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    The food costs are staggering - a friend of mine works in Tesco and she says that the cost of the same type of milk varies up to 50% extra! People don't complain because they don't notice as it's something most people buy regularly.
    How can a loaf of bread be priced at £1.50?! We make our own here - Lidl's flour 60-odd pence a bag and you'll get 3 loaves out of it :p (tip - don't buy Tesco's own white bread flour. Nurse Veg is convinced it is part flour and part powdered gluten it is so weirdly elastic :rolleyes:)

    Everything from food to toiletries is going up - we've become a bit sad about the whole thing, actually, as this 'recession' nonsense seems to be encouraging some of our raw material suppliers to up their previous costs. Our prices are staying put despite their own increases but we're more than a mite annoyed as it appears that some large companies are trying to cash in on the 'credit crunch' :mad:



    I'll echo that, moyne. Despicable behaviour. :mad:

    My gripe today is about people on other forums. I am tired of coming across aggressive ranters :wall: - it is so exhausting, peeps. This is the loveliest forum - by far :hippy:

    Unfortunately most supermarket Red wines are filtered through fish guts:vomit: (sadly a lot of the organic ones are too). But Bio-dynamic wines are usually Veggie and Vegan. You can get them in Peckhams and places like that:D

    Wow! Quite a response. I have to say I really do agree very strongly with the comment about it being wrong for Religion to be taught in schools as fact. People find life 'easier' when they have some kind of A , B. C guide. It often allows them to cope with all the negative aspects of day to day living. Its rather bizarre that people allow themselves to be conned like that. I have a friend who finds it comforting that he has a set of moral absolutes to cling to in times of upset. Hmmmm. . .

    All fascinating stuff. Thanks for your thoughts and comments. Just wondering has anyone read Richard Dawkins book, The God Delusion? I think it puts the case against there being any 'fluffy beared fellow' to bed quite succesfully. I would like to point out that I don't have a problem with Christians, indeed I have several friends who wear it on there sleeve.

    What really fascinates me is the fact that most people who would describe themselves as religious find it difficult to substantiate what it is that they get out of being a 'believer'

    Oh I quite agree.:) Religion and Spirituality are different. I think it was clear that I was referring to Religion in terms of worshiping a 'supernatural' power. Infact I would say that I am spiritual myself. I have been attuned to Reiki. Its important to remember that you can be spiritual and not religious.

    Any Atheists around? I've been one forever. I can remember back in primary school finding Christianity a bit contradictory. As I got older I discovered I was a Marxist/Socialist by nature so thats when I understood why I don't believe in the existence of any god. None of that 'mystical' nonsense has made any sense to me. I doubt seriously whether its possible to be a Free thinker' and religious.