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    Knowing that someone else considers something is "wrong" is *not* the same as "knowing it is wrong" (except in a culture addicted to conformity)....

    knowing that something is considered wrong is exactly the same as knowing something is wrong ,
    we are talking about 2 10 year old kids who knew what they had done , who knew what they were doing, and i hope that from the moment they open there eyes in the morning they are racked with guilt and i hope they find it hard to live with what they have done ,

    NO I wont sign it,
    these where children aged 10yrs old that commited a crime - why should they be locked up for longer than grown men who commit the same sort of crime.

    I agree they should have got the same sentence as ian brady, these "children" tried to disguise there crime by putting his body on a rail track so they new what they had done was wrong,
    the petition has been around for a long time and does no good at all,

    there are two reasons the bnp got elected and they are 1 they were voted in and 2 , people didnt vote at all ,had all the people eligible for voting bothered i bet bnp wouldnt have got seats ,
    ps i have never voted in my life so i suppose i am a little bit to blame

    i live on a boat a 57ft x 10ft6in widebeam with all mod con 42 in plasma , full size leather suite , solid fuel fire micro wave etc etc , as for being a cheap way to live im not sure about that , ,my mooring fees are £3000.00 pa , my licence (bw) the best part of £750.00 , in the winter my coal bill is around £75.00 a month, there are other ways to live on a boat ccing is one (comtinuous cruising ) that entails living of the grid , i lived off the grid last year but i gotta tell ya it cost me a fortune 0ver £120.00 a month in diesel to run my engine to generate leccy , and even then i couldnt leave my fridge on overnight , living on the canal bank is just not an option for me i couldnt leave my boat and go to work with everything we own in the world for some scrote to rob , we do have burglar alarms and a dog and my boat is worth around £125000, and if anything was to happen to it it would be my house home and life that would be affected,
    the plus side of life afloat is waking up to the sound of duckligs chomping at the weeds stuck on the sides , no traffic noise 24hrs a day , having freindly canada geese knocking on for you with there beaks open for bread, stunning scenery from our kitchen window and a view accross the marina from the french windows in our bedroom , it is a fantastic way to live but i want to live as comfortably as i can and trying to do it on the cheap was very hard work and did tend to spoil things , if i find i don t like it here (burnley) i will just upsticks and try somewhere else , we have done that twice now , if you can do it then i suggest you have a narrowboat holiday in the winter when things are at there worst the holiday will be cheaper as it is out of season and if you like it in the winter ya gunna luv it in the summer ,

    [quote='lyndy','']What's an eco fan and how does it work? Sounds interesting for sure!
    a eco fan uses no batteries it generates its own electric and sits on top of a solid fuel burner and blows 170cft of air around your room ,they are about £80.00 but well worth every penny mine has saved me a fortune this winter, available from most chandlers,

    the best thing i have bought for a long time is a eco fan it sits on top of my solid fuel burner and uses heat in the base of the fan to create electricity that spins the fan and it moves 170cubicft per min,
    last winter we had to use a delonghi that cost a fortune to run ,
    this winter we have slept with the bedroom window open ,
    the fan was £80.00 but this winter it has paid for itself easily.

    i have found it hard this winter and it would have been a lot harder if i didnt have my eco fan but this has been the coldest winter for donkeys years

    i really dislike showers but unfortunately we dont have a bath here , i would dearly dearly love a long hot steamy soapy bone warming ache soothing comforting relaxing calming looooooooooooong bath

    many children have been born after the death of thier father, and to grow up knowing that the life you have been blessed with was created from love and not just an accident or a mistake is also a blessing ,
    just my opinion i may be wrong , good luck with whichever choice you make

    it just seems that some famous people seem to make a point of being "black " like lewis hamilton being the first "black" f1 driver, the mobo awards, if people didnt make a fuss regarding the colour there skin there wouldnt be the division thats created , i am white but not white and proud of it, just the same as everyone else , we are all the same

    how is it people of mixed race are always "black" ?
    please dont consider me racist as i am definitely anti racism
    i was just pondering if people of mixed race considered themselves as white would a lot of doors be closed to them as they wouldnt "black"

    i hope, really hope no-one is offended by this post if the mods deem this post this post unnaceptable ,i apologise now


    cheers matt,
    way way way over my budget though,i was thinking more of an old milkfloat engine or forklift truck,im looking at allsorts of options,compressed air,electric,water even been looking into pedal power :eek: but cant afford the galley slaves :eek:if anyone has any alternate engine ideas though let me know........

    how about a propane fork truck engine , aternatively you can use any diesel car engine and a jabsco water pum and a keel cooler ( i have done this on acouple of sea boats) you will however need a reducing gear box

    how is the engine after its dunking ?
    what make is the engine?
    was she insured ? if she was can you claim ?
    what is her beam ?
    dont forget to keep her moist (oooerrr missus)
    sorry for all the questions but i love boats i have had more boats than girlfriends( now that is )sad
    when the weather gets better you will find loads of people will help out as everyone loves messing about in boats a few beers, a few freinds a bit of food a bit of sun and a boat ...perfect

    she will look a million times better when she is cleaned up and all the crap moved away,
    she will be lovely again one day im sure
    i love living on a boat are you on the l&l ?