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    Ok, Awesome...She's yours, well Sarah's!

    As soon as I know the exact day I'm getting the car, which could be as soon as Thursday, I'll let you know and we can make arrangements for you to come and collect.

    I'll know more on thursday...and I think I have Sarah's mobile number.:D

    I love the way things "click" into place sometimes!:hippy:

    That was quick!:D

    Can I just make it clear that she may need alot of welding for the MOT, before anyone gets too excited. She dos'nt look anymore rusty then when I bought her a year ago when she had just passed, but she is a transit and shes definiatly rusty in places.

    She's a good van though, I've had her a year , done 4,000 miles, all the festis with all my kids and extended family. She's not been a problem at all.

    Would love to see her go to a good home.

    Hi folks, I'm getting a motability car so I dont need my van anymore, so I'm giving "Tinkerbelle" away.

    She's an 1994 Long Wheel Base mid top Diesiel transit.

    Was a 14 seater minibus now has 8 seats (inc driver) all with three point belts. Windows at the back of the van are tinted black, nobody can see in but you can see out.

    She's Army green.

    MOT till 24th November, Disabled tax till 31 Dec.

    Fully working. (ignition is barralled, speedo sticks at 40 and fuel gauge dodgy when in last quarter)

    She'll be free to go to a new home sometime between 7-14th of October.

    She can be driven on a Cat b licence and she has a tow bar.

    I'm thinking she'll need a fair bit of welding for mot and new windscreen wipers. Otherwise seems fine. I replaced brakes a couple of months ago.

    We are in Bath.

    Good luck!

    Toilet = shovel

    heating = wood burner

    Cooking= as above or maybe a gas hob connected to a bottle.

    lighting= candles

    washing= whats that?

    water = a butt, find the nearest spring or stand tap or public loo.

    get a big dog for protection.

    and prepare for polite requests to farmers to stay on their land in exchange for rent or work to be met with "fuck off you pikey and get off my land before i shoot you"

    That was my experiance of 7 years in a caravan/van.

    I still miss it:D

    Wow, armed with info from you lovely peeps I found the number for the local Traveller Liasion Eduction Service and asked them how I do it. The woman on the phone was lovely and said just tell em and if they give you any stick tell them to ring me!

    So I rattle of two emails one to my daughters school and one to my sons special school. That was yesterday...both schools got in touch to ask which type of traveller to tick on their form and thats it! all done!:D

    yippee! so now we just tell the school when we are off travelling and off we go!

    I was all ready to explain how my mother is a traveller...blah blah

    Well chuffed xx Thanks guys, did'nt have this system when I was at school and I never would have heard of it but for you.

    See ya at Avebury if ya going for solstice xx

    Hi don't know if you got my message, but we are seriously interested in making an offer on this if can get more details . My contact details are: deleted , Cheers, Lou

    have copied and pasted your details and sent to darth vader as a private message. Must remember this is an open forum and anyone would have access to your personal details.

    Love Moyne

    thanks for the interest but.....this add is over a year old:D (and the gyroscope loooong gone) xx

    You can just turn up with a baby and say I need a birth cert!:D

    Do you want an unassisted birth or is it more that the midwives in your area are shit?

    Cos as well as independent Midwives, there are some "lay" midwives about. Hippy/traveller women who have caught alot of babies in Benders and buses etc.

    let me know if your interested and I can put you in touch.

    Big hugs and kicking birthing vibes your way xx

    I'm dreading the teenage years...shiver....

    You know how miserable all this is making you feel. She's bound to feel worse because she hasnt the experiance, maturity or knowledge to help deal with it. She has all thoose raging hormones and the terror of impending adult hood and the fear of losing your love.

    Happy secure children/teenagers dont behave awfully. When I was an awful teenager I felt un loved unwanted insecure and terrified.

    Do you love yourself? Do you love her? Does she know that she is lovable?

    Maybe try and snatch a quick moment and dig out the old baby photo's. remember your little girl. The one you carried, the cute things she did as a toddler, fisrt day at school etc. And when your in that love zone, try and convey that to her? And trust yourself, you are her mother she is your daughter. you know what to do.

    Whatever she may say, she loves you. "mother is the name of god on the lips of small chldren"

    Its a hard time for both of you. You are seeing her change from a child to an adult and she is seeing herself change and you change from "god" to a mortal being with flaws, which is how all adults see their parents. That change of an absoulte rock in life is hard for everyone whoose ever grown up.

    Love yourself, trust yourself, trust her, love her. The love is there, just embrace it.

    Big hugs xx

    first month for number one. did'nt try for number 2 he just came along after his one oppertunity (my and hubby were'nt getting on) and number 3.......I had sex once in 3 years, a one night stand, with condoms.

