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    I think we should forgive, but not forget. I would like more openness on all sides, military, paramilitary, police, everyone, about the things that were done during the troubles. I don't know if Mr McGuiness spoke to anyone about his past honestly and in detail, if not this story will never be told. A lot of the people who were involved in this are getting older and we may never know the full details of what happened.
    I think the long term peace in Ireland/Northern Ireland needs more openness, honesty and then forgiveness.

    I think you are all being very unforgiving. I grew up in Derry/Londonderry and was on the other side of the divide as a child. I was told that this man and the people in his community were evil. I am sure that he did terrible things in his life but he also lived in a place where there was a lot of brutality and hatred from all sides.
    He helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland, but he did play his part in making it a very non-peaceful place. I am not a Christian but the bible has that phrase about god being happier about the 1 evil man who turns to goodness than 100 people who stay good.

    RIP Mr McGuinness

    I've been to try it out, it's about 2 mins on a bike from my house.
    Very nice food, the battered sosmix sausages are good. Did not try the tofish so can't comment on that. They do very good stir fry as well and cakes. Matter food took over a more traditional Chinese take away and the people who ran that take away have stayed on to cook so there is a good blend of typical take away and organic vegan food. Will go again, although it is a bit more expensive that most of the take away food in Fishponds.

    Got an asparagus bed in the 3rd year now. Had a few nice spears last year but still getting established. Needs a raised bed all to itself, good drainage and lots of manure over the winter.
    Has anyone got any advice on managing asparagus beetle? I get lots of them and the only way of controlling them that I know is to squash the bastards which takes a long time when there are about 50 on the plants.

    96 people died at Hillsborough and it took over 20 years to get an inquiry. There was clearly an organised conspiracy to cover up the truth but those involved were determined to ignore the obvious truth. After a long campaign by families, Liverpool football fans and some MPs the truth finally came out, although some still try to hide it. We still await prosecution of those involved.

    No-one died at Orgreave although some nearly went to prison. There was clearly an organised conspiracy to cover up the truth but those involved were determined to ignore the obvious truth. there are some people campaigning but not enough. people don't care about miners. Most probably think they deserved it because of the tory propaganda at the time.

    I've been cooking them for years. Some of my tips-

    It is always good to add some type of veg finely chopped or grated to the nut roast. This will improve the texture and add moisture. I have tried squash, carrot, courgette, globe artichoke, sweetcorn, aubergine and also mushrooms. All are good. Pumpkin is not good, to much water and not enough taste. I also often add seeds. Pine Kernels are good, as AW suggests, but they are very expensive!

    I personally prefer white nuts. My current preferred roast if Cashew, Squash and Coriander.

    Don't overcook it as it will not be as nice.

    A different option is to roll it into a sausage shape inside some baking paper and cook this rather than using a loaf tin. Open the baking paper with 10 min left of the cooking time to give it a brown crust. I got this from a Jamie Oliver Xmas recipe.

    Keep experimenting with different recipes. There are lots out there on the internet.

    Very good festival, I also loved it. Has now been at that site for a few years and some of the early issues (long wait for the shuttle bus) that i noticed 2 years ago have been sorted. not much of a wait to get on and of site. The music highlight for me was Carolyn Hillier and Nigel Shaw, then Bones, who are them with a guitarist.
    The preparation work put into some areas, like the fairy glade, was amazing. Top of my list for next year.

    First. you said you started taking the first tablet at night. I suggest you take it in the morning. This is most common with SSRIs as they can cause a bit of increased agitation in the first few weeks while your body adjusts to the meds and you could start to have disturbed sleep if you take it at night. If you do feel more anxious initially don't worry as this is a side effect which occasionally happens. It will pass. It can take 6-8 weeks for a full effect and a dose increase can be required. Escitalopram is slightly different from Citalopram so the doses are not the same for the 2 meds.
    A lot of the other suggestions are valid. CBT is as effective in depression and anxiety as SSRIs and should be available to you in your area. But all suggestions that "this worked for me" may not be very relevant for you as different people have issues specific to them. You need to find what helps you.
    The SSRIs will probably be helpful. Loads of people are on long term prescriptions with no evidence of problems. But I would suggest that you also keep yourself open to other things as well-
    healthy living
    reduce any alcohol/drug use
    And the other stuff mentioned in other posts.

    Hoping to go to some festivals in Wales this summer after a long break, Am going to the Green Gathering but wondered if anyone had been to the Green Man or the Surplus festival .Any advice would be appreciated'

    I went to green man about 5 years ago. It is very different from green gathering. Is a much bigger, more commercial festival. Bigger name bands and a lot more expensive, a lot less eco friendly. If you plan to go you need to get a ticket asap, it will sell out.
    Me and family are going to green gathering.

