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    wow excellent so glad you liked it

    I thought i had do something for you to be able to use it .New to all this techno stuff :D

    I can build you a computer from scratch, but ask me to use a mobile phone and i'm stumped XD to quote neil from the young ones " fear!!!!"

    Much love dude, thanks again

    Sorry to hear about the future job loss. I hope it leads to a good change for you :)

    I'd stear clear of those proper hippies mind. Scary folk I tell you!

    I used to go and visit an elderly lady near to me quite a bit because all her family and friends live the other side of the county. She believed whole heartedly in homeopathy and would see her little homeopath chappy once a month.
    Four(ish) years ago she was diagnosed with cancer behind her left eye and put on that lovely NHS waiting list to have it operated on. When her turn finally came she got so scared she refused the operation outright.
    Short time passed where she carried on going to homeopath dude before being called in for a scan to make sure the cancer isn't getting to a no-return state....


    That's enough proof to me that it works in some way or another. Whether its actually through solutions homeopathy provides or just a strong placebo effect created in our own beings. If we believe something enough, who knows whats possible

    I think a really useful thing is deciding what you'd like to do. I'd never been sure on what I wanted, only that most jobs didn't appeal to me. If you’re anything like that, then I suggest you look at as many job websites/papers/etc just to get an idea of things out there. If one catches your eye then you've got a positive goal to work towards. If you can put the oomph in and have that little bit of confidence (Not always easy) that you can achieve something you put your mind to, then sky's your limit.

    My sister always used to think the worst of every possible outcome -That she couldn't do it, no one would want her, it'll all go wrong - because she thought that, that way she wouldn't be let down by things going wrong. She's since changed her attitude that she can do what she puts her energy towards and has since been so much more prosperous. She had a half decent job and is now engaged and expecting a baby.

    The point I'm getting to is that the attitude you have towards yourself will be reflected towards others, and if you can give yourself a bit of lenience with a bit of luck the future will be bright for you. Its not easy, but best of luck anyway. :hippy:

    Bratz dolls annoyed the f**k out of me when they first came out. They represent the sex driven, binge drinkers brittain keeps calling a growing issue.....But then I read the name

    Brat - a child, esp. an annoying, spoiled, or impolite child (usually used in contempt or irritation).

    That sums them up pretty well I think. An ironic piss take really.

    It would be nice if kids had the sence to think they look like clowns, but i'm sure its still putting idea's in heads that would be best avoided.

    I've been threatening to go vege for ages now, but because my primary job is working in a kitchen I decided i'd have to wait until I didn't need to try food.
    Driving back from a youth project I work on a white rabit jumped under my car and left me devastated that i'd killed it. If you can't kill something yourself then I don't think you deserve to eat it so I stopped. I'd like to think it didn't die in vain now though because its passing on will save many lives that I would have previously consumed

    Remote controling anything living is an idea with only evil at heart....But I have to admit relocating all trafalgar pigeon's to the guttering and roof's of downing street would be one hell of a laugh....mwahahah

    Is gliter rain a nice way of saying sulphor?

    Saying that, i've had some lovely times in port talbot, got in touch with my feminine side AND my cars neither disolved or changed colour!

    Most you guys have seen this before (hell, its most of you guy's faults that im like this in the first place), but just for you.....It's only a shame the sexy pic's of me in a skirt didn't come out :harhar:

    Well if goverment predictions are anything to go by (Which, don't get me wrong because they most definatley won't) I'll have snuffed it by the time we're out of non-renewable fuels.

    Jumping back to the other thing I mentioned at the start. Providing we don't all nuke each other for the last 5 barrels of oil and a canister of natual gas, I still think its going to have a bit of a positive impact on the plannet. Less litter's going to sit around the place refusing to decompose for one and forest's will hopefully disapear slower as I allready said. I guess they'll be an increase in nuclear power, but the stations themself don't actually pollute other than the waste that has to be disreguarded at the end (That fact may be wrong, but im sure it was something I learnt once apon a time).

    Any positive/negative impacts you guys can conjour

    There are parts of europe and definatley america that the hunter-gatherer lifestyle would be realistic. Just not really Brittain. Not enough forest or natural food for 60 million+ people (Im not so sure that pidgeon and seagul would taste that nice either).

    The transition to running out of oil realistically WOULD be slow enough for us to get off our back sides a bit and sort something out, but I can still see a large portion of settled society ending up in a depression. Elderly die of cold, as the prises sky rocket and pensions continue to dordle (If they still exist), the rich with hog what they can and the working class will labour till they drop.

    God forbid a day when people's tv's might not turn on, because there's not alot to do in a city in the dark. Wouldn't be a population decrease thats for sure (Just remember the 77 new york black out for that one)

    Im all for the nomadic lifestyle that loosing oil, plastic's and electricity COULD bring. Most my happiest moments have been spent living in a tent or the out doors, but I'm relitivley sure alot of people these days wouldn't know how to cope, which would be sad in its own right. I suppose over population would become less of a problem :-S

    The biggest floor I can come up with though, is that when Brittain youst to live the nomadic life it was covered in tree's rather than concrete

    The whole world keeps going on about our oil and other natural resources such as gas running out. For the modern world that won't get off its backside and invest in renewable energy sources this is definatley a bad thing. But to the planet's point of view. Just think of the reduction of fumes and damage caused.

    The amazon rain forest for instance is currently being cut down approximatley 20,000 miles per year. I havn't heard of too many solar bulldozers or chain saws and they'll have a hard time taking down 20,000 miles worth of tree's the old fasion way.

    Most of the UK at least probabally own and tv these days and sit about every evening after work watching it rather than doing anything productive with themselfs (I know this to be true. I was one of them). I don't think tv's made entierly of metal would be that safe, so where too then.

    I hope you can see vaguely where im heading with this. Am I just ranting or has anyone got any thoughts?

    Im sure they think the same of us. Humans do nothing for the food chain and my brothers are illergic to those newspapers they keep swinging at us.

    I think the main problem is when people wave there arms at them to shoe them away or start panicing. I've just taken to blowing them away now. They just think its wind and piss off (well thats my theory anyway)

    I had a wasps nest in the attick a few years back and I went up there to get some paint and found a swarm between me and the hatch...not the nicest experiance, but they buggered off up the other end and I made an emergancy exit.