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    if your going to suggest rehoming id advise you to stay well away from bigger rescues, rspca, dogs trust etc. These rescues will pts any dog with a colourful past. believe me!!! i can put you in touch of small none destruct rescues who can help. but everywhere is full at the moment. it took me 4 days to sort out a foster placement for a ddb x sbt who was high risk of being killed. luckily my magic worked but i had to pull in alot of favours! good luck tho

    can you borrow a trap? from the local vet, cats protection league, wild life place? That way you will have a better chance of catching the fox. After you have caught him/her because the animal will be classed as wild life the vet shouldnt charge for exanimation. (check with them tho) if alls well you can release the fox near where he/she was found. if not contact your local wildlife centre. Not the rspca. They will euthenise! They dont make money on wildlufe so why treat?? Poor things that end up in their care. If you cant find a trap give me a pm and ill get one to you

    If your vet gives you frontline - it wont work. Flea's get immune to things that are meant to kill them. We used to have the combo which worked - but i dont know whats best out now. Apart from hoovering everyday, cleaning all the floors - you need to get some bug bomb type stuff - maybe phone the vets and find he best type that will work - even in the cracks of wooden floors the little buggers can hide for a few days. If you dont treat every single egg by the time winter comes you will have the same problem as they will hatch when your heating goes on.

    As reguards with the sray cat, phome your local rescue centres - try to avoid the rspca tho as they will pts, maybe the cpl will help you out - ask them for a crush cage and then you could treat the stray - even if they cpl wont take him on at least he would have been treated and will stop possibly infecting you cats. Good luck

    we got back from off grid yesterday and there were loads of kids there. My little toad liked it alot. If your little one if only going to be 6 monthsish next year she proberly wont be doing that much still so you wouldnt have to worry about them legging it when you have your back turned!But when that time comes i'd highly recommed a nice trailer or a truck - we even had a white picket fence to keep the boy child in for this year :whistle:.
    AND when we went down to the barn on the last night and we had a really heavy downpour, then went for a pizza and back to the trailer the front step was under water and the water was half way up my boot! That was funny and reminded me of 1 of the reasons why we dont do tents!

    I dont know what other good kids festivals there are, the green gathering was excellent for kids 5+ and sunrise was a washout! so we didnt get to the kids area, off grid is the best 1 tho. Even some ofthe people there dont get that messy - until apparently 2 in the monring! But by then most kids are tucked up in bed

    Dont think thats the same one, but a chap who was at the healing fields (shepton mallet) left and his cart got ritten off. His cart was also a stage which is a massive shame

    My dog Jake has a very sensitive gut so we have to avoid alot of foods. I spoke to my dog trainer about this and she suggest autarky - which is holistic and very very good. I suggest you speak to someone who knows what they are on about and get good advice

    Does anyone know if theres another way onto the site? When you go in the main gate and you have to be hearded up the wooded path? Its just if thats wet people are gonna get stuck!

    Its so sad that the cuntcil cant to this decision on Len, but this is happening more and more, he was offered a home in the USA but they would allow that - personally i think because of his body condition. After 2 years being on his own in a kennel he was bound to be pretty fucked up - there are apparently pictures of kennel hands playing with Lennox, the same people who said he was aggressive.
    I dont believe he was aggressive at all tho - but as ive said after 2 years being alone he isnt going to be in a good condition mentally.

    The cuntcil dont DNA test either so they were only going by the measurements of him - i'll have to find out what they are

    The owners tried their best but sometimes it just doesnt work - rest in peace Lennox x

    Problem is, some breeds are still inherently more dangerous by nature (not necessarily in terms of aggression... but in terms of the damage they can do if they do become violent). Allowing animals of that nature to walk the streets is irresponsible. Where do you draw the line?

    If they become violent - maybe. But alot of dogs that you may consider agressive really arent. There have been alot of reports of staffy type dogs attacking people/animals and i dont think it means that the breed is more aggressive, it means there are way way too many of them.

    Alot of staffy types dont want to fight or like to fight, if they have been trained by their owners to be aggressive then thats another problem all together - and it takes alot of work from rescue people (if they are luck enough to go to a rescue) to retrain them, socialise them etc - The line should have been drawn ages ago, the goverment should have got their fingers out and done something e.g conpulsary neutering to ALL dogs - not just staffys and the breed of dog thats 'in' as well as mico-chipping, licensing etc. And they should atchally check up on this, instead of hoping people will bother when we all know certain wont bother - failing that they should show the owners what happens to a dog in a pound who has had their 7 days and didnt find a rescue space!!

    I'd stay away from free to a good home - you never what health problems they may have - which is a shit way to think but as you are well away vets bills can be very very high!
    If i were you i'd keep doing what your doing and the right 1 will come up, or look at local rescue centres to yourself. I dont think your rushing into it at all hun, getting another cat helps with the healing process in my opinion!!

    Good luck and so sorry to hear about your loss x

    Well thats pretty good. He proberly wont learn tho!! If you know people or yourself who lives close so you can see if he ends up buying another dog - report him.

