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    Are you sure about that? You didnt have to provide medical records or go through the job centres medical staff before..did that change? It obviously helps if applications are backed up by doctors/professional reports/something other than your own word,but its money to help with care needs not to do with employment so its different to the incap/'employment support' allowances,I think..

    I think the internal assessments are just for the ESA.. but when I checked online and with my advisor that was the information I was given. Although, it wouldn't surprise me if they misinformed me.. it wouldn't be the first, and certainly not the last time!

    Hey Jenna,
    I'm in a very similr situation- im jobless and on June 30th I will also be homeless... =[

    Is there anyway you can take your course to part time based on your circumstances?
    If you can prove that you are getting a maximum of 16 hours a week education, by filling out a form and getting your tutor to write you a letter; you are totally eligible to claim for both jobseekers allowance and housing benefit. As well as that, you should see your nearest council- being a single, young female about to be homeless you will get some kind of emergency accomodation. It might be a bedsit for now, but it's better than nothing.

    Even after that point, if you find somewhere private to rent, some councils have a scheme where they will gaurantee your deposit. To go with it, if it is unfurnished the council, YMCA and job centre all have either grants for furniture, or schemes to get it uber cheap.

    Some housing associations offer similar services to the council if you are to become homeless in 28 days or less, so you should check those out as well.

    Hope you get it sorted x

    PS: I saw on here that someone said to apply for DLA.. unfortunately, you now have to not only provide your medical records from the doctors for proof of this, but you now have to go throught the job centres own medical staff to get it. The other option is ESA (Employment support allowance) which is the replacement for Incapacity Benefit- and has exactly the same application route as DLA. I was refused applications to both of these things, despite being on medication for depression and an anxiety disorder which, tbh has left me pretty incapable of I don't really think it's easy to get on either of these anymore =[
    Alos, if you were to be accepted onto either of these, I think the 16 hour a week rule still applies for any work/volunteering/educational training.

    try visiting there's some self help guides on there with techniques on breathing and controlling panic etc. I've been sent there by a doctor today, and I feel better already knowing I have more control than I though!

    If you search Panic Attacks, then you want the topics with white page icons.. the rest are mecdical doctor jargon.

    I find life drawing really hard- Im not good with people or faces, when it cme being realistic.. I tend to end up making abstract mess or mechanical types instead....

    Good for you PTM :)

    I like to feel like I have a routine, so although they arent always the most pleasant days, makes me feel settled, sounds a lil odd but im sure you get the meaning. I just evil PCOS monsters didnt make them disappear, and re-appear at unconveinient times!

    Hi All

    I have received 2 paymetns for the stuff in this thread- one from Mama Bee, and another for £4 that has no names on it? I dont know who this is from =[I think this is from Kimpie but I am not sure?

    Anyone else who still wants their item, can you please PM your address, and what it was so I can send them out this week =]

    OKay, you are all welcome to what you have asked for, shall send you all a PM in a mo!

    PTM can you let us know if you want no10 prettyplease, then if not we can send it to CotW :-)

    21. Crazy scarf! Not summery but hey...
    £4 please!

    22. Purple Skirt..originally I wanted to make this into something but I cant be bothered! I think it's a 12, I'd have to check the has a 32" waits, and is made my Nomastic
    £6 for this please

    22. Crushed black velvet skirt... size 14-16..maybe an 18 is it is stretchy...about ankle length on me and an Im 5'1"!!
    I would like £5 for this please..

    23. Crochet? I assume beanie hat... doesn't fit my dreaded head anymore =[ I have had it since I was 12!!
    £3 for this please

    And finally...breathe....phew.

    Please check back at the end of the week, I might lower some prices if Im desperate haha!!

    12. Giraffe top size 14-16 £3

    13. Another AWESOME top but this has taken a beating... the armpits have been repaired a fewtimes and the back stitching is a tad...well crap. £4 for this please

    14. Size 14 Jeans- these have bearly been worn, as I prefer massively baggy trousers... they are a lil scuffed at the bottom though as im a short bum. Wide leg, can give measurements for all the trousers if need be. Made by PSL. £12 for these please!

    15. Awesomely cool-but never worn widelegged trousers.
    Blue and shiny fabric with bright orange piping...
    ..unisex I guess, 34" waist, about 35" leg!!
    Made by rushn in Australia and never worn (no tags) I would like £15 for these please!

    16. Im so annoyed about this top! It sold on ebay not long ago for £27.. and then the bidder pulled out because apparantly 'her daughter abused her account'. Aahh me and my kindness let her off... =[ Amazing black gothy/rave top with elasticated chest, D-ring straps, 3/4 sleeves and ribbon. Its in immaculate condition since I have only worn it once-in my house. haha.

