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    Quote from freecloud

    Maybe if you were suddenly left without the use of your arms and hands your opinion may be different.

    Yes thats right you dont know untill you are in that position.:thumbup:

    Quote from Kaiya

    Our old cat used to like getting stoned i think...

    someone gave it a blow back once...dunno why...
    but then everytime we would smoke weed he would come sit on your knee and get in your face and start puring at you...

    lol awww bless him..i miss him

    I think cats like the smell of weed for some reason.:)

    Quote from Sarah

    We fed it blim....

    Twas funny at the time - he thought it was fish food and then had a funny few moments of head butting the side of the tank...

    I am not familiar with the word blim please enlighten me is it a slang word.:)

    Quote from Sarah

    Yeah I had a goldfish called Pingu when i was at Uni and he lived 2 years and we even got him stoned once which was quite funny ho hum lol

    How the hell do you get a fish stoned.
    And just to let you know i dont think its right to get a fish dog or whatever stoned it aint right or funny.:rolleyes:

    Quote from NiceDream

    No i dont only consume organic, problem with organic produce at my local supermarket is it all seems to come pre wrapped in plastic with little trays (im talking about fruit and veggies mostly). I prefer to buy loose so that way im not taking more plastic home with me, i also try to buy produce that has traveled the least miles.

    Shopping with me is a nightmare for anyone whos not green :)

    Thank you for your reply NiceDream,
    Even though i am a meat eater i would still like to eat organic veg and free range meat from a farm that fed animals natural food, because i dont like the chemical thing pesticides and all that shit.
    I find it way to exsensive to buy organic stuff and cant realy afford to live solely on organic food.
    Oh and by the way i am not a big eater of meat and i hate all Macdonald type foods and i refuse to eat that kind of shit.:)

    Quote from NiceDream

    A strict vegan might not eat white refined sugar as the process involves grinding it with bone so i read recently.

    Im an overweight vegan, hardly touch fried food unless its a stir fry that is, never buy biscuits, rarely have crisps, dont like cake, dont eat much sweet stuff or chocolate, rarely have pastry items yet im huge.

    I believe bread is my problem, if i go bread free i do tend to loose weight quickly.

    Can i ask you, do you only consume only organic or do you find it to costly.:)

    Quote from Skully

    There are loads and loads of covenants on woodland that prevent you from building anything other than a tool shed in most cases. Be very careful to check out all the legal ins and outs about any land you buy, be it a woodland or anything else, because if you build something thats legally deemed no allowed to be there, if it gets found, you will be made to destroy it.

    Thats ok if you have a shitload of tools then you need a big tool shed;)

    Quote from Atomik

    And also, what would happen if aliens turned up, stole all our plants, and we'd got rid of all the cows? :eek:

    Fuck who knows, as i dont know anything about aliens like are they meat eaters or veg eaters, one thing I do know is if they stole my plants they would be to fucking stoned to be botherd about anything.


    How about restricting the discussion to the rational rather than the ridiculous? What do you think the odds are of the entire planet - or even a large percentage of it - going veggie overnight?

    Whats so ridiculous about aliens?
    And i dont recall saying anything about everyone going veggie overnight.
    And i thought we were allowed freedom of speech on here as in you can talk about anything you want within reason.

    Quote from PlutoPete

    Biodiesel could well become a big problem but it is still not a reason to farm cows.

    No its not a reason your right, but money is a good reason for the farmers if they cant sell cattle because no one is eating meat, how else will farming survive not by growing nothing but veg alone.

    Quote from Naeni

    not neccicalry born with, I was meaning diet.

    for example you can get a vegetarian who eats tonnes of lovely veg yum yum or a veggie who eats a load of crap such as chips and fried things.

    you can also get an omni who lives off mcdonalds and other such bollocks but also an omni whos diet is rich in veggies and a small amount of good quality meat.

    Oh yes i see and i agree.
    I cant stand hotdonalds Its not meat anyhow it looks like chewed up cardboard YUK.

    Quote from Naeni

    but you also get young healthy vegan children and pale unernourished meat eaters. i think this whole health debate doesnt make much sense because you can be an unhealthy omni or an unhealthy vegan. I'm sick of people telling me I look so thin and wasting away from being a veggie, when in fact i'm larger than I was when I ate meat!

    I agree some people are born unhealthy anhoo no matter what they eat.
    The peeps i mention in my other post are the only vegans i have ever met so they were probably not a good example, I dont know to be truthfull.

    I went on to visit some friends who are vegetarian and they had two other friends with their three very young children staying with them who were all vegan and they all looked very pale and under nourished dull eyes and not very healthy looking at all, the kids did not seem to have any energy like other kids.
    Anyhoo it seemed to me that the parents had made the decision because they were vegan that their children had to be vegan also.
    I felt so sorry for them they reminded me of little orphans in workhouse like Oliver Twist.
    So that put me off that kind of lifestlye.:(

    Quote from PlutoPete

    Most species that are in danger of extinction are endangered because humans destroy their habitats in order to graze cattle and grow animal feed

    Ok so if no one eats meat the farmer will not grow fodder for the cattle anymore hence not as many cattle if any, now what will the farmer grow then, in my opinion he will use the land to grow fields of oil producing plants like rape seed to make bio fuel because of the oil shortage how else could he or she make a living. I cant visualize farmers growing fields of veg when there is more money in bio fuel.

    Quote from PlutoPete

    Less cattle would be bred for slaughter, but they wouldn't die out. What would die out would be the artificially "enhanced" breeds that are pumped full of growth hormones and bear little resemblance to natural breeds

    True but they could become rare in the distant future as all farmers would be growing vegetables for a living no need for grazing land and pastures and even more knock on effects, dont you agree.:D

    Can i throw another another stick in the fire.
    Lets say that everyone on this planet did not eat meat what would happen to the cows, there would not be any farmers willing to keep them or any other cattle so in the future peeps will have to take their kids to a themepark to see them weird man.

    Quote from Kaiya

    Personally I am sick of meat eaters shoving meat in my face and generally just being dicks because i have chosen not to partake in something i feel strongly against.

    I think they are dicks for not having respect for what you are, I eat meat but i would never do something like that to anyone.:mad:

    Hello all,
    I am a meat eater but i dont eat huge amounts, I also eat veg but i dont like veg all that much.
    I know some of you's will not like what you are about to read.
    I used to be a poacher and have killed gutted and skinned a wide variety of animals for the pot and I dont see any wrong in what I have done.
    Also I would like to say that i belive if you are going to kill something it must be done in a quick and humanely way as I do not believe any living thing should suffer any more than necessary I also believe all animals should be free range its cruel to keep them in cages and that includes pets.
    Oh and by the way I have friends who are veggi and I would not take the piss out of them or any other veggi for that matter because I believe that each and every one of us are entitled to our own beliefs.
    Please dont hate me for my way of life.