    Thanks so much for the update and if for some reason something happens and they cannot keep the pub give me a holla and i'll help out with no problems x

    Yeah it can be done but takes ALOT of work and time, which alot of people cant be bothered with. Jake is still a bugger with other dogs but off the lead he is ok, but his recall isnt great so he doesnt get off the lead much unless i know its as safe as poss. Luckily i have found a massive massive field where only a few dog walkers go. On the lead he is a nightmare with other dogs.
    The other day he was on the lead as usual and we stopped for a break when some retatarded owner let his dog come up, i had hold of jakes mouth at this point and the owner just said well umm yeah he's not friendly is he, i then say could you call your dog please. To which he said i shouldnt walk a dog like that here!!! I did reply with he is under control, he is a good dog but this isnt the way you solicaise dogs and its YOUR fault. He walked off quite quickly.
    Last week as well i had the 2 dogs (both staffy's) and my son walking when across the road i saw a staff x pitish type and he came over, massive fight broke out, i ended up back at mine and the dog ran into mine, no owner was about, no collar on the dog. None of the dogs were hurt but things like this will make Jakes condifence go straight back down again, normally i would have dropped the leads but it was right next to a vey busy main road. I did find the owner and needelss to say i wasnt happy!!
    It people like this who give staffys and rescue dogs with problems a bad name

    yeah it does, i would ever ever buy a puppy tho from a *breeder* and would always say people should rescue dogs and if you can get a rescue puppy then thats a winner. With rescue dogs its a bit of a ball game - you never know what will happen, my dog Jake was so scared of my sweeping up, was skin and bones, very scared of blokes and a nightmare with re call and dogs on the lead! He used to be a bugger when left alone and would get mega stressed and rig everything to shit, bit now i can leave him for 2.5 hr's and he is happy with his kong! He is a brilliant dog now but it takes time and understanding.

    Again i wouldnt ever exchange money for a puppy, we (rescue workers) lost 3 dogs last week due to a dog pound and full up spaces so very well dogs had to be pts.

    Most staffys are great with kids/cats/dog. Most dogs are great with kids/cats/dogs its the training they have when they are younger that will fuck them up! I so wish i had Jake from a puppy, he would have been more of a fantastic dog then he is now but hey ho you cant have everything.

    Im glad the pups got a new home and didnt even up like 1 of the hundreads they die everyday due to stupid cunting owners!

    I'd phone your local vet and ask them what to do, it may cost you but sometimes good vets will let you pay in installments.
    The dogs mistrust can be ok for vet treatment but thats it in my opinion. The pdsa are excellent for people on low income but you have to be in their catchment area.
    If it came to it and she needed to see a vet could you borrow some money from someone?

    There may not be much investigation they are willing to do because of her age but may reccomend something or just help her pass over the bridge!

    It horrible when dogs fit and even worse when their time to go is coming. Good luck

    Aww bless you, has the other dog been taken off him? I can also help with that too . . .
    so glad he isnt being pts, i fyou need help with vets bill etc also give me a holla and i'll see what strings i can pull

    Because he is so young he will recover from this and it should effect him too much but bull breeds are lovely.

    Hopefully the owner will get what he deserves as well, i hate things like this

    It happens way too much

    Maybe if the dog is desparate for a home take him on - bull breeds are lovely - if you could find out what has happened to the dog r.e rehoming and if they are stuck give me a shout and i'll put you in touch of some rescues and help get rehoming sorted x x x

    No people dont take it seriously enough. Its proberly easier for some people to jump into bed with whoever, get pregnant, get a council flat and benefits then it is working. Its a new society now and people dont want to work - why should they when they will proberly get more from the goverment.
    Alot of people do have a child because it will fix their relationship - so they think. But with all the tirness and their worl being turned upside down totally it generally never works.

    It would be an ideal world if people didnt breed so early on, i waiting until i was 27 before getting pregnant and i was the last one out of my school year to become pregnant and have a child! Alot did it when they were in school which is madness to me.

    yeah i meant the year you passed your test!

    I dont have any pics of the inside but it has a double bed, 1 place to bung clothes, 1 corner shelf. Then enough seats for 6-7 people with storage underneath, Bulter sink, oven, work surafces, storage for food, burner, nice oak floor, some lights, a shelf or 2, more storage for odds and ends. Think thats it

    Thought i'd ask on here if anyone would want to buy a proper live-in vehicle!

    Shes a bedford MK 4x4, 6 months MOT
    Double bed, burner, cooker, butler sink, storage etc BUT shes a big big truck and you will need to know how to drive trucks before even considering this.
    Shes been painted by a top artist, with the trees thats on the picture and The green man on the back. Also with a Wanksey on the side (which are pretty rare as well as only a few rigs have them)

    Shes got 2 seats in the cab, big boot for whatever you desire. We are open to sensible offers over 3k

    andy lorry side 008.jpg

    I had a hospital birth, wasnt going to try the home birth. It was alrite, as well as it can be - i ended up with 3 different midiwfes (i think) because i was in labour that long. They let me do what i wanted which was excellent - i would have done it anyway. They gave me what i wanted etc so it was pretty cool. As for the waste e.g gloves and all that stuff - when your in labour you dont care what they use!!