. but i am going back to get one on the other foot in a few weeks , the end of the story... see the first foot is him sneaking into the garden.. and on the other foot i am getting Flopsy Mopsy and Cottentail who are good little bunnies on the other foot. . one of the last photos in the book is of them waiting before a cauldron to get their blackberries.. so the moral of the story is.. " good little bunnies get their POT"


    they are all well thought out tattoos, each one is significant to my life, my lifestyle or my family... i love the Beatrix Potter stories..

    on my arm i am getting the frog from Jeremy Fisher is such a lovely story, it is to represent my Dad.. see the Frog goes to great lenghts to please his friends w a party.. and that is my Dad, a pleaser..

    also lets not forget that Peter and Benjamin get spanked by Mr Bunny, Benjamins Dad for breaking into the garden and almost getting ate by the cat. so there is the spanking fetish there..

    and Benjamin and Peter are cousins and i raised my sisters son and my oldest together , and they were always into mischief. so the one on my leg is for them..

    i am getting the Puddle Duck for my mom, and Squirrel Nutkin (lol) on my lower back as a "target " , i also have a naughty fetish about how a male ejaculates .. so the fact that his name is Squirrel Nutkin is hilarious.. and i can add him and nobody will be wise to my fetish secret, it will just look like a happy little Squirrel on my lower back w a garden scene..

    i have always wanted a story book sleeve and almost got Where the Wild things Roam .. but glad i waited , her story suites me more..

    handy in time for easter!

    Each tattoo is well thought out as to why i am getting it. each tattoo has a double meaning... a naughty and a nice side. and each tattoo represents a family member or situation in my life..the tattoos also have to do w gardening and fetish ... .. in other words, no it has nothing to do w Easter, Easter is a religious Holiday and i dont make fun of anyone's religion .

    im not sure if you were trying to be offensive, but .. well.. :(

    you have to understand how bad KC is getting, the first tattoo i had done was done at a shop that once sat on Independence Ave in my part of KC , called NortheastKC well after years of blithe hitting KC the studio moved out North. and we had no tattoo shops in NEKCMO anymore, untill last year when my friend Johnny opened the second studio you see there , on Saint John Ave. its a really big deal.. last night was his grand reopening . .its really taking shape.. i would honestly say that of all the many studios i have been to in the last 12 weeks and i have been to many , its the best KC has.. :) and its only a year old. its great for our neighborhood. a true business not a crack pipe store.

    i am on a quest of total enlightening :D .. i am getting 5 tattoos in 5 months from 5 artists from 5 separate studios in the Kansas City area.. come take a little ride with me and experience it. i am you tubeing it all the way.

    i am getting the Beatrix Potter stories on my body. i have wanted a story book tattoo series my whole life. or well since i was about 12. This is my bucket list. Every one has a bucket list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket, well mine is to get a story book series on my body.

    I've had similar visits in the past.....because my son had very long hair and we would spend a lot of time outdoors getting muddy. "Unkempt" was the word they used that time....and "Not attending school".

    Many :bighug:'s to you and yours.

    my son has long hair too, and it is because he hates to be touched by strangers.. the nerve of some people.. thanks for the hug and back at ya :)

    Oh, so sorry to read that Valorgirl :( :hug: Some people really are despicable :mad:

    yup i was giving her the itchy bitchy from the window. . can i get and oy vei from the . thanks for the HUGS i love that you would take the time to listen .. and back @ ya .

    what is that love? a virtual cupa ? enlighten me please .. i need educated on such things.. ;) and many many hugs and giggles to you tooo!! ohh and rest assured knowing that the puffing has begun. lol i do feel much better.

    Omg what a horrible person your neighbour is :mad: I'm not surprised you feel the way you do, anyone would in your situation. Big hugs to you and your little ones xx

    i swear i really did want to punch her.. i felt it rising up.. but then i simmered down.. and realized that being violent is never an answer the mother bear in me was growling heavily though .. have a most blessed day today. and know that the sun and moon you view are the same sun and moon i view threw my windows. peace!!

    Sorry you had to deal with that sweetie x

    thanks so much for caring enough to post.... it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that even w this distance folks care, tonight when you hit the pillow know that i am thinking wonderful thoughts about u. peace !

    my son btw has Sensory Integration , OCD , and Tourettes syndrome. he is a very vocal child.. and the meds he is on , would not help in weight loss.. it is a ridculous statement... as far as the drugs.. well, i do partake in herbs.. but i dont normally smoke em around my babies.. and as far as the weight loss, i worked damn hard at that , i did it natrually by taking care of myself , mind body and Soul..

    i did drag him in the house the other day, because he was trying to run from me.... it was a dangerous situation.. darn right i grabbed him ,to keep my wee one safe..and i would do it again in a flash of Sundays..

    thanks for allowing me to vent. i am so shocked at this point.. what if i had been smoking .. i keep going over that in my mind.. thank goodness i usually wait until the kids are in bed...

    my sons illness is rarly understood as is.. most think him a misbehaved loud child.. this has been a real eye opener for me, i was thinking of having my son wear a button like another parent on a diffent board suggested.. any ideas??

    yesterday as i sat tapping on my PC there was a knock at the door, ..

    it was the Division of Family Services.. the kind man said he was here to do an assessment on my family.. shocked i let him in.. he reads to me the complaint and i was blown away! it said..

    "mother has lost 60 lbs from December to December by taking her sons ADHD medicine. Mother does drugs, and never has food in the home, and pulled sons arm while getting him indoors"


    he reads on and has my sons names mixed up, i kindly butt in at this point and tell him he has not only my children mixed up.. but that is not my sons illness..

    i am livid to say the least....

    so i ask you ...what kind of moron does this?? i know exactly who it was by the 60lbs weight loss statement.. i am so shocked at my hillbilly redneck racist neighbor that i want to go scratch her eyes out.. and you would have to know me to know i am just not a violent person..

    any parents w special needs on the board ? anything so horrible ever happen to you??

    the social worker left irritated that the caller wasted his time, no further investigation is needed .. it hurts the same though.

    well, i do not like to use chemicals at all either. i will in this case because it is the only thing that works sometimes .. BUT, i have a sure fire method of getting rid of them.. you wont like it either. .Vaseline on the hair .. or Mayonnaise .. grease the hair up, and leave it on the hair for a day.... w a bag over the head..

    currently in America we are having huge issues w this , a strain of them that wont be killed w the chemicals.. coming from Mexico w the illegal immigrants... it was on the news to use the Vaseline or the Mayonnaise .. unfortunately you will have very greasy looking hair for a day or two.

    also .. Hair Food works. it is an Ethnic product made from coconut oils..i use some of this in my hair and pull it up in a pony tail when i am volunteering in some of the skid row type places i help out at.. the homeless usually carry the nits. so this protects my hair from them.... if you keep your hair greasy the bugs cant cling. it does kinda feel gross but so far i have not got them again since greasing my hair before hand.