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    I certainly won't be rushing out to buy anything, but might try it with an inverter, others seem to have no probs running them and microwaves are always going on freecycle round here so it would be a cheap option, although I only have 2 x 110ah and a 700w inverter at the mo so don't expect great results!

    I'd be interested to hear how you get on with that. When you say you know others using microwaves, are they living off grid or do they have electric hook ups?

    Kinda given up on the idea of using leccy too, at least til I come across a cheap 12v microwave (might try with inverter), but I couldn't live just zapping food all the time.

    Sounds like you've made the right decision. I'd look into it a bit before buying a microwave. Youre still talking about drawing 65 amps which is a hell of a lot of power. I have 2 x 280ah batteries but I reckon that kind of draw would dip the voltage down too low to run an inverter. Might be wrong I've never tried it!

    I often re-heat stuff in a pan on my burner or get a pan boiling on the cooker then transfer it on to the burner to cook rice or pasta n such.

    Trouble you'll have is if the top of the burner is hot enough for long enough to cook your dinner on you'll be sat in your underpants when you eat it.

    Electric cookers will never work in a van you've got to be looking at 1kw at least if not 2kw. On a 12v system thats 100 amp draw, you'll need cable as thick as your arm and more batteries than you could carry.

    I hate coming in on a thread halfway through cos most useful stuff has already been said and I don't want to keep churning it over.

    But adding to what Misty Maya said our personalities are a mix of biological and enviroment.

    I remember chatting to a surgeon once who said you never know what youre going to find when you open someone up, organs can be of differing sizes and in slightly differing locations in everyone.

    Since our emotions are accompanied or maybe triggered by chemical releases from glands in our bodies it stands to reason that some people will be more prone to some emotions than others and experience them in a more pronounced way because we all have different physiology.

    I'm not saying it's fair to say a baby who is born biologically more prone to say anger is imperfect but they will certainly have a harder time in life learning to deal with that.

    I'd also agree that it's right to describe a baby as selfish. There's nothing wrong the emotion of selfishness it's perfectly natural! We learn to control it either because as I think Atomik was suggesting that as a tool to get what we want we find it doesn't work and learn empathy because that does. Or less cynically because we genuinely do learn to empathise.

    But selfishness still has it's place and is an important emotion and survival tool even in adulthood. Have you never thought to yourself I wish I'd been more selfish about that, or looked at other people and thought they should think about their own needs a bit more.

    One last comment. I reckon that some of the people that shouted jump probably did so more because they had parents who were overly critical of their demands for attention and so they did the same to the guy threatening to commit suicide. Rather than they were spoiled as children.

    I'm confused, meat doesn't make you feel full it's protein if anything it will make you want to eat more. It's carbs that fill you up. (damn I'm tired I just typed feel you up, must have met a randy potato earlier).

    So if you're cooking a veggie dish you just replace the meat with beans, pulses, nuts or dairy and eat plenty of carbs like you would if you were eating meat.

    Surf, if on a micro scale the reactions can be explained using maths, then why on a macro scale does it become random, just because it is incomprehensibly complex.

    Assuming that it can be explained by maths and currently we can't model quantum physics mathmatically because it's too complicated. To include in that model every single atom or sub molecular particle in the universe and how that affects every other particle and then building that up to a philosophy on a macro level of what we as people then do and think. I would say you are looking at so many infinitesimals it's mind boggling. And so the result is that in totality all those infinitesimals equate to randomness. In the same way that in calculus a curve is broken down into an infinitesimal no. of straight lines. In reality it's still a curve!

    So I'm suggesting in reality the universe is random.

    Even if the movement of every atom could be modelled and on a macro level explain all our thoughts and actions it would be so infinitely complex that it would to all intents and purposes equate to randomness and therefore freewill. So in a sense as far as I'm concerned the philosophy just implodes on itself.

    The truth is we'll never know.

    a site in moulescoombe really?! i didnt know about that one. I need to spend more time up at stanmer if im going to be in brighton thats for sure. Ive not been up there in years, i have a habbit of retreating into myself in winter (perfectly natural) but it can get clostraphobic when theres no open space right outside the front door... if you get what i mean :) haha maybe ill come visit you up at stanmer. do you ever do much with the earth ship up there?

    It's quite a big site they've had 5 months there now near Falmer school. I guess unless you drive or take the train to Lewes you won't have seen it even though it is practically next door to you.

    My ex was a plumber at the earth ship I've never been involved though. I'll let you know when I'm next up at Stanmer if ya fancy a walk. I'm meeting Anne and possibly Matt tomorrow in Bexhill walking Anne's dogs :xgrin:

    No I rarely park at Preston Park I'm usually on the seafront and sometimes up your way at Stanmer. I'm in Bexhill at the moment visiting my mum.

