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    All I was trying to do was point out the possibles dangers to someone who may not have been aware of them. Depending on what it's being painted onto, in my experience there could still be a slight risk, especially if it's something papery or with a largeish area.

    No problems mate you did the right thing good posting, i did not know it was possible, you learn something new everyday:thumbup:.

    Well after death, fire is my biggest fear (been in 2 house fires), so now am scared to death of using linseed oil i don't fancy burnning the house down lol


    Its the first time i have heard that it catches fire on its own, i always thought that you cant start a fire without a spark.
    Anyhoo you can use a paint brush to apply it hence no oily rags in a workshop.
    You can always preform the application outside.
    Even modern tents catch fire if you don't take the correct precautions.

    many of the hunts that still go on claim that they chase a scented rag or something like the scents been laid out across the route and the dogs follow it..

    They lay a trail for the hounds by dragging a sack that has been soaked in aniseed apparently animals love the smell of it.


    however if the dogs catch onto a real fox scent,they tend to just carry on so may kill the fox,but they havent intended to or something...

    Thats how they get around the law.


    just make a racket,to put the hounds off or scare the foxes into hiding..though that could be badgers..this probably isnt very helpful,sorry! but good on ya for wanting to get involved and save the foxes!

    That is not really efective if the fox goes to ground the hounds will mark the hole and so the terriers are entered to bolt the fox,the fox will either be shot or the hounds will give chase again.
    The best thing you can do is to find the fox holes and the night before the hunt starts go round and piss all over the holes.

    Well my van dont look like a hippy van as you can see, never had anyone knock or tell me to move on even with the go faster blue stripe on it.
    It's a ex ambulance maybe thats something to do with it.
    Oh and i do a lot of wilding in the van.
    On the moors.

    At my mates house with van in the background and you can see the top of my mates double decker bus.

    Strange, they came out very expensive for me, £531 compared to £244 with Campton. (Or £200 with Insurance Choice, or £169 with Frank Pickles as 2nd vehicle... the old fiesta dumped here by a previous tenant can be my main one and I'll get a refund rather than a cancellation charge from my current car insurer :D)

    My mates all got their's a bit cheaper through them but as you will know it depends on things like full no claims age and the rest of it.;)

    Lol, yup that is pretty paranoid there Greenthing. As you were skinning up your first spliff and hadn't had a puff yet, I would contend that was cultural conditioning and not attributable to the drug itself ;))

    I realised that the moment my unfinished spiff hit the floor and the contents spead to the four winds.:o


    I bet once you got into the swing of things and were confident you were not going to be unfairly persecuted or arrested that the paranoia was no longer an issue...would that be an accurate deduction?

    You are right on bro no more paranoia,at least untill i set foot back on english soil.


    One of my FAVE coffee shops there is (or was) "The Hill Street Blues"...right next to the "Polite" station in the red light district (I do love the fact that the Dutch call their Police, Polites...that is so lovely and very hip :hippy:)

    I spent most of my time in Utrek the coffee shop there did special deals on their hash 2 for the price of one on for the price of one,well nearly.
    The Polites where so friendly and helpfull,why cant english police be like that then the world would be a better place.

    I have always wondered if part of the paranoia some people experience with strong skunk is partially due to the fact that it is illegal? Do you experience the same paranoia when smoking it in Amsterdam where it is nearly legal and certainly more tolerated? :angel:

    I know I love the feeling I have there of not being considered a criminal for having a puff :clap:

    I have been to the Dam, walked into a coffee shop for the first time started to skin up when out the corner of my eye i saw a police car pull up,so what did i do, threw my part made spiff under the table paranoia or what.:insane:

    The government say the change in classification is to reflect the stronger skunk stuff now available, so why didn't they leave resin and non skunk herb in class c?

    Well put Pete.


    There are many cannabinoids in cannabis, thc is just one of them. Strains that are high in thc and low in other cannabinoids are more likely to make you paranoid.
    Changing the classification will make absolutely no difference to the numbers of people smoking and fining or jailing them won't make them stop.

    Well i am sure it wont stop the likes of you and i for sure, and millions of others.:thumbup:

    surely the government giving people a fine on the spot for cannabis smoking is going to resort to people smoking skunk or stuff that probably isnt as good. I think the pattern will just shift.

    Skunk is just another name for cannibis but it is a very strong breed, probably genetically modified.

    why do people i.e the government, don't put more efforts into helping people with drug/alcohol problems instead of just 'passing the buck' onto the prisons.

    Cannabis is only a problem to those who have a addictive nature have quit smoking it many times in my life for long periods of time in fact its good to detox and i do on a regular basis.