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    The method of the axe is to messy because when you kill a chicken by any method it will run and jump around all over the place even with its head off, It is only the nerves reacting it is not suffering.
    It would be best to find someone to show you how it is done to save the bird from any unnecessary suffering.

    I named my kids the way that American Indian's named thier children.
    the wife and I would take them camping when there was a full moon, then I would take them outside the tepee, and the first thing that I saw was the name they were given.
    The eldest daughter was called Passing Cloud.
    The eldest son was called Running Deer.
    And youngest son was called

    The sun is out today in the northeast so I am off to sit in the garden while I have the chance.
    I cant put the sun rays in a box for you if i could I would send them to you.
    Have one of these it may help:bighug:

    I always find a public toilet to empty mine in, I never use campsites I always wildcamp, but I will never go to wilcamp on the north yorkshire moors ever agian. :vomit:

    Quote from wiggy

    Yeah compost toilets are great!
    We have one, they dont smell as long as you follow the rules of no water down it and put sawdust onto of shite then no they wont smell at all.
    If theres people funny about pissing outside then you can easily make another toilet ofr pissing in and use straw bales underneath to soak up piss

    Hope that helped

    Yeah what wiggy says.
    I have used them on more than one occasions and they are better than those festy type toilets.:thumbup:

    Quote from irishfaery

    yes thats me...hello!!!

    How you doing,
    I used to come to the civic centre with Sharon, Ian, and the wife Karen.
    And I do belive we may all have met at chopwell wood fest also.

    Quote from Atomik

    state executions and mutilations will be counter-productive. You don't discourage violence by practising it. Check out the USA if you doubt that. Violence breeds violence, and capital punishment has never been demonstrated to work as a deterrent.

    That is correct.:thumbup:
    America has experimented with both physical and chemical castration as a solution to sex offenders. It wasn't successful.

    Quote from Atomik

    Yup. That's the ticket. Feelings of powerlessness and helplessness lead to frustration, anger and depression.

    Thank you for that it says a lot:thumbup: , so now i have to find away to stop these feelings I have any advise would be welcome :)

    Quote from Atomik

    You're misunderstanding the term "power" in that context. "Power" relates to our ability to exercise positive control - to help, to facilitate change, to create better circumstances.

    I think see what you mean, I dont have any means to to do anything about such crimes, so that can cause me to become depressed and angry.
    Hope that this makes sense.

    Quote from Atomik


    Hi Atomic I dont think I am the kind of person that seeks power or the type to force anthing on anyone else, I belive that none of us are any better than anyone else.
    I dont know if that explians anything or not.
    When I read about these sort of crimes its the victims that I feel for then I become really angry inside and then it seem like a dark cloud comes over me then depression follows.:(

    Hi Paul,
    That's the the best explanation that I have read on this subject in my life.
    I think you have used a very wise choice of words that throws a whole different light on the way that I think about this type of crime, there is light at the end of the tunnel so to speak:thumbup:.
    I have a question for anyone who feels qualified to answer, why do I become angry and depressed when I read or hear about these type of crimes.
    Thanks Paul for giving me the kind of feedback that I was looking for.:clap:

    Quote from moonpup

    That tent was at shamania this year.. was really nice.......

    It was nice like the photo did not do it justice is was well chilled when the lights were on the big purple crystal thing at the back of the tent.
    This photo of my wife and Mark,Lesley, and thier Daughter I cant think of her name as I have only met her twice, they are all very nice people who's tent it was.
    Mark is looking for the Genie in the little bottle he found.

    Quote from Paul

    Regardless of the proof, I hardly think castrating someone is the way forward. Surely whoever condemns someone to a revenge mutilation is just as sick and twisted as the perpertrator of the original crime.

    Of course society needs protecting, but isn't it problems within society that nurture these kind of people in the first place?

    I am interested as to what kind of problems within our society can cause someone to commit an offence such as rape, murder and that sort of crime.

    Quote from Fibi

    i think so, you dont know what state of mind the victim will be in, and the last thing you need if you are a consious person is shouting 'death by hanging' in the moment, and then carrying around someones death on your consious

    Good point Fibi, so how about their decision being based on not life in or life in prison and castrate or not castrate.
    I think I may be being silly now.

    Quote from Fibi

    we already have trouble with the prison systems as it is! locking everyone up for life is definatly not an option at this time

    And I think we all know why, because they are full of prisoners that have committed petty offences.

    Quote from Kaiya

    But that isn't a reason to act barbarically...

    does castration even stop sexual assault/rape...? I don't know much about it, other then i image castration would lower sex drive...but rape isn't always about sex and is often about does castration actually make that much difference to reoffending?

    I don't know Kaiya I was kind of hoping some one could come up with some proof as to whether it did or not.

    Quote from Kaiya

    The best thing to do with offenders of pretty much any crime is to sort them out so they do not reoffend and hurt anyone else...the punishment comes with the imprisonment...

    Yes but they do offend agian granted not all of them do, I wonder what percentage do re offend it would be interesting to know the statistics.

    Quote from Atomik

    But where do you draw the line? How do you legally, in black and white, define how much evidence constitutes sufficient evidence to be certain of a conviction, beyond any doubt?

    When all evidence has been submitted and there is no doubt whatsoever that the guilty party or parties are guilty beyond any doubt.
    I know people have been hung for crimes they have not commited, as you say it is a fine line no doubt about it.