    Remind me to never have sex again:eek:

    are you washing it too frequently? i used to work with a biracial girl who didn't see the black side of her family - for years she struggled with her hair til she made some black friends and apparently she was washing it too frequently (having been brought up in a western family she just did what everyone else did :)) she eased off and started using oils on it and it sorted itself out :)

    :D We are a bunch of smelly
    hippies who hardly ever wash their hair! if anything I prob dont wash it enough. I can see how alot of families could make that mistake.

    Thanks everyone for all your suggestions and comments:thumbup:

    I use coconut oil on my hair. You can get it in a spray now too. It's fantastic. Being adopted I am not sure where half of my heritage is from. Often I am asked if I am bi-racial though. You can coconut solid oil which you rub in between your hands and it sort of melts then you rub it into your hair and sleep with a towel on your pillow. Next morning you wash it off but the oil sort of lasts in your hair all week. Keeps it really soft.

    Ah ha! thanks ness! I've tried coconut oil but I did'nt wash it off the next day and her hair stank:o I shall try new improved method.

    Thanks guys:thumbup: your fab!

    Olive oil spray sounds good, hmmm all good suggesstions. I will look on youtube, I never would have though of that.

    Sadly no hairdressers around here but shes got nit eggs from last nit attack and most hairdressers wont touch.

    I've had dreads myself and have never successfully got nits out of them. I've always had to resort to the clippers.

    Arlia, I would love to see a picture of little one when they arrive!

    I'm after the old hair advice. I'm not putting chemical products into her hair and I'm not keen on cornrows (fiddly, require 2 year old to sit still, not quite sure how to do them)

    And some moral and ethical dilemas along the lines of why should I try and tame her hair into a western idea of beauty/accecptable? But her free flowing afro thats half the size she is, has practicul problems as well as loads of stares, exclaimions and commets. Can I place her under that much attention?

    I've never been successful with dreadlocks and nits myself so I'm not keen on that idea.

    She hates having her hairbrushed and it gets matted really easy so I'm looking for somthing...anything....??

    OOO my mum is looking for a livin vehicule. She does'nt get to england till the 8th Sept.

    But if you still have her I'm sure she'll snap her up! Prob go straight from heathrow.

    And me mum is old school traveller/hippy/new age so your bus will be in like minded hands:angel:

    Can you drive her on a cat B licence?? (cos when my mum goes abroad again in the spring, I could inherit!!!)

    I cant keep on top of the housework. I've really tried and I've gone through phases of feeling like shit because I cant do it. But I cant.

    Well I can if I do 4 hours a day EVERY day. If I go out one day, or somthing happens, or someones sick then it all slides as in I need to find 6 hours the next day and that dont happen. So its either have a life or a tidy house. I'd love to have both but it seems I have to choose and I'm the sort of person who needs to get out of the house every day or I go bonkers.

    I had planned to spend the whole day doing a blitz today but I opened my eyes to blue skies and found myself on a train to the seaside instead!:D

    I admire and respect people who can do it.

    I have a 3 bedroom masionette, a 9 year old, a disabled 7 yearold, a 2 year old, a dog and a cat, if anyone wants to give me any pointers!

    Oh and lovely name Ash, good choice ( my son is called Ash too:whistle:)

    hhmm there was the coppers who skined up in the riot van outside stonehenge.......

    but apart from them, never ever met a good copper.

    got beaten up plently as a teenage girl for being crusty traveller, road protester, hunt sab, animal rights type.

    I was at the G20 and alot of the time the police were chilled but when they layed into people it was horrible because 99% of the people there were not up for a fight ( i have been at plenty of protests were the protesters were)

    I can believe that there are good coppers out there.....just never seen them...even as a child.

    I put mine in the middle of the bed and pulled the pillows apart so there was a wide gap between them at the head of the double bed.

    After boobie and snuggles I'd push them up till their head and shoulders were in the gap and the rest of them covered in our duvet.

    tricky if you have to have them on the outside... sure theres way's around them.

    My eldest was in her own bed at about 14 months, my son stayed till over three and my youngest is 2 and a half and is just started to be interested in her own bed. I'll miss being kicked and having her hair up my nose all night long!

    but hey shes toilet trained herself this week:thumbup:

    enjoy, it really does fly by.

    Cool thing you sit in, someone turns the handle and you spin all over the place in different directions. NASA use similiar to train for anti-gravity.

    Great money spinner for the festi circuit. hand powerd. mounted in its own towing trailer. Fits people from age 8 up, skinny, larger all seems fine.
    Quick and easy to set up.

    My mum bought this in winter to do the fest's in, took it out once this winter and now shes emigrating to Canada instead.

    I think its going for about 3 ish grand (cost 5 grand new).

    its a rare model, not many like this about.

    I have seen long ques at festi's for a go on theese things for a fiver a pop!

    Any questions just ask.

    have a look at photo's on ""

    cheers xx