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    Quote from Atomik

    ... and both confessions and DNA evidence have turned out to be false in the past. :rolleyes:

    You are probably right about that part, but in this case there would be even more evidence to suppport a conviction for instance the two young women and fingerprints in the van.

    Quote from aerisje

    surley though if we are able to rehabilitate these ppl then thats gotta be better than slamming them into the allready over crowded prison system for the rest of there lifes?

    Many of them have had help and upon their release have went on to commit similar offences agian and that sucks.

    Quote from Atomik

    Oh god, here we go again.....

    Aside from anything else, the inability of the British criminal justice system to deliver safe convictions would make this idea ludicrous. They couldn't re-attach your balls on appeal.

    I did say for a crime such as this because the offender in this instance freely admitted his guilt at a police station, and I there would be fresh DNA evidence to support his claim to the crime and therefore no doubt that he did what he admitted to.

    Quote from Kaiya

    Ah right :)

    Life in prison...

    I don't agree with capital punishment, but I do think rape is serious enough to warrent a life sentence (and i mean a life sentence not a life = 20 years sentence).

    I was thinking along the lines of castration and life meaning life or would that be to harsh a punishment for a crime such as this.

    Quote from Kaiya

    Erm, I'm not sure why you want to know peoples opinions on rape...I can't see anything in that article to give an opinion on other then that what you wanted my opinion on...? Is that something we can all give opinions on? I'm kinda confused...

    whats your opinion? Maybe that will clarify what this thread is meant to be about.

    Sorry for the confusion i was up early and probably not thinking right.
    What I would like to know is what people think as to what punishment would fit such heinous a crime as of this type.

    Hi Irishfaery,
    Did you used to go to the civic centre on Wednesday evenings for the drumming and fire poi.
    If you did then I have met you.:)

    Quote from Atomik

    I've removed the text of the article from your post. Please provide links to external articles rather than posting the whole thing (a snippet as a sample is perfectly acceptable). Quite apart from general forum etiquette, copyright law forbids articles being reproduced in full. Thanks. :)

    Ok sorry about that Atomic, and thanks I have learnt something new Cheers.

    Quote from PlutoPete

    I agree with greenthing, when I lived near there it was a shithole, it looks lovely now

    You are right there Pete it was a hole, I used to vist the dene now and then I remember they had a roe deer in the animal part.

    Quote from Fibi

    wow, gorgeous... shame i am a good 400 miles away or i would be there with bells on (and very little else) having a swim! :angel:

    I don't know about the nude bit as it is a busy place, going off itop57's photos it has been cleaned up a lot and seems the council are looking after it a lot more now.
    It is only a ten to fifteen minutes walk from the Civic Centre of Newcastle.
    A good place to take the wee ones.

    Quote from Fibi

    wow!! where is that??

    It's just on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne not far from the city centre, there is a pet cemetery there if it's still there I have not been there in a long time.

    Quote from lives-by-the-sea

    Had a fantastic time too! Did you get out before the field started to flood on tuesday? Was sooo good getting a proper pub lunch in carlisle on the way back home though - pity they got rid of peace cake cafe, I was a bit miffed about that. supergrass were ace, blinding in fact, worked our way down from the back of the crowd by the beer tent to the very front. You may have seen me in my pink wig tiara and wand, sprinkling ppl with pink glitter on my way. :)

    I left on the Tuesday it was muddy but I had no probs getting off site apart from the usual sliding about but the old Van has seen worse.
    I stopped off at Hexham park and got some shut eye.
    Cant say that I saw you even though I probably did (to stoned to remember)

    Quote from andymel

    look forward to your visit my friend there will be plenty of smokes and coffee ready

    have a great day

    all the best andy:waves:

    Cheers Andy,
    I am looking forward to popping onboard the bus later but right now i must go and sort out the aftermath from Solfest in my van I cant put it off any longer.:thumbup:

    The wife and I have had a great time at Solfest thanks to our friends who asked us to crew for them, they had the Tilton double decker bus behind the dry stone wall stage.
    We arrived at about 12.30 am Saturday morning just in time to see a band that we have met before called Tarantisim it was great to see them again and we loved their performance.
    Strange things do happen at festivals I know because we also met a lot of friends we had not seen for quite a few years, one of which is a member of the band Diddley squat who also preformed on the dry stone wall stage.
    Solfest is on my list for next year.
    I hope all that were there had a good a time as we did.

    Quote from NiceDream

    I posted this on foe too where im a moderator. One member came back with 'well i dont really care for animal rights that much but ill pass it on'. How can someone not care, baffles me how hard some people are.

    Yeah I had something similar on a fourum i posted the vidio on, its still on going, the prat what he is:duel: