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    Quote from mr uof luap

    what dogs got to do with it.i thought we were talking about a guinea pig im sure she loves the extra attention of beetroot juice soaking into her pourse.
    and the statment at the start asked was it "cruel in any way"

    So its okay to dye a dog, but not a guinea pig?

    You, sir, are a RACIST.


    Some downs children can be very difficult and the only way to stop them being distracted is to constantly remind them of the task in hand... though it sounds like these 2 are very impatient... anyway i've already offered my advice

    Don't jump in all guns blazing, basically

    I think if you voice your concerns quietly to the head of learning support but also acknowledge that you have no idea about the care that needs to be provided but that you just couldnt quite understand why it was so full-on?

    Cari x

    Quote from Atomik

    I hope your fuck buddy replaces you with an inflatable doll. :harhar:



    edit: rather that than another woman :p there is something quietly reassuring in a plastic doll being preferred to a real woman - i think maybe its because you can call madness on that one :p

    Quote from Atomik

    Kinda confused. Where does the "natural or good for us" bit relate to this convo? Think I missed a beat....

    to eat meat?

    The bit where you where saying about iron and meat and whether it is actually more or less benificial and being mislead and people being finikity made me wonder is veggies would eat muddy broccoli

    oh wait that was the off topic bit

    one of us is stoned and i don't smoke weed :p

    Quote from Darkflame

    I don't know - maybe I am overly fastidious :( I've always felt it was somehow part of the whole OCD thing - I can't really help that :( I don't know why I get irritated by it - why do you have irrational fears?

    Because i'm a human and i'm not perfect....

    Same as everyone else - which is why i remind myself not to get too pissed at them, even if it is just inwardly :)


    And atomik, i also can understand the whole fish thing... i have never liked the taste of flesh but then when it comes down to whether or not it is natural or good for us, how many people would eat brocolli covered in soil or a half rotting banana?

    Or roadkill?


    Always a difficult subject :)

    Quote from Atomik

    I'm not a purist personally, but I do think it's important to draw a line in the sand about what is and isn't veggie - simply because once confusion sets in, standards start slipping and companies start to label all kinds of crap as veggie. I think it was Somerfield that were actually selling fish products with a veggie label.

    Yeah, so what is wrong with

    Flesh in general and its by-products






    See i think that is a very oppressive and extremeist view.

    You call vegtarians who eat haribo liars? See i am offended because i am sure i eat things with extract fo something in without realising it... and i'm obviously not lucky enough to have an anal vegetarian pointing out to me all these things which may or may not contain meat....

    Why can't you mentally just let people do what they please? Why do you get so angry?

    Quote from Darkflame

    I've upset to many so-called vegetarians by pointing out their haribo that I just leave them be now... still annoys the hell out of me though...

    but why?

    Why do you want to point out their one little vice? When they obviously try hard to remain veggie? Especially if they have not been brought up that way!

    I think its just because YOU don't eat haribo and its not fair because THEY get to eat it and you DON'T. :p

    Quote from Darkflame

    I would not have been preachy or insulting. I may not even have told you. However, in my eyes you were not a vegetarian at that point because you were eating meat - whether you felt you had a choice in the matter or not. Thats just the way I see things - no offense is indended.

    Which is fine....

    Its whether or not you choose to inform that person of that fact if they believe the opposite which is the clincher

    you can help by replying to my last on topic post, here you go :rolleyes:

    Quote from capn

    did you look like a hippy, goth, or something like that?

    i had dyed black hair but it was really patchy and shit and basically looked the epitomy of someone who hated themselves intensely, had no clue about what you were supposed to do, say or look like to be cool, really weird looking overplucked eyebrows, school uniform 3 sizes too big, stoned, always looked subversively troubled and had the biggest school bag out of everyone because everything was treasure and worth keeping

    sort of makes you stand out a little as an easy target /grebo/lesbian/boffin/freak/weirdo (apparently)

    Quote from Atomik

    Yeah, but many veggies and nutritionists will tell ya it's perfectly possible to eat a veggie diet and obtain sufficient iron, whatver your medical condition. The meat=sufficient iron thing is a bit of a myth, IMHO.

    Maybe so. But when you get out of bed every day and pass out then spend the rest of the day staring at the wall and someone offers you a way to perhaps get a personality and some vigour again its very tempting to try.

    I am vegetarian. I do not eat meat.

    Regarding iron and veg, I never denied this fact. Nuts. Green Vegetables (Raw). Iron supplements. My iron levels are still low but much higher than they were.

    When you can't find the energy to pick your socks up off the floor and someone tells you meat is the way to get your energy back then its a very tempting prospect.

    Quote from Darkflame

    Iron problems are a tough thing for some veggies... maybe eat some other iron rich food like spinach?
    I suspect if I had a friend who called themselves a veggie but ate meat for their iron levels I'd tell them I didn't mind - but in my eyes they wouldn't be a vegetarian.

    Yeah but that is just you being a little bit precious almost... not meant in an offensive way but i was doing what i was medically advised to do but still was repulsed by meat... i was frustrated as it was forcing myself to eat something which made me retch let alone people going "meerrrr you are not a vegetarian dirty dirty dirty"

    Its so uneccessary... I didnt get pissed off in year 11 when becky martin who claimed not to have eaten nestle in 5 years decided to forgo her lifes anti-nestle effort to eat chocolate ice cream with me when she was stoned... after all the preaching, moaning, etc etc etc

    I think that people are paranoid enough about their eating as it is without other people making them feel bad or guilty for eating certain things

    Wish people would forego preaching for logic sometimes... everyone can reach the conclusion they want to reach on their own... we are all responsible for ourselves surely!

    Its liek someone eating a cream cake and someone pinching their underarm and going "tut tut tut, fatty!" The same logic of allowing the eating effects of others to effect your life. Bleurghh. x

    Quote from capn

    when you say "loads", approx how many times?

    This is something I'm researching

    please PM if you dont want to post here

    i dont mind it was a while ago

    it was mainly when i was younger but twice by people on their own and 4 times by people in a group.

    that feels like loads to me but maybe it isn't

    it was unprovoked


    I was veggie and have always hated the taste of meat.

    By age 17 i was passing out and having constant fatigue because my iron levels were so low, mainly because i was vegetarian and didnt get much exercise. I tried to eat sausage rolls and bacon and not utterly repulsive meat for a little while but still called myself a veggie because i had been a veggie for 17 years and was experimenting quietly - but got so much shit from my so-called mates because of it i stopped trying to eat meat. My iron levels remain far too low but meat tastes rank.

    The end x