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    I've had a look at my posts and I'm stumped how expressing concern about the lovely folks on here and trying to encourage positive thinking by sharing an intimate personal experience could be considered aggressive or patronising. But that's how you feel about it, wee cab, and that's how you've read them, so it's all a matter of context I guess.

    But, you're right, there's nothing much positive been happening, so to get back on track...:)

    What a lovely post, pixiejanet! :wub: That actually made me feel so much better about this thread! My positive thing about today was that I felt happy for my granny, that she's where she's wanted to be for a while - she'd been ill for a long time and had already suffered a stroke and two heart attacks after her husband died many years ago. Thinking they'll be kicking about somewhere together makes me feel happy for her.


    "try to please everyone and nobody will like it" to be taken into consideration...

    You have completely misunderstood the intention behind the entire thread, ptm - it might be a good idea to read my first two posts.


    so just be you, be positive and exuberant if that's how you feel and hurray for you and all that you are

    Anyone can only be who they are so I'm not sure what you mean by that. You'd be struggling to find anyone who would feel 'exuberant' and 'hurraying' themselves with subjects such as bleeding on the brain, coma and death. I'm not talking about such fake 'positivity' as high fiving each other and cheerleading - I'm talking about approaching experiences with different ways of looking at things.

    Unfortunately, I think some of posts on this thread have been taken too personally by some.


    I reckon making people feel *bad* about the fact that they'd rather talk about 'depressing' things is a bit counter productive.

    I think that's rather unfair, ptm. I said


    it is so incredibly sad that not one other person wanted to try and bring something positive to this aspect of the forum. Instead, we'd all prefer to talk about the negative things (and don't get me wrong, I know that sharing experiences is comforting) but it seems that this would rather be the main content of the threads in this section than a mention of something that made us feel positive and glad to be alive!

    I'm not trying to make people feel bad about talking about their problems - it is essential to share experiences both positive and negative.


    forced cheeriness

    That is something completely different to what I'm talking about, which is looking at another aspect to life. I'm not forcing people to do anything, just trying to encourage a different way of looking at difficult situations.


    but you have to accept that there are some serious problems floating about this forum

    I am very aware of the severity of problems for lots of people in this forum - it upsets me and that's the reason I started this thread.


    It works for you to be 'appreciative of the fact youve still got life',but not for everyone when that life is damn hard

    I don't live in a world of denial, or experience a life that's full of fluffy clouds and candy floss, I experience things just like everyone else. I was hoping this thread would be a place specifically for positivity, a place where people could acknowledge their upsetting feelings but help to balance them with something positive and heartening, like I tried to introduce with my second post on here.

    I find it interesting that no-one even noticed this thread - entitled 'Bring cheeky smiles to H & B' - before I mentioned the fact that no-one was interested in posting something positive in a thread specifically intended for that.

    Thank you for your kind messages. It would mean more if we could all see the other side of our experiences. All difficulties are opportunities for growth and getting to know ourselves better - and love ourselves more.:heart:

    I cannot believe that not one person has actually wanted to post anything positive in this thread. All I read about in this health and well being section is self harming, abuse, depression, ill is so incredibly sad that not one other person wanted to try and bring something positive to this aspect of the forum.
    Instead, we'd all prefer to talk about the negative things (and don't get me wrong, I know that sharing experiences is comforting) but it seems that this would rather be the main content of the threads in this section than a mention of something that made us feel positive and glad to be alive!

    A month after her initial stroke, and having another which left her fully paralysed and eventually in a coma, my gran died today. It's sad and upsetting but she went peacefully and that is something to be positive and extremely grateful for. Maybe the rest of us can all start being a little bit more appreciative of the fact that we've still got life...


    I blame the dairy stuff and the fact that I just love my food so much more now


    I'm a right big strappin' lassie, size 20, rosey cheeked n bright eyed and have been veggie for about 13 years. The other half's still munching the odd bit of pig's bum and he's a right slim yin.

    I cannot believe this, actually. I really didn't think I'd see a thread like this on this forum.:mad:

    How are you going to stop the world being filled with abusers when the abusers are being abused as 'punishment'? The abusers don't see this as punishment, this is some kind of twisted normality. They don't perceive it as wrong. They don't have the same right and wrong morality as most compassionate people. Abuse is seen as punishment and cruelty to people who are compassionate and caring of others.