    I think you should stick with the poly tunnel. I have a poly tunnel and small greenhouse on my allotment and I have found the tunnel to be the most durable of the 2 in bad weather. The greenhouse was given to me and was fairly old and some of the structure is a bit bent so it is not the most sturdy ever but it has damage from the winter. The poly tunnel is ok and now 4 years old. No sign that the plastic needs replacing.

    Why can't John Snow be dead? Martins not in the habbit of rescuing people, although I've watched a YouTube video that claims he is 'The One' as he has bloodline from Ice & Fire.

    There is a bit in the book that implies this. When at the wall Melisandre is seeking a vision of the future for the Stannis, who she believes is the chosen one, but she keeps seeing visions of Jon Snow. I read this as meaning that Jon has a significant part in the plot.

    The Porter pub in Bath used to be a fully veggie pub. At Least I think it was, only went a few times. Proper old pub with veggie pies and good food. Only served alcoholic drinks that are veggie friendly. Googled it a few weeks ago as was planning to go to Bath again and it has turned into a gastropub.

    I think that you need to consider a number of things. The idea of having a trusted friend with you to give you support if required is good advice. You should also consider the environment you are in. Somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed.
    There are a number of different hallucinogens which people take. Some may be more likely to trigger anxiety than others and you need to do a bit of research into what you plan to take. I would also suggest that you start of with a low dose.
    Often people who have anxiety and depression can be prescribed psychiatric drugs. These drugs can affect hallucinogenic drugs. If you are on prescribed drugs or st john's wort you should check for interactions. They may enhance or inhibit the effects.
    Lastly you should try to avoid becoming to worried about it triggering an anxiety attack. There is a risk of the fear being self fulfilling. If you are careful with hallucinogens there is very little risk. In my opinion they are less dangerous than many drugs- tobacco, Heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol, legal highs and many prescribed drugs are more dangerous than sensible doses of mdma, psilocybin or mescaline based drugs.

    While cycling home from from work this morning i passed a UKIP billboard in Easton, Bristol. It showed the union jack with a european flag invading the centre of the billboard as if it was taking over. The slogan starts- Who realy rules britain?
    Someone had come alone in the night, riped of the bottom half of the poster and sprayed on- "Rich white men". Made me chuckle on way home from a long night shift.

    A secretballot, with universal suffrage is corrupt? Come off it!
    The reason UKIP won't win is that they will not get enough votes! Simple asthat, there is no conspiracy.
    As for Libertarians, this country probably had that back around the 1850s. Ifthe public wanted libertarians in power they’d vote for them.

    I don't think our current voting system is as "simple as that". In the euro elections we will use a regional PR system so UKIP and the Greens will get a few seats as MEPs. But in the UK general election, under the first past the post system they will probably not get any MPs. It is possible that at the next general alection they could get a few million votes and still their electorate will have no representation in parliment. How is that fair? Blair and Thatcher had massive majorities after getting a relatively small share of the electorate voting for them.
    I think that the current electoral system is actually helping UKIP. They are outside parliment so they are not presumed to be corrupt, like the "mainstream" political parties. They can therefore tap into the public mood of distrust of politicians to gain votes. However, if you actually look at the record of their MEPs they are the most incompetent politicians, lining their pockets with expenses, hiring their wives and mistresses in their staff. If they had members of parliment they would soon lose some of their popularity.

    We have got this mattress-…nd_made_cotton_mattresses

    Have the double size. Me and wife usually use the cotton mattress and put our 2 kids (8 and 6) on a inflatable double mattress. The cotton mattress is not the most comfortable (is not very thick) but we use it quite a lot when visiting family as well as camping.

    The 2 kids find an air mattress very comfortable but we have found that they are always getting leaks (especially when kids bounce on them cos they think it is a trampoline). We have bought cheap ones from Tesco or more expensive ones from camping shops and it does not make much difference.

    We have got a 5 metre bell tent. Have had it for a few years now and it is very good. Has survived quite a few camping trips inluding some very wet and muddy festivals. I had to waterproof it at the end of last summer. We have one which has a seperate ground sheet. It has been very good to roll up the walls when the weather is very hot, although the inside of a bell tent is usually a lot cooler than a nylon tent in warm weather. We also have a inner bedroom which is enclosed, like this-…etre_bell_tent_inner_tent

    We easily get 2 adults and kids in the bedroom with lots of space to spare. And we also have a rug like this-
    We put the rug on the front half of the tent which we use as the daytime space with the bedroom behind it. The rug adds a lot of weight if carrying stuff at festivals.
    As Alices wonderland says it is very easy to put up. Probably takes me about 10 mins on my own, quicker with help.
    Me and family are also going to greengathering and will have our tent there.

