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    Yeah I am feeling lots better, still a bit in pain but I am taking tramadol and rubbing heat gel on my back, and that seems to be working with the physio exercises.

    I am hoping to go back to work on Monday, as this is a week I've booked off.

    My main problem now is sorting out the financial problems which we're quite worried about... well there's always something!!!! I hope my back continues to get better/stay the way it is, because I really need to go back to work.


    Enigma's Mum, it has helped my peace of mind going to the physio, I can't believe that a few exercises could knock me about so much, though! She wants to see if the pain will go just by exercises and pain relief first so I am going to stick to everything she has asked of me, and go back to the docs for a different pain killer (cuz the ones I have definitely aren't working!)

    Alices wonderland, I totally understand your post. My mom has been battling back/neck/hip pain for over 20 years now, and I've seen her at her low and times where she's been better. I know it's possibly going to be a long process, and I honestly don't think I am ready, but I'll have to deal with it, and I know I need to do it in a positive way.

    My main concern is financial issues (even though I know I should be worrying more about my health) Bloody sick of taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back!

    Saw the physio today, she was a really nice lady. She thinks I have a pinched nerve and has given me some exercises to do - but is concerned about the lump on my back, so if this doesn't work I'll be referred for scans and stuff.

    I feel awful atm though, feeling sick and pain is every where in my body. :(

    Thanks for all the replies x

    Thank you

    The pains are all very different, I might try writing everything down, because I have so much to say I often forget bits when asked about the pain.

    Waiting on a phone call from work about sick pay, so I am hoping it is good news and I can relax a little for now.

    Thanks Sarah, x

    What is Reiki?

    A lot of people have suggested cannabis to me, but I'm not too sure about taking it!

    I know that IF I lose my job and have to claim benefits that we will not have enough money coming in to pay all the bills etc. I think this is why I am feeling worse, the fact I am worrying about what may happen if my back continues to be in constant pain. We have literally just got back on our feet and I feel so guilty :( :(

    I have just got up from lying down for three hours, and the pain hasn't eased, I'm just going for a walk now to ease up my muscles and see if I feel better from that.

    My right leg and foot feels like it is going numb, and I thought it was because I was cold but I have warmed the house up and been covered up, so I'm not sure!!

    :( Eurgh

    Sorry you had to go through that Julian :(

    Whenever I lie on my back it kills me, I have like a lump on my lower back above my bum that really hurts, so I usually lie on my front, which apparently doesn't help but its the only way I can get comfortable.

    With the pain threshold, I don't know - because sometimes it eases off I am thinking that maybe I am better and I am making too much of a deal about it? So when I try to do more and it hurts I get so frustrated with myself!

    They have gave me 2mg of diazipam to relax my muscles and make me sleep, but I didn't sleep til around 3 am this morning because of the aching when I was lying down. My dad had tramadol when he had is quad bypass surgery last year, and he said I should ask for them from the docs to help with my pain - but if I am taking that strong a pain killer then surely it is something serious?

    I think I will see the physiotherapist tomorrow and then call up for another doc appointment.

    I really am scared of losing my job, and having the claim benefits. I know I'll have to inform our landlord, which I am not looking forward to if I need to do that!

    Thanks everyone, my mom has similar problems to me (they can't actually diagnose her) which is why I am also getting worried, because the doc did mention something about genes, but they're sending her for tests for it. She does have artritus, but has had hip, back and knee problems since she was my age, so I guess I am worried of not finding out like her, and being like this for a long period of time.

    Vik, I have tried dicloflex, co-codamol, they've given me a pain killer called Naproxen and I have been taking diazipam on the evening, non of them have helped really, pain has gone way a little occasionally band I then do housework/move about more etc which results my back being more swollen and more in pain.

    You haven't scared me, I think after the physio tomorrow I am going to go back and ask for scans. I want to go know whats going on before the end of next week, because I have booked a week off work next week and want to know where I stand! The pain surely would have eased off after 2 weeks if it was temporary?

    Hibinator, believe it or not, frozen goods on my back is the only thing that soothes the pain, but like everything else it's temporary :(

    Thanks for everyone's relies and support x x x

    Hey everyone,

    I know I haven't posted on here in a while, but I am just wondering if anyone can give me some advice as I am in quite a tricky situation at the moment.

    A couple of weeks ago I started having severe back pain, to the point where I couldn't stay still OR move without some sort of pain. I have had this pain before, but never this bad, and I have always been able to push it away. It is in my lower back, in my hips and buttocks, and travels down my legs sometimes.

    I have been back and forth with the doctors as I've recently moved so have only just registered with my new GP, but they have said I probably have Siatica and the best they can do at this point is refer me to a physiotherapist and give me pain killers. I am going to the physio on Thursday morning but any pain killers I have been given has not helped the pain :( The best it has done is eased it for a couple of hours but it has returned after.

    I don't know why but I feel like it's something worse - maybe I haven't got a strong pain threshold or what - but I literally cringe when I move, the pains are always different, sometimes stabbing and shooting pains, constant aches and burning, and like my bones are grinding together which makes me feel like cat nails going doing a bloody black board!

