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    Quote from NiceDream

    thats brilliant, thanks

    No probs.
    But I am thinking that the response on here is a bit poor, whats with all the animal lovers on here, or cant they be bothered to take a few minutes to add to the petition.
    Maybe its just me thinking that the kind of people on here were dead against that kind of cruelty to defenceless animals.:mad:


    =Mahdlo]Its well worth sticking in your calender for next year! They seem to have done a good job of keeping the Gangsta drug dealer vibe away from this one.

    Yeah and i hope it lasts they always seem to get into most festivals.:(


    Good crack though but id rather take my kids to this one! long may it evolve in this way! And roll on the 22nd

    I like festivals with the family atmosphere you dont seem to get much bother, and its great to take your kids to those type of festys.:D

    Quote from Rude Buddha

    Signed, I don't understand how somebody can fell so detached from another living being to act in that way. None of that was neccersary and all for the vanity of the fur trade! I can understand the view of different cultures having different so called 'sports' that we would disagree with, but this isnt a national/historical past time this is a business providing a product to the fashion trade and fur wearers should feel ashamed of themselves. Sorry about the rant, this trade makes me angry.

    Yeah right on man:thumbup:

    This is one festy i have wanted to go to from the first year that it started but never had the spare time, I met some of the people at Castlerigg stone circle on a summer solstice who where helping to organise it for the first time a few years ago.
    I would love to go but money and time never seem to be in my favour:( ,maybe it will one year who knows.:)

    Quote from NiceDream

    I know what you mean, its really affected me today and i only watched half of it. How can they do it? What kind of person does such horrible things?

    Done, no call for that barbaric shite, I used to be a poacher and that kind of brutality is uncalled for, I did watch all the vidio and found it disgusting to say the least.

    Quote from Pedro1979

    free meat comes in the form of rabbits, deer, squirrels, wood pigeon, pheasant etc. Don't go into it blindfold though - there's a lot of issues to consider. Make sure you know what you're doing, and if you're not sure - don't do it.

    No food more free than road kill as long as its fresh.

    Quote from Firinne

    Oh yes. Between he and LR (our authority on myths, legends and history) we're generally left alone by the fluffy brigade at camps and such and when we do come across someone brave enough to tackle a debate with the pair of them it's generally entertainment at it's best.

    I can't see the image, but for some reason I have the image of a map of Hobbiton in my head. Oooh, maybe it's my crown chakra logging into the global akashic records :madlol:

    Sorry for butting in but what is the meaning of the word fluffy i am assuming it means something like feather brian or mad.
    Please excuse for being a ignorant Northerner.

    Quote from Bogwoppit

    I love my camper! Isn't it wonderful to just be able to stop and put the kettle on! :hippy:

    Aye it is great, no paying silly money for campsites and there are plenty of wild sites about where i live.

    Will you be posting any picks of your van when it is done, i would like to see it.:D
    I have a Renault Master and i use it for wildcamping and festy's.

    Quote from KarmaKoma

    thats the whole point of twintanking
    start on bio or regular diesel to warm everything up use the heat from the engine cooling systen to heat the oil in a heat exchanger before it hits the pump and injectors :)

    Yes i know but its not worth wile the cost of cooking oil is up so i will stick to the bio.
    hope you find a supply near you good luck

    Quote from KarmaKoma

    ah that explains it
    you need to twin tank the car really to be able to run straight veg in winter

    You would still need some sort of heater to warm the vegi oil, one in the tank and one in the fuel line.

    Quote from KarmaKoma

    should be fine
    guess it depends on what oil they using ?

    I get the bio now but the 50 50 mix was new cooking corn oil mixed with diesel from the pumps.

    Quote from KarmaKoma

    yes i know a bit about it
    but theat info is more for running straight oil
    only the bosch pump will do the lucas seals go on oil as far as i know it doesnt matter what pump with bio
    and i cannot run straight oil cause its a direct injection :(

    Thats handy to know, I used to use a 50 50 mix in my van but its not that good in the winter.

    I am not going but i would just like to say that its a fantastic place good Kama.
    I was part of a group called the friends of Lime tree farm, we did some conservation work there we also had a didje camp for a few years.
    For those of you's that have not been to Lime tree your going to love it,
    It is a magical place to be.