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    they also save lives.

    but there is no reason why children cannot be healthy on a vegetarian or vegan diet and to liken it to abuse is very closed minded. most veggies and vegans think a lot about their diet and are less likely to use formula milk etc plus they avoid the crappy western diet that the majority eat (ie fast food etc) which is far more abusive to a child. the meat that most people eat is NOT healthy. it is full of shite, hormones and toxins. processed meats are carcinogenic. also the health visitors in this country recommend that all kids under 5 have supplements not just veggie kids, and research is also showing that we all need vitamin d3 (with k2).


    "Over the last two decades, increasing amounts of women have had babies over the age of 35. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show year upon year increase in fertility and birth rates for this age group. The over-35′s now have the fastest growing birthrates while the number of women having babies in their 40′s have nearly doubled in ten years. Statistics show that in 2010, 27,000 babies were born to women over 40 compared with 9,336 in 1989. In fact around one in five women is 35 or older when she gives birth."

    According to the Office for National Statistics in 2011, in England and Wales, while 1,832 babies were born to mothers age 45 or over, at least 31,643 babies were born to fathers aged 45 and over.

    you don't *have* to ride them out at all ;) i am 45 with a 5 yr old and often get broody for another. there are plenty of older mothers out there. there are also other options such as fostering etc.

    i think that is a real wake up call to the reality of cruelty and barbarism that they may have been completely innocent of before. and yet doing that is honest and given the choice most kids would be horrified and rightly so. i think society makes that many excuses for eating animals and perpetuating the abuse of them, that the masses just accept it.

    i did not need to show my daughter the realities of meat eating, but when she asked me about it i told her in a very scaled down form. she was disgusted and could not work out why people thought that this was acceptable. i cannot see her changing her mind- she is very animal focused and wants to be a hunt sab when she grows up :D

    i think that it is the desensitization towards eating animals that is a huge issue. the lack of questioning. yes there are links between animal cruelty and sociopathy etc but surely, people who are eating animals are giving the nod of acceptance to abuse and torture. how then can we expect our kids to be compassionate about any living creature or the planet etc.

    a great example would be my parents- cooing over lambs in the fields but then eating one a few weeks later. how can that be anything other than sociopathic? they would balk at eating a horse, cat or dog so alongside that detachment comes speciesism. why we as a society consider that acceptable to teach children is beyond me...

    If it teaches them to reject eating meat, that's a good thing :-) I was vegetarian when I was a teenager and if my daughter chooses that route, I will fully support her. She isn't a big meat eater anyway and I often cook something seperate for her x

    well i forced it on her from birth... but at 5 she has her own mind and chooses to be meat/fish free etc. i was more shocked at the concept of child abuse really. i think it says something when as a society it is deemed normal to eat animals than not and to define parenting by that. that last statement may not have made much sense .... but i know what i mean... :rolleyes::D

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    My views are so radical they're probably best kept out of this thread - I do a good enough job of alienating people at the best of times. :D

    well... i wanna hear it so spill :P

    teaching kids the facts tho will result in them rejecting meat though surely? once people see how horrific it is they do not want to eat it unless they are desensitised or v selfish. parents inflict their views on kids all of the time, but when it comes to not eating animals, how can it be considered to be abusive? i truly believe that "making" my child eat tortured animals is way worse.

    am happy to remove the quote and rephrase if required- i used it because i was stunned (and removed the name)

    I found this little gem in the 101 forum and was suficiently irritated to bring it here:


    "Like I said. What you choose to do to your body is your own choice. I do not hate you because you choose to self harm. I might be a little more concerned if you forced a child to eat such a restrictive diet as I see that as child abuse.

    Please god tell me you don't have children.

    Do people really believe this guff? How is my child not eating dead animals remotely linked to child abuse?