    I did manage to park at the level a couple of times, it was a bit of an effort I had to drive the back wheels over the edge and it would just poke out into the road about a foot. Trouble was my door was then about 6ft off the ground and I had to let the ladder dangle down as it wouldnt reach the ground and kind of climb up the side like it was a rope ladder it was crazy.

    Got a few mates on site in Moulscombe but they're being evicted in 3 weeks.

    I really like the idea of Co-housing

    Everyone gets their own space so inside that space can live how you want

    Then there is communal house - meetingspace, kitchen for communal meals, tool store, guest bedrooms, washing machine or what ever the community decides.
    it has the advantage that it can cope with different diet requirements and parenting ideals - often what causes strife in a community

    Hi Shoshana do you know Rainbow housing co-op in MK?

    They own a street of houses. I really liked the concept cos everyone had thier own space plus they had comunal space.

    Might be worth looking at Radical Routes too . They provide financing to bridge the gap between what money you can get on a mortgage + what you can raise between you and in loanstock and the cost of the property. But they only help communities active in social change.

    I thought Kingfisher did a toothpaste for sensitive teeth too. And Weleda who are based near you.
    I'm going to Infinity wholefoods tomorrow in Brighton who stock a large range of toothpastes I could see if I could buy ya some if you like and post it.

    What I'd like to know is who the hell discovered that sticking the shredded stomach of a sturgeon fish in finished beer made it clear in 3 days rather than 3 weeks.
    I mean it's disgusting stuff (I worked in a small brewery for a while) and you really wouldn't want to add it to anything you were going to drink it stinks! I mean who woke up one morning and thought hey lets stick this really stinky fishy stuff in the beer and see what happens. So how did they come across it what else did they try first? The mind boggles.
    There are some vegan ales around, Sam Smiths for one.

    The med students can have me to make their mistakes on for all I care.

    The company I work for supply Arka with the materials to make those coffins. I always reckon when we get a coffin shaped box come in we should give them that. It would save a lot of time and could be their budget model.

    I knitted a dayglow orange mohair jumper (yes its as bad as it sounds) 20 years ago when I was at poly.
    A couple of friends showed me how to knit and we used to sit on the sofa bumping elbows. Students knew how to have fun back then. I've never knitted again but I still have it and even wear it very occasionally.

    It's easy to blame "capitalism" for all the world's woes, but in essence, it's simply an expression of our nature. From the moment we started trading, we've been practising capitalism.

    Exactly what I have always thought. Capitalism is not a great thought out economic model but simply expresses some of humans less appealing instincts of greed, laziness and selfishness. In early days we had feudalism where the wealthy landowners could use their economic advantage to exploit the poor to work for them and that has now grown into global capitalism where it's wealthy powerful corporations that exploit the people and resources of poorer nations with the help of western governments.

    As an individual I'd like to think I try to self regulate my innate greed, selfishness and laziness. These are not qualities to be celebrated and as capitalism is a reflection of these I don't think it should be celebrated either, even though in the west it has undoubtedly brought us wealth and through regulation a better standard of living and greater equality. I don't however believe this can be replicated across the world via trickle down because capitalism ultimately requires inequality to function.

    It's not the world's only economic model for no reason. It certainly has its evils, but capitalism is not the problem - it's a symptom.

    Agreed the problem is that greed and selfishness are seen as leadership and entrepreneurial qualities and valued in our capitalistic society. Unregulated capitalism as advocated by right of centre politicians brings about inequality and social deprivation. Humans cannot be relied upon to regulate themselves, so state regulation is the only answer. The question is what form the state should take whether it is a global state a nation state or autonomous communities. I would argue that a mix of these is required with the concentration of power being at the lowest level possible.

    Absolute regulation of the economy existed under Soviet communism. But when you centrally regulate on that scale and to that degree people are inevitably oppressed by the state. So calling for a single world government is in my opinion asking for an ultimately authoritarian regime.

    It's simplistic to say communism failed. Large state communism failed for many reasons. The large state apparatus simply could not control every aspect of human desire and corruption took place. This in itself is a form of capitalistic greed breaking out. Ordinary people wanting greater opportunity for themselves and seeing the corruption of the state, where everyone was equal but some were more equal than others they eventually overthrew the state. But it was not a total failure economically. It took a country from being very impoverished to becoming a world super power. I'm not arguing it's case as it did this through tyranny and oppression but just stating the fact that often seems to be ignored.

    Small scale communism as seen in Spain, Nicaragua and Kerala failed due to outside pressure but in many ways could be seen as successful. Kerala despite being one of the poorest states in India in terms of gross capita had the one of the highest standards of living for its population.

    People have experimented with philanthropic capitalist models without success as they have to compete with businesses that have no social concern. And are eventually consumed by them like ‘The Body Shop’ and ‘Green and Blacks’.