    I am really worried because have been unable to attend work it has been that bad, and as we have just moved, it hasn't really helped with me being off work as I'll only be getting SSP. In my contract it says I get 2 months full pay if I am sick, but I have only had the job a couple of months, even though I have been with the particular company since May, so my boss isn't even sure I will qualify for full pay. I cannot sleep because the pain is so bad, and because I am worrying about paying next months bills. I really thought this time our financial situation was sorted, and then this comes along. I feel so guilty, even though I know I can't help it. Jamie is always so supportive, but I just feel like shit!

    If anyone has any advice for me, financial or otherwise, I'd be very grateful, but I know this is a great place for getting things off your chest. I feel like I have moaned about this pain to everyone a bit too much recently!

    Cally x

    I would definitely avoid private renting, the benefits that come with social housing are so much more better.

    The knowledge I have is that to get a transfer all you simply need to do is let your Housing Officer know you want a transfer, and they'll let you bid on properties again once they come up. It helps if your current accommodation doesn't need much work doing to it and is easy for them to let out again.

    Nope, not since I got a full time job/ moved in with my boyfriends mom and had no space to create. I feel lost without it, though. Perhaps coming back on here may inspire me to do something smaller but still creative. I do miss it so much! x

    I also realised I was panicking about stock but had plenty, too!

    I found handmade cards, printed cards, postcards and smaller pieces sold a lot more than my more expensive pieces and made more money that way.

    God, this is making me miss crafting :(

    Definitely do it! You'll find you'll learn a lot just by doing your first one. How you like to run things, preparation, etc. Beth helped me a lot when I did my first craft fair, she sent me a whole list of things I'd need and she was absolutely right about everything. I don't know what I'd have done without her help!

    I wish I could locate the list now and give it you! I'd definitely get some business cards done, bags, and plenty of change

    Good luck :-) x

    I am having difficulties trying to find out whether there has been some (very) recent changes to classic car insurance?

    Jamie has his test in a couple of weeks and we're preparing to get a car and looking at insurance quotes. A couple of weeks ago we were happy to know that if we got a classic car (which is what we wanted) then the insurance would be £800-1,000. I checked it out on all the comparison sites with various cars we were interested in and it was all good.

    Days later I checked again as we were ready to purchase a car. It was over £2,000. Now I'm not sure whether I have done something wrong to miscalculate it or whether something has drastically changed. I've tried finding out but haven't come across anything.

    If anyone has any suggestions or has heard anything about any changes it'd be good to know.

    Recommendations of first time cars would be awesome, too :)

    We had the Frontline spray off the vets. Didn't work. One of the cats started losing his fur o.O

    We've managed to get it down some, I'm taking the advice of vacuuming every day. One in the morning and one in the evening, and it's calmed down.

    We're going to the vets at the end of the week for some advice and I think Percy needs anti biotics because he's allergic to fleas if they get too bad it really effects him.... :(

    I agree about looking up on the organization, it impresses them if you know about what they're about. I think the reason I got my current job was I did a bit of temp work there a few years back so just quickly bumped my memory on what the organization was about.

    Good luck, I hope you get it :-)

    There's so many empty properties that need little work to them which could benefit so many people. I just don't understand the way our current government think. Make squatting illegal and build *MORE* new homes which our generation will never be able to afford to buy anyway, and struggle to rent without help. We've recently had to move in with my boyfriends mom because we all were struggling to afford to keep a roof over our head, let alone keep warm in the winter. And we've all got jobs. We're all quite lucky to have each other for support.

    There's a gorgeous house next door to us that has been empty for 20 years. Roof is a bit dodgy but that's it! The owners want nothing to do with it because of the family feud and has been forgotten about. It is such a bloody shame that there's thousands of properties like this - yet there are families living in crowded accommodation and people on the streets.

    Me and Jamie did a couple of them in our old house because strange things were happening. A lot of 'messages' came through which some were weird but in the end we both came to the conclusion that we'll never truly know and that we may or may not have subconsciously moving the glass ourselves. I tried one without Jamie in the same room in the same week and nothing happened. I believe my boyfriend has an over reactive imagination.

    I'll always been wondering what the hell was happening in that house, but I'll probably never know!

    I've got people who haven't had flea problems and I've noticed it's because they don't have many fabrics in their house. Wooden floors instead of carpets, blinds instead of curtains etc. So I am wondering whether we are just missing eggs because we have so much fabric in the house!

    Argh it's so annoying! Combed them through this morning - only a few. Combed them through 20 minutes ago and there's at least 30 I've caught! I can't sit down or relax without itching (think I'm slightly paranoid) just don't know what to do now!

    We've spent so much money on flea stuff, too! I've noticed disinfectant is working a lot better to kill them once I've caught them than something I spent £5 on!

    Hey everyone!

    I know I haven't been on here for aaages (so hello :waves:)

    Basically I have just been woken up bitten to death by fleas and I have to be up in a few hours and I just need some advice as I'm just losing my mind now!!!! We don't let our cats out (due to the main road) so they are house cats. They started getting fleas about a month ago and it's got increasingly bad. We thought we had it under control the beginning of the week as they have had spot on treatment and we've sprayed the whole house, washed everything and cleaned all carpets through out (there's only one carpet in the house in the living room up the stairs so it's not that much.)
    I have combed them all through today and found a considerable amount, again!

    Around the same time we started having this stray male hanging around. He's white and you can practically see the fleas on him! I am just wondering whether it's possible the fleas are somehow getting onto us or getting in through open vents and causing an infestation no matter how much we clean?? Should I phone RSPCA about him?

    Help would be very grateful, we've tried everything!!