    Size 12-14, but no bigger than a C cup if you dont want your boobles on show...Ill be cheeky enough to ask for £17 since it sold for so much originally :(

    17. Light bklue/washed denim trousers, wide legged/hipp type... Size 14, I reckon maybe a 12 with a belt as they were a little small when I was a size 14..(a long while ago =[ )
    Worn at the bottom and frayed, tiny discolouration... so better for the shorter folks! No longer than a 32' leg! I would like £12 for these please :-)

    18. CyberPink dress + top together... These are stretchy as say they would fit 12-16. I bought them forever ago and they cost me a lot but I never wore them!!
    Selling together for £15... but would gladly seperate them if not...

    (the top has been sold on here before...but the person that wanted it never got back to me?)

    19. Sorry for the pic... arms are getting tired here! Brown Diesel skirt 14-16. Has a drawstring. This skirt is in perfect confition- i only wore it once and that was to my sisters wedding.Its so nice to wear cause of all the meshy layers! Who knows why I own a diesel skirt :S haha. I would like £14 for this please!

    20. Burgandy/Dark purpley Velvet Jacket Size 14. I LOVE this but it doesn't fit =[ Please excuse the pic!! Id like £12 for this, postage will be higher since it's a bit heavy!

    ....aaaand yet more to come!!

    I am moving out at the end of the week, and have all this STUFF to get rid of!!! All this stuff is in great condition hence me selling it... but if you dont let me know you want ti by the end of the week its going...going..gone (I don't mind waiting for payment either).
    I no longer have a paypal account, so can only accept cheques/postal orders =[

    Excuse some is not rotated... everythings going slow and I don't have time for these things. ( too lazy..)
    All prices include postage!

    1.Blue Top, slashed, size 14. Might be a tad short for those with bigger breasticles. I would like £5 please!

    2.Multcoloured hippy top 14. Possibly a small 16- I have a halterneck version of this. The logo WILL wash clean off after the first wash...eeep =[
    I would like £5 please!

    3.'Born Dead' tee with slashy strung togetherness. My favourite top EVER =[ but it doesnt fit!
    Size 14 I would like £6 please!

    4.Rolling Stones official tee
    Size 14-16 I would like £5 please!

    5.Long mesh sleeved top with dark blues/greys tiedye
    Size 16 I would like £4 please!

    6.Green 'titcurtains'
    (sorry ahah, I don't know what they are called!)
    Size 14-16-possibly a smaller busted 18 as it's stretchy.
    I would like £5 please!

    7.Brown with a built in strap top underneath.
    This is a bit short so 14 I would like £6 please!

    8. Long tunic/islamic type top
    Ideal over a strap top or the beach maybe...beaded neck with 1 missing bead. Size 14 I would like £4 please!

    9. Black strap with built in bra.size 14-16. I would say a Ccup, D cup at most... I would like £3 please!

    10. This top is more beautiful than the pic! this pattern is ihgden under black mesh and is actually quiote subtle and glittery, i just can't seem to get a better pic :( I wore this all the time so the armpits are a lil bobbly, but it's SO comfy and lovable, and has an awesomely cool squared neck!
    I would like £6 please!

    11. Epicly Sleeved top, from nomads or Nomash or something (I cant be bothered to look..) size 12-14-16. Probaly a little baggy on a 12, and slightly short on a 16..but hey ho. I would like £6 please!


    okay...there's trousers and more to follow.... hooooold yer horses!!

    These photos are beautif8ul, who cares if some self-titled pro doesn't think so :P

    At the end of the day, art is always down to a matter of opinion-theres no wrongs and rights, and theres no definitive argument!

    I think these photos are great. And now I have an urge to go break into some abandoned buildings and rekindle my naughty-kinda-stolen-photos streak hehe.


    still waiting for camptertess to post her tattoos of epic proportions :D

    ANd rainbowwarrior....i am sorry to hear that, it seems like a lovely ideo for a tattoo, something with a real meaning. Similarly, I had my tattoo as rememberance for a friend I lost x

    Not bad for a free PC :thumbup: built out of parts donated by my BF2 Clan members. All PC parts and monitors were free, (except keyboard) and the desk came off Freecycle!

    Running XP Prof on SP3
    2GB Ram
    250GB Hard Drive
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.0GHz
    Graphics: ATI Radeon X1950 Pro
    Case: Akasa 62
    Mouse: Razer Copperhead
    Sound: Creative Fatal1ty Gaming headset + some cruddy desktop speakers.
    aand a pretty old Sony SDM X52 15" LCD Monitor, and a secondary non-descript, massively old migraine-master of a monitor.


    And here's my other desk.... usually houses a Gecko but she's with someone else for a lil while...

    Its actually a bit tidier than usual, covered with uni work and computery stuff. And that mark on the floor is a stain from where our friend dropped a red hot LASAGNE on my boyfriends bass guitar. THAT wasnt fun!