    I think even small scale communal has its own only works while there is enough to go round, effectively that is tribal living and it only takes one to covet another mans ox and the whole thing goes tits up. Like Stealth (was lovely to meet you and your family by the way), I would love to go back to the days of idealistic thinking, but it isn't realistic.

    So what are you saying? Because in small scale communal societies capitalism raises it’s ugly head:

    … it only takes one to covet another mans ox and the whole thing goes tits up...

    That we should embrace the coveting of another mans ox on a greater scale?

    I believe it is far easier to regulate the excesses of capitalism on a small scale than on a large scale.

    As a westerner living a reasonably opulent lifestyle I would probably be better keeping the status quo. But that probably isn’t an option. The subject of this thread suggests capitalism seen as an economic system is crumbling. But if you see capitalism as a reflection of human nature it doesn’t destroy itself and disappear. If unregulated it just grows to a point where it can’t grow anymore and goes bust. At which point it realigns itself in a society with greater inequality where it can grow again.

    I suspect we are reaching that point, I expect an attempt will be made to control this globally. I imagine this will fail and we will return to something more like a feudal system.

    But I would like to keep my idealistic utopian visions along the lines of William Morris’ ‘News from Nowhere’ perhaps I should add that to the Bookworms forum.

    Sorry for the long boring political post folks......

    I've got a wooden roof and cut a 2ft square hole around the stack pipe and put a much larger stainless steel plate on top to cover the hole.

    You want to cover a fair bit around where the stack pipe comes out in case you get a chimney fire. Seal around the edge of the metal plate with sealant sikoflex 291 if you want to splash out though frame sealant will probably be as good.

    I've also got a metal plate behind my burner but thats more to protect the walls from the heat than to radiate heat though I guess it does that.

    You will get a lot of heat coming off the stack pipe so if its close to a wall you may want to put a metal plate behind that too but probably better to not put the burner or the stack pipe too close to the wall in the first place.

    My burner stands on quarry tiles glued to the floor and is bolted through the tiles and the floor. You could do the same with flagstone or a paving slab. The legs of my burner never get very hot so I don't think there is any problem with expansion.

    He he I'm a bin man....seriously...well kind of.

    I work for a recycling co-op collecting bags or builders sacks of paper, card, plastics, cans, glass etc. from pubs, shops and offices.

    It can be dirty, hard and even stressful getting all the jobs done and dealing with muppets who don't seem to understand basic instuctions like 'do not overfill the bags' or 'no mixed materials' etc but we have a laugh most of the time.

    I like being out and about driving a truck around town and it feels strangely rewarding being one of the unseen people taking all the rubbish away.

    I'd feel worse about working for a supermarket. But I don't mean to guilt trip ya. I worked for a telecoms company for a while when I needed to earn good money. It was corporate hell but it served a pupose.

    - and ive drank a bottle of red wine tonight so yeah . . . .

    You're half a glass ahead of me...I must drink faster :D

    I've lived in a vehicle for the last 8 years and have worked pretty much constantly bar 3 months between jobs.

    It's totally do-able especially in the peak district where there are so many park ups. It depends how much you are prepared to move about. I've known a couple of people who live in small vans that just park somewhere for the night and then drive it to work.

    If you're in something bigger and not so mobile you can always find places next to parks or on the edge of town etc where you can park for a week or two. You just need a number of places you can rotate between so no one notices too much. I've been doing this for about 5 years now.

    If you want to be more static try asking local farmers if they'd let you park somewhere on their land for £20 a week.

    Or get together with other people in vehicles and move onto unused land till you get evicted. I've done this while having an office job. It does your head in a bit though especially as I didn't advertise my lifestyle to the people I worked with. It was a bit of a double life existence. Kind of lucky now as about half the people I work with also live in vehicles so I don't have to explain anything!

    I think the most important thing is feeling confident...don't get put off by feeling 'oh fuck I don't know anything'. Pretty much everything is fixable especially in older (before computer management systems) and bigger vehicles. When something goes wrong you just have to fix the bit that's gone wrong. There are always people around that can scratch their chins and advise you. I have to be honest I hate doing mechanics but needs must and it's great when you've done it. I've known people knock out and replace kingpins on the roadside, drop out engines onto logs and roll them out, etc etc.

    I have an older friend...ok I'm not so young myself...but he remembers believing with certainty that capitalism was about to collapse 40 odd years ago. And if you look back people have predicted the imminent collapse of our society for more than a hundred years. I am convinced that capitalism and the power of the wealthy is very robust. Nonetheless for all of my adult life I have felt that our economy cannot keep growing in the way it has and collapse is inevitable.
    It seems even more precarious now than ever but I don't think 'this is it'. Even so as Atomik says the potential is there and at some point if not now I feel things really will get bad. But as I say a small number of people always have felt that.
    If our economy collapses I really don't believe it will be the rich and powerful that have the most to lose. And Pluto Pete, we don't have nothing, we have jobs we have welfare we have food thats more than your grandparents had.