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    just made a huge vat of broccoli soup, yum!

    if your interested....
    melt a nob of butter, add in 1 onion, 2 carrots, 1/2 leek, thicken with flour, add in 1 litre of chicken & veg stock, add in a handfull of spring greens and two heads of broccoli, simmer for 15 mins, blitz. enjoy:D

    Hi sorry i havnt checked on here for ages! how are you doing now? my sis has recovered completly now, she did get her stictches infected even though i made her air them every day! she was on a load of pain killers, il ask her what she was on. the whole experiance was pretty tough on her, they left her in labour for a few days even though she was nowhere near dilated enough so she was just in unnessicary pain. I hope you are ok and the baby too and il get back to you asap about the pain killers and stuff xx

    aw thanks everyone for your continued support :)
    man this baby stuff sounds like bloody hard work! if your not having your parts ripped open, nipples sucked off or being awake at all times of the night then your going through emotional baggage!

    bit worn out and upset this afternoon, but had a great morning with lots of successful breastfeeding :) hopefully she will get a bit of sleep tonight and be better tomorrow! how are you Sarah?

    Yeah, it was mighty crap. I was pretty furious about the fact that she didn't even seem to care that I was sat right there! I wouldn't dream of doing something like that! Lucie now doesn't want to go back, and to be honest, I don't think we will.
    Apparently the lady who did it was a friend of my friend, when I told my friend what she'd done, the response I got was:
    "Oh, I have to have lunch with her tomorrow, thanks for making it awkward!"


    jeeez, point, missed... slightly?! thats a terrible thing to do to a child you dont even know - they could have all sorts of problems! im so sorry that some silly cow has put your little girls developement back a few months :(

    erm i think they were concerned he wasnt getting anything/enough from breastfeeding, i will tell him about the cabbage! thats to stop the mastitis? how does that work?? and how was that first discovered?! cold cabbage leaves on the boobs stops mastitis? shes just using her hands to express as far as i know, no pump. i think she is expressing because baby is getting very frustrated not being able to feed properly so she is expressing so that he is getting something and hoping it will help the milk come in quicker and so that hes having as little formula as poss. i've given her all the contacts off the sticky on here, she had a different midwife today - one who wants to set up a breastmilk bank at the hospital so hopefully she will have some more advice as she is obv passionate about it! Thank you, he is very very cute :D i think i might be in love, without even meeting him yet!

    Thank you all for all your help :D

    Thanks ladies :) he was born 9pm friday, shes using a syringe and they are giving him little bits of formula from a cup, i dont know exactly who but i believe one of the midwifes told her to express so baby can get some of it, shes still in hospital, they havnt told her when she and baby might be going home. ive given her the phone numbers off the breastfeeding sticky from here, they have told her to feed every 3 hours, should it be more often??

    hi everyone
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. i am trying to help my sister, she has just had her baby by unplanned c-section and is finding it tough breastfeeding. any advice would be great. I have already looked on here and google but i cant really find what im looking for. her milk hasnt come in yet and shes spending ages expressing colostrum, is there anything she can do to hurry it up? or improve the flow?
    Thanks again :)

    aw thanks Sarah, well we've always been really close and can talk about anything and everything, shes my sister and my best friend :-D and shes always been there for me. thanks for all your help. spoke to her again today, turns out the breastfeeding isnt going so well, her milk hasnt come in yet so her and the baby are getting a bit frustrated and shes spending hours expressing colostrum (sp?) il have a look at that breastfeeding thread you mentioned earlier :-) thanks

    @ dawn, thanks, i was wondering about getting her up and down the stairs so we can sit out in the garden and i can chat with her while doing the cooking and cleaning etc so she doesnt get too bored or lonely! but from what you've said she should be fairly mobile by then, just has to take it easy and no heavy lifting
    @ sarah, wow that is a lot of information! thank you for taking the time to type that up for me!
    i've spoken to her today and she thinks they are both getting the hang of breastfeeding now :-D but i will defo pass on your advice. if you dont mind me using up some more of your time... what do i do if she does have feelings of failure to with the caesarean?
    i got a picture of him today, he is soooooo cute!!
    Thanks 4 the love! right back to you and your kids :-) and everyone whos helped

    thanks for replying :-)
    it wasnt planned, shes trying to breastfeed, shes done lots of reading up on it and watching of youtube videos but shes finding it quite hard :-( she has a baby sling but im guessing il be wearing that some of the time as she wont be moving about and they like the movement and the warmth?
    what about just moving around getting out of bed etc?

    my sister has *just* had a c-section, her and the baby are fine :D. he is her first. i'm going to go stay with her 2 weeks from now to help out, hopefully, if i can get the time off work!
    i would like to know what i can expect/do to help? I want to nerd up before i go and dont want to badger her with questions! obviously i will ask her what she wants me to do but i would love to hear about other peoples experiences of c-sections, also i have no experience with babies!
    Thank you

    really i think i just want some reassurance that they will both be ok! from someone who has been through it.

    I've got the same problem in my veg patch, ive now got a mixed bed of onions and spuds, i've left a few of them to grow but the ones which are in the way i've pulled up so as not to affect the nearby crops.

    whats the matter with your beans?

    hope that helps :)

    i moisturise my hands about once aday because i have eczema, my feet probably once a week, i do my whole body and face maybe once a month or less, sometimes when ive shaved my legs i do them aferwards if i remeber! so they might get it twice a month, lol.

    i use vaseline essebtial moisturiser for body, face and legs and vaseline intensive healthy feet and legs for my feet

    hi dj
    i was wondering if you could have a thyroid problem? both my mum and sis have 1 and were so worn out and tired with it, it also affects peoples moods and with the anaemia, maybe a acombination of the 2 is giving you those symtoms?
    what about taking some multi vits? if ur short on iron mayb ur short on sumit else too?

    hope all goes well tomorrow :)

    [quote='starpoi','']Ever wandered how much stuff you can balance on a sleeping cat before he wakes up and moves?

    i can defo, hand on my heart promise, no i have never wandered that! before now!

    hilarious, thanks!:D
    you have two lovely looking happy cats, i love reading all ur posts about them and seeing all the pics!

    sadly i work for part of tescos, u didnt mind it when ii started and was part time but now im starting to hate it.

    ive done a few different things in the past, wwoof-ed for 2 years, worked for government, jewellery shop and a net curtain shop