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    Quote from Hedgewitch

    They're soo pretty!!! i need to get my driving test so i can get me one. Then i can drop Finn off at school in it and embarrass her for not having a "normal mom in a normal car"

    lol ! i know what you mean , everytime i look at a van/bus i get green with envy i so badly want one oh and a licence to drive it would be nice too hehe .. have so many things in my head with camping trips with the nippers on summer holidays but still no licence or van :rolleyes:

    Quote from dragonz

    dont worry about it, I had all four of my wisdom teeth out at the same time a few years back, mouth was a bit sore but nothing too bad (hurt less than when they where in) no bruising only minor swelling and was able to eat normal food within 24hrs.

    your so lucky , altho i had mine takin out in theatre (which was great) and all four of mine as well

    thing about your wisdom teeth is they can start to push on your nerves which was happing to me 10 years back hehe i had major swelling and alot of bruises ... but after all of that i walked down the catwalk and came in third place :D swollen and all !

    hope you heal fast hun , and the pain goes when the tooth is gone :)

    Quote from starpoi

    Kick up a huge fuss, James had appendicitis for six months before they took his out. He was really ill yet they did nothing.

    Hope she's ok :hug:

    thats really hectic and so wrong , wouldnt get away with that in south africa .. i passed out on the lawn on my way to the nurse and was taking to hospital and examined and had it removed instantly .. it exploded in the doctors hands

    hope your little one is doing better Jule9 :)

    @firnnie , im glad that you have nice nieghbours .. i have really really old folk lol so im not so lucky in that department and probably one of the things i miss about where i was , because we had that kind of comunity thing going where we helped each other even when we needed to do some shopping !

    @scarlette your probably right and that i maybe did take that on a personal level but have read it on so many pages ''bad parenting is putting your kids infront of a tv'' and i suppose if they were infront of it all day watching nonsence then yes i could probably understand .. but i wouldnt rule it out .. it has helped me get thro housework or dinner ... my kids are too young to paint or draw on there own without supervission .. ''i walk in the lounge and find that paper wasnt good enough '' :eek:

    abit off topic aswell hehe :o

    my eldest son wants a skateboard and he is only five bless him , but that is his personality that it took many fights with us for him to realise that he is too young for it , but have come to an agreement that when he turns six we can rethink about it ...

    he understand this , which makes things alot easier for me and i wont stop him from being himself , just that he needs to wait abit longer for it ..

    i constently think that i am a bad mother , especially when i look around and see other kids holding mums hand and doing as they are told .... my two were very independant from the start and stubborn at the same time to the point where our personalities clashed ... i would say go that way , and they would go the other way ! sitting still on the bus , never always wanted to play with there toys but ended up fighting with each other , and i constently sat there moaning at them always thinking ''god these ppl must think im such a bad parent'' but my kids are healthy , doing well in school , social bunnies , and alot more intelegent then i gave them credit for and it took me awhile to realise that all i really had to do was sit them down and have a talk to them , reach to there level and come to a understanding and now they do as i tell them ... i dont have to bribe them i dont have to moan at them , they just simply listen to me ....

    being a parent as said before there isnt a manual , and everyday your learning something new about yourself aswell as your child , and its not an easy ''job'' its really hard sometimes , and i can sypathise with you firnnie on the being a single parent with not alot of help around , as im in that situation atm , and it just sometimes feel harder and then you realise the help you had and that help is now not there on hand when you really need it that you just have to make do and get on with it ..

    this whole thing about putting your kids infront of a tv makes for bad parenting well im sorry the tv for me is a godsend , i would never have a moment to myself , and im sorry but you do need moments to yourself and when you dont have anyone else around to entertain them , well then the big box does come in handy and i refuse to believe that i am a bad parent because of that :rolleyes: there are some really good educational programes on now a days ;)

    im not going , not after what happened last year eeek ! and i cant afford it anyway :) but to those that are going i hope you having a smashing time and that there is no rain forcasted ;)

    Quote from HippyClaude

    I saw a sign in someones car once - it said;

    we can only do our best!


    that is very true ....

    yeah we can only do out best , our best is different to each individual person , some ppl have different needs but what we forgot is that everyone wants to feel like they are loved :)

    Quote from shibari.surfer

    Far from kids coming along and ruining my life -they've made it.

    i agree with you 100% but sometimes it cant be helped when you do think for one split second ''arg they are never gonna listen'' or ''why the hell do i bother when they clearly dont care'' my kids have taken a turn for the better and that only within in a few days , and with me telling them a little fib :o but they are understanding now that there behaviour has consequences ''okay i wont die'' but there are other consequences and i have given them an example like '' when you are out and about in town , do you want someone to look at you and think ..what a sweet young boy '' or would you prefer if they looked at you and thought '' what little shits , poor mother '' and the answer was a i think it was all down to me making it clear to them about there behaviour .. and its not always that easy ... when i look in the mirror i dont see my mother and im thankful for that one cause if i did , all i would see would be failure and that i dont want to see and i will never give up trying or loving them .. there are soo many great rewards to having children and even tho its taken alot to see that , atleast i can see that :)

    there are alot of kids out there whos mothers just clearly dont give a f**** and i really do feel sorry for those kids and i dont want my kids to ever not feel loved by me . or that i havent given it my best shot or put in 100% for them ...

    being a parent isnt a task and i have found that out the hard way .. there isnt a manual that tells you how to do things , its all down to learning from your part and then teaching it to them .. being a parent isnt about running around in the woods , looking at pretty flowers .. there is alot more to it then that .. the biggest thing is giving them alot of love , showing them affection , letting them know they can count on you , being and sticking together thro hard times , trust and being honest with each other .... all the other stuff is there for fun and entertainment its down to you what you do with the rest !

    Quote from Dapablo

    The hardest job in the world.
    .there is no instruction manual. .

    it is the hardest job in the world and you can never prepare yourself for this because it is never the way you thought it would be .. each person is different and has different needs so its a constent learning thing from both parts ...

    i had a rant on another thread about my two little boys and there bad behaviour that it got me thinking ''am i too strict with them'' or ''am i not strict enough'' how do you determine what is right and what is wrong ?

    i love my two boys and i wouldnt trade them for anyone or anything ... even tho at one stage i did feel ''my kids have ruined my life'' and i didnt want to feel that because in the end i feel more love for them then i do anything else .... its a constent struggle and i am learning things everyday .. they are two very different little boys with very different needs and i am only one person ...''wishes she could be two ppl at the same time'' and i have a constent fear of them turning nasty but in the end that is down to me and how i behave /treat them ...

    my parents were very distant and cold , and no matter how many times we say to ourselves '' i will never treat my kids the way i was treated'' sometimes easyer said then done , i was never shown affection , i was never huged , i was never kissed or tucking in bed , i seeked negetive attention the whole time because then i got attention and it didnt matter what attention it was .. i got it and that in the end ment more to me .. so im constently struggling each day to not be as cold and stubborn as my parents were to my children , easier said then done .. its slap in the face , because my 3 year old reminds me of me at his age .. constent whinging and i cant figure out why because he gets attention from me , yes maybe not all the time , but i do need to clean and cook and do homework at some point but he doesnt understand this and then in turn seeks the wrong attention from me ....

    being a parent is really hard work , and i see where my parents went wrong with me doesnt make it right , but in the end all i can do is what i can do and i can only hope for the best and that i am /can give 100% to my kids .. which i didnt get ...

    i had no choice when i was a teenager , i was in boarding school and it was policy that you had to be on a contriception or have the injection .. i was 15 and i only became sexually active at 21 so its not really fair to say that all teenagers will become sexually active .. if i had a daughter i would speak to her and let her know openly about sex and if things arent done correctly there are some consequences .. in the end it would be her choice and all i could do is be there for her at all times no matter what ! i have two boys and this doesnt make it any easier cause in the end they could come home and tell me they have a gf who is pregnant i want to feel confident that my kids would talk to me and wouldnt hold anything back from me about anything .. wishful thinking maybe but i suppose in the end it depends on how you are with your child .. if my sons wanted to speak to there doctor in confidence i wouldnt deny them that , but would feel confident enough in the hopes that they would come and talk to me .. i think the problem is that some teenagers just dont feel comfortable talking to there parents maybe in fear of shaming them or even worse recieving abuse ... so agree on some levels that there should be some confidence you can make your own informed decissions and yes some dont make the right ones but as parents all we can do is be there for our childern to me that is more important

    oh man i am totally speechless , my only wish is that i could see it for real but alas it was pouring down here still is bloody raining grrr those are really gorgeous pictures badger :)

    Quote from pikey

    I didnt have periods when i had the coil fitted and to be honest it was great.... I'm Breast feeding at the minute and still haven't had a period....but when i do i think i'll try the mooncup out... its gotta be better for the environment and better for ones pocket lol...xx

    yip that is why i dont get my period anymore , not since i had the coil fitted in , i cant even remember the last time i had a period maybe 2 years ago ! you can only have this fitted in tho when you have had kids they dont do it otherwise .. i find its a good contriception for myself aswell as i tend to forget to take the pill :o i dont plan on having anymore babies tho .. two is enough for hard enough for me !

    Quote from epona_greenleaf

    20 months? Think I would have almost fainted! :D

    that wasnt as bad as the first scan , in south africa you can take a tape with and have your scans recorded :p not sure what happened to the video :( due to the move to the uk but i still have my scan pictures aswell ...

    i think its funny how meat eaters go on about ''your silly diet'' wouldnt it just mean there is more for them lol sorry :o

    im not a vegetarian (awaits sticks and stones) i dont eat meat often tho , just every so often i feel a crave for it (not sure why ) but i have been experimenting with alot of veggies i didnt think i could/would like ..

    i dont have a problem with ppl who choose what they eat , that in the end is there choice ..... but its really nice to read a thread like this , kind of makes sence to me why you would choose to be a veggie ... :)

    Quote from campertess

    Just the one in there (phew)
    n the scan reckons only 10 weeks :rolleyes:
    Which means due date is well after the Welsh Gathering...hmmmm well see :whistle:

    that is one huge little boy, or you are carrying alot of water .. but still you look gorgeous i love pregnant woman !!!

    Quote from campertess

    Introducing Little Trev :D

    That little blob down the bottom is whats causing my fattness .
    Appharently ;)

    aww wow ! i can make him out clearly feet hands legs head .. hehe i remember going for my 20 months scan and the doctor telling me yes he has all 4 fingers on either side , and i almost fainted .. i was like well shouldnt he have five , and he was yes those are thumbs :eek: scared the crap out of me .. im really jealous .. what a gorgeous little being .. awww you have the pleasure of being aquainted to him for 9 months... bless

    *now im really broody*

    Quote from campertess

    Sorry i'm so late :o
    Scan went well,quite a surprising outcome:whistle:
    So we went out for a meal to celebrate-which i then threw up all over the
    Came home feeling yuk so went to sleep.
    But i'm awake now :happydanc

    and how many in there ???
    i think its two or your further along then you thought aswell ..nicely rounded tummy .. aww makes me broody :p

    i dont know what to say here other than tell you about my own personal experience ... i have been cursed by evil twice in my life !

    i have heard a horrible voice come out a throat that would of sounded so sweet and innocent if it were ''her'' that was speaking ...

    i have gone to places and felt like i was being watched i have even felt like i was being chassed ....

    you can make of this what you want , but in the end it is i who experienced it and it is i who feels the emotions that come with it ..

    its apart of my life i wish i didnt exprience , but something i cant take back or get rid of ... when i remember the words spoken to me and the voice that came with it .. you can not take that away from me either and tell me that i manifested these experiences by myself !

    anyway , in my own personal experience i say that demons do exist and it doesnt matter what kind of name you give them , they are still there , either within us or around us ....

    please dont mess with fire because you will get burnt .. summoning somthing you think of as innocent , well it will take your innocence with it ;)

    well im not going to comment anymore , seems wiser for me anyway because i am reading all of this in the wrong manner ... so if i have offended anyone i sincerly appologise :) points taken ;)

    i feel the same way , and that is what i was trying to say or get at .. but ho hum !

    @ Firinne , so then ppl who choose to go down a path that you believe is wrong and a waiste of energy but feels good for me i shouldnt do because you see nothing but me waisting my energy and getting hurt by it all because it wasnt what i thought it was going to be or what i said i thought it was going to be (am i making any sence? ) isnt that my decision to make for myself ? who gives you the right to tell me what path i can go down and if it will work for me ? i am allowed to make my own mistakes and i would like to learn from my own mistakes ... im not forcing you to believe what i thought the movie was saying am i ? no im just saying that i choose to think in a different manner ''change your thoughts and you will see a difference in your life'' speaks volumes for me and i have personally seen the difference and outcome for myself on myself , each to there own anyway im not gonna argue with anyone anymore .. because i just see that as a waiste of energy ;) :) oh and im not defending my beliefs at all , im only saying what the movie made me think about and what i saw in the movie

    i must be missing the point again *sigh* ;)