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    Hi Minwah.
    I concur totally with your thoughts...but I guess I'm a hypocrite sometimes too....when driving for example. Though I try very hard not to be, it kinda comes naturally to most of us!

    Hey, I really like the Bob Dylan quote in your signature. I've often thought that it's not the person who reaches the finishing post who wins the race, but the one who surmounted the most obstacles to get to the starting line!

    Quote from Beyond-the-Clouds

    Do you want your children to go to hell? Of course you should teach them about God just like you teach them about anything else. They have the right to know facts.

    But hell isn't a fact mate, it's based on faith. Teaching my son how to wipe his butt is totally different from teaching him about prayer! ;)

    Anhyhow, I think this was covered earlier in the thread. Keep thinking though my friend....we all need to do more of it.

    I like George Bernard Shaw's infamous quote:
    "2% of people think.
    3% of people think they think.
    95% of people think they'd rather DIE than think!!!"

    Hey man,

    I think your arrow analogy is brill. Nice one.

    Quote from Starke Ravinmad I have trouble determining if what I believe is based on being trained to think that way or if I really believe it in my heart.

    I totally concur with you here. I was dragged up in the C of E... penguin suits et al. :yawn: Upon reflection I think my parents did ok...under their (far from easy circumstances) no hard feelings.

    I have had to unlearn a lot of stuff though cos, like you perhaps, much of my knee jerk reactions to issues was being based entirely on the faith of others and not on my own personal enlightenment.

    Having said that, and considering what some parents let their kids get brainwashed in these days through the goggle box, I'm jolly grateful my parents took me to church and didn't have a tv. I didn't do so bad cos of it....I think!!! :)

    Quote from Ma-Crap

    I think it would be wrong to force a child to go to church or mosque or whatever - like I wouldn't dream of forcing Charlie to sit and meditate. I think its wrong to force children to do things without them coming to that natural wanting to do it anyways. I think its good however to teach children a good moral code and if your reference for this is a set of religious tenets then so be it.

    This is tricky shit, what?!!! I'd have to ask, 'On what do you base the reasoning for a moral code without a God base?....just to be nice to each other?'

    Kids need good guidance and boundaries, and if I don't teach my child, somebody else will...even if their ideas are basically, 'No whatever you want....anarchy'.

    I don't believe that fear is any basis on which to build a moral code into a human through their childhood, and (for what it's worth) don't believe that the bible actually teaches this either. We do need a reasonable motive.....but,'Turn or Burn...'? PER-LEEZE....I simply can't believe that at all. It's good for control though!!!

    Having said that, it kinda goes that if you try and force your belief system on your child, you are almost guarenteeing that he/she will not follow the ideas later in life!!!

    Most of this stuff is caught, not taught. I find that my son will do what I do, even if I don't go out of my way to teach it to him. Most kids have a genuine desire to be like their parents (up to a certain age and depending on their basic character) don't you think? So, my son will just copy me, without my ramming my own philiosophies down his throat...then, as he gets to the point where he's really thinking about it for himself, he'll probably be more open to what I say cos I wasn't bigoted and forceful in the earlier years.....I hope!!! :)

    Speaking purely from personal experience, I would encourage Sunny to keep going, but be wise. You may remember Joseph (and his multi-coloured dreamcoat), who shared his dreams and visions with the wrong people and got lynched for it. Scarlettdee is right in saying that you could have the same experience.

    If the village church is helping you to develop your faith and awareness of God and his love, and enables you to share your love with others, then this is surely a good thing. Some of your ideas won't be excepted by these people though, so tread carefully.

    I have made some great friends in Xtn circles over the years, and though the church does have it's fair share of hypocrites (is there not an element of the hypocrite in all of us from time to time?!) there are also a lot of very caring and considerate people to be found in there.

    Incidentally, there's a brill festival that happens down your way in late July/early August, called Soul Survivor, (held at the Shepton Mallet Showground). I get down there with the Psalm Drummers sometimes, running workshops and playing in the market place and food areas. It's a buzzing event, aimed at teens and 20's.

    I only mention it, cos it's the kind of place where you can really vibe out with thousands of people singing great songs, and it's also a place where you hear some great speakers and debate a lot of stuff, without fear of being rejected, or branded as a heretic or an outsider.

    Anyhow....I'm waffling on blah blah blah.....

    I'm only a newbie here, but I'm already loving the stuff you guys talk about....this place is sooo much more friendly than previous forums I've hooked onto, where bitchyness and spite seem to be the norm.

    Loving you guys already.

    M. :) x