    Abuse perpetrated by people who pull out a toddler's fingernails and crack its spine do not see that as unacceptable and morally wrong - in all likelihood they themselves have experienced severe abuse and so view it as some kind of 'normal' behaviour. If you abuse the abusers, where does the circle get broken?

    There's no talk of rehabilitation here - just eye for an eye, hang them - which concerns me, actually. I'm assuming that you'll be thinking of leaving this dirty retribution stuff to governments and courts and not carry it out personally on these abusers, as I suspect that would make a big difference to your opinion. Is anyone here actually not going to feel like an abuser or murderer themselves carrying out that sort of 'justice'? Could you actually live with that? That you had become like them?

    Here comes the science part...(is that groaning I hear? ;))

    Electrical equipment emits a type of radiation that reverses the natural energy flows of your own energy field so it almost puts your own energy into a 'trance', unnaturally drawing it in and so it becomes, literally, physically addictive. We all have the perfect excuse now :D Yay!

    No matter what colour you are, forget what people think and lurve yourself! :hippy:People have such varied ideas of what is attractive and what isn't - attractiveness is all a matter of personal taste so the only person's opinion that matters is your own :D

    Oh, littlest mushroom, that sounds awful. But...there are a few things you could do. :thumbup:

    First off it sounds like you're both passing this infection between the two of you - your partner putting thrush cream on isn't going to guarantee that he hasn't picked it up and that it's not going between you both. Try to find other ways of appreciating each other until you get to the bottom of this infection (it sounds like a few pointers in different, understanding and compassionate ways of loving wouldn't go amiss with your man). Thrush can be passed back and forward but the thing is that sometimes it's mixed with other wee bugs that make it harder to get rid of.

    Can I ask, have you been on antibiotics recently? Anti-biotics wipe out the good bacteria in your digestive system and so yeast & fungal infections can occur and can get out of hand. Try drinking a teaspoon of cider vinegar in hot water with some honey, as this'll help to get your digestion back on track after any anti-bios. Some other causes of candida/thrush are iron deficiency, (perhaps this is maybe linked to your pelvice cramps? if you are losing large amounts of blood every month, this is a possibility).

    There is a version of friendly bacteria that is really helpful for thrush - Acidophilus. You can get it from health food shops and things. It's a tablet that you take orally. BUT check with your GP that it is just thrush.

    I know lots of essential oils can help a variety of things but I personally wouldn't recommend pessaries with essential oils as these oils are very potent and may change the acidity/alkalinity of your vagina, and if you don't know what the infection is, you don't want to experiment with the effects, especially with endometriosis.

    You could try boosting your immune system up with some honey and Echinacea.:) Like the loverly folks here were saying, cut out starchy foods, sugar, caffeine and tobacco (if you're a smoker) and avoid dairy.

    Make sure that you are chucking some caustic soda and a couple of drops of Tea Tree in with your laundry - fungal infections are notoriously spreadable so you want to make sure all your towels, undies etc are fungy free when you use them again.

    PLEEEAZE....GO BACK TO YOUR DOCTOR! Or get another doctor if you're not getting proper attention. If there are large lumps falling from you, this might be something to do with your endometriosis.


    There's a painful shortage of midwives, and there just aren't enough to go around anymore - certainly not out on a limb to every woman who wants to give birth at home.

    What about a Doula? They're usually women who have experienced natural childbirth at home and offer their services of support as companions for pregnant women.

    I wasn't sure if it was the same for cats too but I guess so. I know a siamese cross breed and it is the most arrogant, unfriendly, spoilt thing. Eurgh.

    I had no idea it was all over the news, doodlebug (tend to live in a world of my won :o) but I'm glad it's getting some kind of exposure. I was just so disgusted at listening to this couple talk about their new dog, breeding etc.

    Had a peek Naeni - that's awful. I feel the same way about rabbits - I hate they breed so many to sell, especially for the despicable easter time market. I don't even want to think about what they do to the ones that don't sell...

    This quite possibly could be in the rant thread but I thought it might be better here.

    I am so sick of hearing about 'pedigree' dogs - I recently spoke to someone who thought it was actually a symbol of both status and compassion for dogs to tell me that they paid £500 for a Pekinese Pug cross breed pedigree dog. I think this is disgusting and don't know why there are not stronger measures to prevent people from breeding dogs. No one who cares about dogs would buy an in-bred pedigree (which incidently causes serious genetic problems and can lead to things like arthritis in dogs).:(