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    Did you use wall paper paste to stick it to the wall?
    It looks fab btw!
    I did this with cut out pics of fish/dolphons/sea, etc from mags in my bathroom.
    It's fun.

    Plastic bags are NASTY...plastic wrapped food is NASTY.....plastic toys are NASTY...but people use them....without thinking about where they'll end up.....

    thanks girls!
    I'd love it if more people would try and be more creative and make their own clothes....I know not everyone has the skills or a sewing machine.....but everyone can learn!

    Mono.....:) you could make some really funky trousers the same style....I might be making some soon!

    Boz........Well....I make clothes from recycled and reclaimed fabrics....coz I hate mass produced rubbish clothes with big tags and big prices....that are made by kids, who are paid pennies!.....and I hate the thought of millions of clothes being put into landfill sites and thrown away just because they're not in 'fashion' any more!!!!
    I want people to become aware of the endless possibilities of turning your old clothes into new fabrics that would otherwise go in the bin.......
    I usually make my clothes straight onto a tailors dummy, without a pattern.....sometimes using a charity shop bought slip or vest to add the fabrics to....
    and just go for it!
    I feel great knowing that I've made something individual and one off that no-one else will's eco friendly and handmade......
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    thanx so much everyone!!!
    It's fun and fairly easy.....

    and Fleassy~~~ that's part of it...fabrics do go in different directions....but I think it adds character if some parts stick out or tuck under.

    Princesstigermouse says~~~"I wouldn't use the word 'nice', personally, I guess because I feel that implies that people who are assertive are less 'nice'... which I don't think is true."
    I do agree!.....I am more assertive than I used to be....because I don't want to be unhappy with certain things anymore...

    Medusa~ You have some good points there...and No...not all 'nice' people are doormats, and yes some 'seemingly nice' people are doing it for attention......

    When I was younger I was seen as false and too nice...but I was only being myself, and the friends I used to have were confused by my kindness and quietness and laughed at me or called me weird.
    It was their misunderstandings!
    Yes I get angry and mad sometimes, like any human being...but even then I'm not taken seriously....
    It's hard for me to express my feelings sometimes, but that's the way I am.
    I was brought up sheltered from the world, but that's part of who I am today, and it did me no harm.
    I am a very sensitive person, very quiet and very considerate of other people's feelings...and Yes I'd rather be this than angry at the world!

    'NICE' may not be the right word here......but for those who are trodden on for just being themselves.....I give you a big:bighug:

    Atomik~~ I kinda had a feeling you weren't!

    Hightower~~ yip...I think we can only take so much of being used!

    Hedge~~~ I'm beginning to realize that I have to move on from being a doormat...

    Pheonix Bunny~~~ we are so alike.....

    Sometimes I wonder if being too kind and nice to people is your downfall....
    Do you get trodden on for being too compassionate?
    Do you get walked on because you're not assertive?

    Are you too forgiving?
    Too understanding for your own good?

    Were you brought up in a sheltered environment and feel like you can't handle the nasty things in life?

    Do you trust people too much?

    It's OK to be these things.....I don't think there are enough kind people in the world.......but how do YOU survive?

    I just wanted to remove some of the items, coz I've put them on ebay.
    the 2 skirts at the top, the jordash top, the denim skirt ..((the yeti thing, and your dress too)) Samy.
    thanx hun xxxx

    Physical freedom or freedom in relation to the material world or physical environment, natural or technological. This covers freedom from the shortage of the basic needs of life, the requisites of food, clothing, shelter and healthcare; freedom consisting in safety from life-threatening calamities and unfavourable natural conditions, i.e. to have, among other things, beneficial natural environment; the wise use of natural resources, requisites of life and technology in such a way that they serve man to enhance his life-qualities and the man docs not become a slave subjected to them for his good or evil, happiness or sorrow.

    Social freedom or freedom in relation to other people, community, society or social environment. This is represented by freedom from oppression, persecution, exploitation, injustice, crimes, violation of human rights, discrimination, violence, terrorism, conflict, fighting and war, the non-violation of the Five Precepts, or, in positive terms, good and friendly relationship with neighbours, social welfare and such values as equality, liberty, fraternity, discipline, respect for law, tolerance and cooperation.

    Just read all your stories......:hug:
    I love my children to bits and they are my world....I am proud of them for being brave, strong, individual, creative, happy, angry, loving, special, adventurous, talented,little beings!
    I am proud of what they've taught me and how they've given me hope.
    I'm proud of the gray hairs, the dark circles, the saggy boobs, and the stress....
    (well sometimes!)
    I couldn't live without them!!!!

    ooops ...Samy...I keep editing the prices on these things....stop jumping in that quick!!!
    All prices are sorted..♥

    I know what you mean though S.....I have to stop myself from buying things...I have no money, and need to tell myself NO more clothes and boots...I DON'T need them!!!!

    I've just bought a Jordash dress for £40 and need to try and sell some of my old clothes to pay for it!!
    I don't really wear these anymore....

    Atmosphere teal green TOP
    with slightly flared sleeves. size 8-10.
    as new...£5 + £2 p+p

    ~ size 12. £5 +£2 p+p.

    Miss Selfridge
    gorgeous silky top. size 8.. £4 + £2 p+p.

    H&M TOP size 10 (small)...£3 + £2 p+p

    Handmade TOP~ by me.
    one off.
    size 10-12
    gorgeous velvet fabric with silky blue lining.
    has been worn.
    £8 +£2 p+p.

    Black top~ size 12?
    £3 + £2 p+p.

    I think it's great that you want to learn more about other religions and that you are open minded about it.....most Christians I know wouldn't even consider acknowledging that there is anything other than 'their god' and their 'beliefs'.
    and I found this thread really interesting!

    theyre truely amazing! I'm inspired to have a go now!

    You should!!!
    You'll have great fun!

    Just remember not to overheat the clay...coz I found out that it goes brown and blotchy if you do....and the fumes are nasty!

    JO~~ I put a hole through the neck and at the top of the arms...then stitch them onto the fabric body.

    Cally~~~ thanxxxxx
    Spoz~~~I'd seen some amazing ones on Flickr and thought I'd try making some in my own style....I wanted them to be otherworldly-the borrowers-hippie dolls!
    I love making them!