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    We've just been to the most amazing little festival in Doune, Stirlingshire, Scotland, called 'Doune the Rabbit Hole'.... if its running next year I would highly recommend it - AMAZING!!!! Beautiful countryside, Beautiful location, Beautiful people, Beautiful music - everyone was buzzing round with Beautiful smiles it was that... Mega (lol, bet you thought I was going to say beautiful... well it was that too! Amazing vibes and so relaxed - everything you'd want) :D

    Oh and we're off to Solfest and to Eden - Cannot wait!!!

    Had a fantastic time too! Did you get out before the field started to flood on tuesday? Was sooo good getting a proper pub lunch in carlisle on the way back home though - pity they got rid of peace cake cafe, I was a bit miffed about that. supergrass were ace, blinding in fact, worked our way down from the back of the crowd by the beer tent to the very front. You may have seen me in my pink wig tiara and wand, sprinkling ppl with pink glitter on my way. :)

    We're heading down either tomorrow (hopefully if we get our gear sorted) or thursday early morning to help with the finishing touches and for me to probably control the kids while glenn (my partner helps do manly work on the site), lol. If you like hot showers and coffee, try and camp near the entrance as there is a great solar powered shop with sauna and showers which are free and you just donate whatever you can - I always pop £1.00 in at least. Oh but don't take our space :pp .
    I shall be very much chilled by saturday night - can't wait to see supergrass, last time I saw them was 04 glastonbury and they were fantastic!
    Have you got your fancy dress costume for the weekend?

    It will be fantastic! My friends run it and it's incredible to see what they've done. It won the family festival awards over all festivals last year and has something for everyone. Try and camp near the entrance if you get there early as there should be a tent there which in the back has free saunas and showers which you be believe me are unbelivable after a heavy night (you just give a donation if you like). Food is good but can be expensive but then no more so than other festivals. Some lovely places to visit nearby if you're able to drive. I'll be rambling about and it'd be good to see anyone there. Soooo looking forward to seeing supergrass. If you're a meat eater try annettes cumberland sausage as it is second to none.
    Be sure to get involved in some of the workshops. A beautiful lovely friendly place and they are sooo on top of keeping the toilets clean (cleaned about 3 / 4 times a day) which for us ladieez is especially important!! :)