    Vanishing Point (1971)

    What a cracking arthouse film!

    This is a great film, a hippie classic.

    Last night i watched "The Art of killing", which is a very good film. Is a documentary about Indonesia. The film makers befriended a group of men who were paramilitary gangsters during the 1965-66 military coup. The main man in it estimates that he killed about 1000 people during the purge of comunists. The film makers use their love of old american films to get them to re-enact some of the killings. This film is not an easy watch, there are times when you are shocked by the banality of evil, with occasional moments towards the end when some of them start to reflect on the horrors they have done.

    Worth watching but very depressing

    I think that we all have to find a balance between knowing enough to be reasonably informed about the world we live in and not spending so much time watching bad shit happening that we become hopelessly pessimistic about the world. I have a pretty high tolerence for bad news without becoming to unhappy about it. I find reading a newspaper less depressing that watching TV. A lot of the TV reports from war zones often look like they have been set up by the TV crew. Does anyone remember "drop the dead donkey" which used to be on channel 4? I know that bad shit happens in Syria, Pakistan, wherever but i think that sometimes the pressure to generate content for 24hr news channels means that there is a lot of manipulation by the people reporting what is happening. They probably do have a genuine desire to highlight injustice in the world and shake up people.

    Has anyone read the Iluminatus! trilogy, a hippy classic. If you read it you will be able to see the Fnords in the news. :tinfoil:

    This woman was failed by the system that was put in place to protect people.
    If she had such extensive problems wh way was she allowed to have and keep so many kids? Surely this was was an accident waiting to happen - the mother and social services are equall to blame, as in the baby P case, 50/50 and both should be equally punished for this, in my opinion.

    I think that if we look at this case or the baby P case, or victoria climbie case or the many others in isolation then it looks bad for social services, and other agencies. But we have the benefit of hindsight and we can look at a few of the warnings that were not noticed by professionals. But these people are often drowning in a workload of high risk cases. Any one family could end up in a critical incident like this. They try to use there judgement and experience to identify the most high risk cases.

    The average length of service of a child and family social worker is about 18 months. It is a very stressful job. They are encouraged to take risks to try to keep families together.

    Historically social services have been overzealous in removing children. Google "cleveland child abuse scandal" to see the other side when to many kids are removed from parents.

    Divide and rule, works every time. Encourage the poor to fight amongst themselves while the people at the top gather a larger and larger share of the power, resources and money.

    Who is the poorest of the poor?
    Hating immagrants, muslims
    "lazy" dole scroungers.
    Same old tory bollocks

    I have made some jams. We have a plum tree that we planted in our garden and i have made lots of jars of jam from this. Have been using the jam to make steamed puddings as we do not use much jam and we had loads of the stuff. Unfortunately the tree has currently got silverleaf desease and we have had to hack it back so no plums this year.

    Worst thing i ever made was horseraddish sause. Have a couple of plants on the allotment. The sauce was nice but the process of making it was painful. The roots have to be grated and they give of throat burning fumes. Imagine chopping hundreds of onions in an airtight room and you are somewhere near to the horseraddish. I developed a good meathod which involved opening the door and windows, put horseraddish in blender, press button, run away, come back in 5 min to turn of blender.

    Also make courgette chutney as i usually get a big crop of this from the allotment. I give away a few jars of produce at christmas.
    We usually make all our own cakes, including the birthday cakes for the kids which can be quite elaborate. Also do christmas cake, puddings and mince pies.

    I don't think that Ian Brady truly wants to die. As others have said he eats toast regularly. The hunger strike is a way of gaining attention (successfully, unfortunately). It is unheard of for a mental health review tribunal to be held in public like Brady's. He gets more publicity than many other people who have commited equally awful crimes. He is playing games so that he gets in the news and to some extent we are complicit in this by talking about him.
    His previous idea to get attention was to suggest that he might recognise the burial place of his missing victim if he went on the moors. So he got a nice walk and lots of photographers got long lens pictures of the evil Mr Brady. He had no intention of identifying the burial place. People started to realise that he was taking the piss so they stopped him going out for walks. He has chosen the hunger strike as another way of getting attention.

    From the review tribunals point of view he does not have capacity to make his decisions because he has a diagnosis of schizophrenia as well as sociopathic personality disorder so he cannot chose to starve himself (assuming that he did actually want to do this).
    Personally i think that if someone commits such horrible crimes and there is no evidence that they will ever be able to change as people to the point where they can repent/ask for forgiveness/appologise or become a "normal" member of society then they should probably spend the rest of their life in a locked prison or hospital. They give up any right to chose when they die when they are convicted. They lose their right to many freedoms and the right to die is one of these. I do not think that we should even be considering any exemption in the case of Ian Brady.