    My daughter has never eaten animals, nor will she. To turn it on its head I would say that people that inflict meat on their kids are far more abusive than we are as a family for abstaining. My daughter knows why we do not eat animals and as a result at 5 now chooses to continue that. She is happy and healthy. The kind of logic in the quoted post is about as logical as saying that home education is abusive, or wearing red socks is abusive- it is nonsense.

    do you mean one of these?…eaters-safe-indoors_.html

    because this says:

    "Fires and melting can occur if objects that are flammable are set to close. The heaters also require proper venting of gases. Oxygen is used during the heating process and some production of carbon dioxide gas which can lead to a deadly gas build-up if the air is not refreshed. Some catalytic heaters are manufactured with cut-off switches that monitor the oxygen level. In June 2003, the Consumer Product Safety Commission noted concern about the use of these heaters in indoor spaces because of "the possible health effects associated with reduced oxygen concentrations," since these heaters can operate at oxygen levels below 8.8 per cent."

    that sounds scary :-o

    woodburner all the way imo. dry heat for clothes and wet shoes, you can leave em in and stay warm all night. plus they are beautiful especially unkle joo's

    late to this debate (sorry) but if your only existence is to be bred, abused and then killed then it is better that those animals did not exist. as for your post about calves leaving their mothers when "it is time to leave their side"- that does not happen does it? calves are taken from their mothers in some cases days, all because we "need" the milk. it makes no economic sense to let an animal's young drink the milk that we want. livestock farming is abuse.

    i would like to suggest some things that get a feeling of "community" going where people invest of themselves. like the book that was going around... remember that? competitions, logo designs, best photo, art comps, giveaways, secret santa type stuff etc. maybe even site funders. that gets a buzz going and gets people involved in the site. other than that, i have not been here contributing for eons, but often pop back to read stuff.

    latest news:
    [h=5]TONIGHTS SOMERSET ZONE PATROL: Meet at Williton Car park, next to the shell garage. 6.45pm.

    From there we will split in to 2 groups and head out to 2 different locations. If you can't get there for that time, you can call us on 07425 071510.

    Alternatively you can make your own group, you don't need huge numbers. Wear high vis, take torches and maps, and patrol the cull zones and all it's footpaths. For health and safety reasons the marksmen have to put their guns down if the public are near by. This means simply by being there and making it obvious you are there, you can stop badgers being shot. Peaceful, non violent direct action that saves lives. The more people that can patrol, and the more groups that can be formed, the safer the badgers will be.[/h]


    we need more people at the somerset camp urgently. please please support this. if you cannot stay at camp then please consider patrolling the cull zones. there is a lot of info on facebook you can search or contact me directly. we need more folks there as the area is huge. badgers have been killed and there are reports of dogs being used :( the aim is to use legal and peaceful direct action ie getting in the way via the footpaths at night, and scaring the badgers away with lights etc. PLEASE join us.

    main people to contact:

    ^^ they are the co-ordinators.


    Camp Badger, Somerset: Doniford Halt TA23 0TR
    Gloucester Camp: Berryhill Rugby Ground GL16 7QT and/or Forthampton GL19 4QW
    PLEASE check this FB group before venturing down to Glos. camps, they are still being organised/set up. Use campsites in the area for now if unsure.

    Info line (may change): 01386 761455

    To donate:
    Camp Badger Somerset:
    Three Counties Sabs:
    Sabs Wishlist:

    Flyers to print at home:

    Somerset Badger Patrol:…/1395933220624541?fref=ts

    Walk the cull zone footpaths, day and night. Report what you see and hear back to the camps. Don't post it on public facebook. Be careful who you talk to. Be careful what you post online. Be safe.

    Also, google is your friend. Learn about badgers and their habitats. Read the reports by government scientists that say culling is not the answer to bTB.

    Educate yourselves and others.

    before anybody thinks that it will not make a difference- public viewpoint is mainly AGAINST this cull and we have loads of media involved. help us please. will update this thread as the police are trying to move the camp on in somerset :rolleyes:

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    liftsharing to get to the camps here ^^

    You are doing nothing wrong honestly. You are giving your baby what she needs. I still cosleep and my daughter is 3. She happily sleeps in other places too but only when I am not there :) don't worry and ignore the crap about too close and being unable to seperate.